[Review] Sisters: Natsu no Saigo no Hi – Ultra Edition

JP title: Sisters~夏の最後の日~ Ultra Edition

Okay, so this nukige is a bit of an odd duck. On one hand, it’s very good fap material and I discharged a staggering amount of bodily fluids playing it. At the same time, though, a lot of it just made me go “why?” because the game feels like it suffers from an identity disorder of sorts. So, in celebration of Nukige November (which I have just made up), let us briefly talk about the last day of summer in the middle of autumn.

We’ll scale back a bit on the dick jokes this time around, since I actually want to be semi-informative here. Like, there are some things you should probably know before jumping into this one, things that might not be readily apparent at first glance. In other words, this post will be… you know, almost like a proper review and stuff. A proper, detailed porn review? From me? Holy shit, right?

Anyway. So the game is about two hot sisters and how you bang them all night long. Okay, well not fully. But it’s about two hot sisters and how you bang them all night long AND ALSO a tragic backstory.

My major problem with the above is that it’s presented very poorly, and especially if your primary goal with this game is to get to the sex (which I assume covers about 99% of you, myself included), it might even be frustrating. I mean, first off, the game is trying to awkwardly cram this bittersweet mystery story into the whole thing and there’s… there’s just no need. Just let me whip out my dick and do my business. Bluntly put, this game is a huge offender in the “can we get to the porn already, please” category. Anyway, so the basic premise is that there’s this house out in the countryside and you, as the MC, come to live with two sisters, Chika and Haruka. And initially their mom, too, but she soon leaves. The first half is essentially just walking around the house with a really tedious and cumbersome interface, talking to the sisters, having lunch together, going on some trip together, watching TV together, doing banal shit. It’s not very interesting and doesn’t help much in potentially fleshing out the girls or the MC. Occasionally, there will be very vague and ominous flashbacks and minor scenes that try to foreshadow the tragic backstory I was talking about. I will say this in the game’s defense, though: it does at least give you one of its best ero scenes at the very beginning (Akiko, the mom and resident best girl, essentially bangs you before she leaves for good), but then for the other 90%, you have to slog through the slice of life stuff to get to the second half where all the sex is. The blue balling is real.

And that first half is honestly just so boring and repetitive, with the same shots being reused over and over again. Oh, he’s sawing shit in the garage. Oh, he’s watching TV with the girls. Oh look, he’s playing the guitar again. It’s a slow buildup, I get it, but most of us are here for the porn, and the payoff isn’t even worth it because the plot is paper thin and game kinda just… ends in a very unsatisfying way. So yeah, if you don’t want to sit through this porn game’s attempts at being an art movie or whatever and just want to get to the Sexy Times, feel free to Ctrl-skip forward.

So, after wasting your time on the plot, it is finally time to get to the PLOT, as the game’s second half is basically a rapid-fire barrage of sex upon sex upon sex. I assume the screenshots have already made this apparent, but the entire game, porn included, basically plays out like an anime. Like, it’s fully animated and everything.

Anyway, so about the actual ero scenes. Akiko has only one (a fucking tragedy to rival Hamlet, if you ask me), Chika has five, Haruka has one, and the remaining two are threesomes involving the MC, Chika and Haruka. So I guess if you count those you could say there are seven Chika scenes and three Haruka ones but let’s not complicate things. Now, nine scenes might not sound like much on paper, but some of them have several phases with different positions and such, so there’s that. I assume the Ultra Edition additions are to be thanked here.

I pretty much enjoyed the majority of the nine ero scenes, despite them being totally vanilla. I mean, I found Chika’s second and fourth scenes to be kinda meh, and Haruka’s solo scene could’ve been better, but the rest were all very nice, with plenty of titillating positions and situations. Also, though I’ve never played the original version, if what I read online is to be believed, one of the scenes (specifically, Chika’s fifth one) was a completely new addition only appearing in the Ultra Edition. And boy oh boy was it a solid addition, because it’s actually one of the best fellatio scenes in the game. There are also apparently some extra parts/animations that were added to the existing ero scenes in this version to extend them. So the bottom line is that there’s more porn in the Ultra Edition. Which is good.

There’s a severe lack of balance in terms of heroine screen time, and how much this bothers you is going to depend entirely on how much you like Chika, the blonde-haired sister. I’ll be blunt: the game largely focuses on her, and most of the sex is with her. Now, the good news is that Chika has some great blowjob scenes, two threesomes towards the end, and a few other really erotic bits with some nice angles and positions. Oh, and she’s voiced by the VA of Yukikaze from Taimanin Yukikaze, so yeah, that certainly works in her favor as well. However, if you REALLY don’t like her for some reason or other, you might end up finding this game disappointing simply due to how much of the focus is placed on her.

Another thing is that there’s no chemistry between the girls and the MC, and the heroines themselves have no unique or cute personality quirks that might enhance the ero. Hell, they barely even talk during the H scenes, it’s mostly just slurping and moaning. And I actually had to stop and think about whether or not the MC was a silent protagonist, since I barely remembered him talking… or doing anything at all, lol. So it’s really all about the raw sex and not much else. The animation is nice and it’s admittedly very sexy, but there’s no (and you’ll have to excuse me for using this word) moe factor, so to speak, or nothing that would elicit this kind of reaction, which is a shame considering I recently got done playing Bishoujo Mangekyou, where that kinda stuff greatly contributed to my enjoyment of the VN.

A potentially important thing to note is that the game has no narration and descriptive lines, not during the sex nor during the story/slice of life scenes. This means that during porn scenes, you’re basically just watching an anime while the text goes “slurp slurp slrrp nmhm ah ah”. The text itself doesn’t last very long either, so if you’re clicking past it too fast instead of savoring the animation, the porn scenes will end very quickly, lol. The focus is entirely on the visual side of things and not on the text or dialogue at all, so if you enjoy reading sexy descriptions or narration about what’s going on in the heroine’s mind, well, you won’t find it here. As I’ve said, it’s essentially just an anime with an interface. This also means two things: one is that the game can be finished very quickly. This is most definitely one of those nukige that depend heavily on you savoring the ero scenes and coming back to replay/re-use them whenever the… hunger overcomes you, so to speak. I mean, that applies to other nukige as well, but it applies very strongly here. Secondly, its heavy dependence on the animated sex with little to no text also means that even if you don’t know a lick of Japanese, you can still very much enjoy the main highlight of the game, that is, the ero.

Oh, and one more thing. I know this is standard in Japanese porn and there’s nothing surprising about it, but… the mosaic censorship in this ends up kinda hurting some scenes. I mean, there’s some neat animated stuff in this, but they sort of lose a bit from their erotic charm when all you see is the girl prodding a bunch of stupid pixels with her tongue. I mean at the end of the day it’s still hot since your mind fills in the blanks, but… yeah. This especially sucks (pun intended) because some of my favorite parts were actually the blowjobs.

Anyway, if you’re really curious about the story of Sisters, sure, you can read it. But it’s pretty bare-bones and predictable, plus it’s an absolute fucking chore to get through. And while I know we usually don’t play nukige for the story, this is one where you definitely do not play it for the story, even though it makes an attempt at telling a serious one. Truth be told, the game might’ve been better off as a standard H anime, although the VN format does allow you to let the ero animations play indefinitely on loop until you’re satisfied, so it has that going for it. Also, I feel the story would’ve functioned much better if it went with a simple “guy moves in with two horny chicks, proceeds to bang them 24/7” premise instead of trying to maintain this uneasy melancholy atmosphere.

In conclusion, I’m a little conflicted when it comes to this game.

Although it didn’t quite end up being the ero kamige I initially hoped it would be, Sisters still performed its duties as a nukige admirably enough, and you might indeed find yourself revisiting some of your favorite ero scenes even after your initial playthrough is done. It’s got quite the replay value, if you catch my drift. On the other hand, I’m not sure if I could readily recommend it to everyone, primarily due to the flaws I outlined earlier in the review. I mean, if you’re 100% okay with this game serving absolutely no other purpose than to satisfy your basest carnal desires, then yeah, this has some pretty sweet animated vanilla porn for you to enjoy. But if it’s story or even cute/sexy/moe character moments you want, then look elsewhere. This is basically a H OVA in visual novel form that tried its hand at both storytelling and porn, and only really succeeded at the latter.

6 thoughts on “[Review] Sisters: Natsu no Saigo no Hi – Ultra Edition

  1. I never played the game, but I’m curious/confused about the Haruka girl. Through translations on wiki, I figured out she was actually dating the protagonist before losing his memories, but also stresses that she’s a non-virgin. So did protagonist actually get first dibs, or is it just implied?

    • Yeah Haruka was dating the MC before his memory loss, hence why she’s not a virgin. My memories of the game are kinda vague now so I could be wrong but iirc one of her ero scenes (the one where it’s raining outside) is like a flashback to when they were dating, so it’s not just implied.

  2. Hey, i just had done with the vn a while ago, it is truly satisfying as you said with the bj scene, and damn where did akiko go for the whole summer, the blue balls hits me hard. As im not able to read the moonrunes, i did understand some of the voice dialogue, but yes its too complicated because the unexpected flashbacks.. so there are few question im gonna ask

    1. What is the relation between the mc with the haruka/chika family?. When you mention it before, haruka did dated him before he got amnesia.. but before that, the mc visit the funeral of haruka/chika’s father

    2. Is the mc an orphan? You dont get to become a member of haruka/chika’s family that easily.

    3. Why chika keep blaming herself for the accident of the mc, what is the conversation in the telephone is about?

    4. Why haruka get banged without condom? yes i did irritated because of it, chika also remind him

    5. And the last is.. who is the hell that fat neighbor, he keeps asking where’s akiko and that creeps me out. Chika also tells the mc to stay hidden too.

    Anyway thats all, feel free to delete this comment if this considered to be major spoiler, i do hate it when someone spoil me. I need some space to share my thought too and i belive this is the perfect one although its already 2 years past from the post started. Thanks

    • I just finish the game recently so

      1. MC father apparently divorces MC mother Chizuru and remarriage to girl mother Akiko. So technically they’re “Step-Brother”

      2. Yes the answer from Question 1

      3. Chika blamed herself because She’ve told MC that she want guitar and an Instruction book as Souvenir that causes MC accident. she thinks if she wouldn’t request that instead of something else MC wouldn’t be in the accident and her sister wouldn’t have memories lost problem

      4. well MC is quite persistent as you see in many H scenes

      5. That house the Story takes place actually there Father House and that fat guy is a neighbor and Childhood friend of there father

      there’re so many things that VN doesn’t explain so I think I should try reading LN version but yeah It’s Japanese

      • Well thank you for the answers, akiko whereabout still unanswered but its ok, and now i got more question about chizuru

        from point 3, its kind of exagerating with that kind of reason, im more blaming with that car goin kansei drift, wait.. haruka had an amnesia? what thing did she forgot?
        i thought she only got shocked from accident

        i didnt realize there is LN version of this, well if you read this, that will be kind of you if you share something like where to read or anything related.. but if it still in japanese… just forget it

        i hope there are NO sequel for this vn (well ofcourse its 2020 already) because i dont want to imagine what kind of story will lead that family, either it will be harem or … no i dont want to think about it

        something that makes me remember this game is the soundtrack, totally love it, i didnt expect they use synthesized song (its obvious from miku voice) until now i still enjoy it.

  3. Hi! It’s nice to get clarification to some of the plot points here in the comments but I’m still a little confused about these points;

    1. Whose funeral was attended in the flashback? To my understanding it was Harukas and Chikas biological father. If so does that mean that MCs father (step-father of Chika and Haruka and husband to Akiko) is still alive? If so where is he in the game? I remember that Akiko was on the phone with someone in the beginning of the game and Europe was mentioned in the call. Was she possibly talking with her husband who was travelling in Europe?

    2. To my understanding MC is the only character with amnesia caused by the traffic accident we see in the beginning of the game. Is the amnesia recurring as in MC loses his memory every 15 days or did he lose his memory only once from the accident and now retains his memories including what happens in the game?

    3. Is MC informed at any point in the game about his amnesia? If he is explained about having amnesia was MC ok banging his step-mother especially so if his father is still alive (so his basically cucking his dad lol) not to mention banging and dating both of his step-sisters? If not why isn’t he questioning where he is and who the sisters and Akiko are?

    4. To my understanding the guy who was in the funeral talking with Chika and giving her the camera, the guy who was listening to Harukas flute playing and the MC we play as in the game are all the same character. Am I correct? If so why does MC look so different in the flashbacks (has bangs as well as different colored hair)?

    5. Did Haruka and Chika at the end of the VN agree to “share” the MC starting a harem relationship with him? If so why isn’t Haruka more against the idea since she was the one dating MC to begin with? Maybe she noticed Chikas feelings for MC and wants a happy ending solution by sharing him who knows.

    6. Was every character okay with the fact that MC was dating (and banging) his step-sister Haruka before the amnesia even occurred? Or was their relationship kept on a low-profile?

    7. Where does Akiko disappear in the game after the beginning? After the introduction to the sisters I remember there being only one non-flashback scene of Akiko (her interacting with Chika about serving tea). Is she on a trip somewhere or just busy at work?

    That’s all I want to know for now. Sorry for the wall of text and difficult questions for a game that most people are just happy to fap and forget about. For some reason I just got really interested to the story and my lack of Japanese doesn’t really help with understanding the VN or the light novel 😀 Any helpful answers to these would be much appreciated 🙂

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