[Review] Taimanin Yukikaze


JP title: 対魔忍ユキカゼ

Note: You can also check out my review of the sequel.

So you may remember that I actually played this nukige several months ago but never quite reviewed it, because what do you even write about with a nukige? Well, anyway, I guess that changes today, because I’m just in that specific “let’s write about cute brown girls getting pumped in the poopyhole so hard they eventually get addicted to it” mood right now. You know the one. Anyway, don’t expect a deep and comprehensive analysis since like 90% of this VN is about Hot Dickings, but I figured I could have some fun writing a silly review and maybe you’ll enjoy reading it! I hope!



Taimanin Yukikaze is more or less my first real attempt at exploring the ancient art of the nukige — or, as our forefathers have called them in those days of yore, the Masturbatoris Simulatoris. Indeed, the very genre I used to mock and not take seriously is now something I can genuinely enjoy. To an extent. I’m still not what you’d call a fanatic and I’ll obviously prefer a proper plot-focused VN over just… well, porn, but I have come to respect the nukige. I have gazed into its abyss, and it gazed back into me. I have changed. Indeed, I used to be a sweet, summer child, but then Japan corrupted me. Thank you, Japan.

So Taimanin Yukikaze is set in the same universe as the other Taimanin games, most notably Taimanin Asagi. In fact, Asagi and her sister Sakura (who is very very cute and I should totally play a game that features her more) are mentors at the Taimanin academy that both main heroines, Yukikaze and Rinko attend. Oh and MC-kun Tatsurou is also there but we don’t really care about him. And he’s the younger brother of Rinko but we also don’t care about this. By the way, this is very much a pure corruption/NTR nukige, so if that sort of thing fills you with RIGHTEOUS FURY, then maybe, uh, don’t play this. But if you’re like me and corruption is your thing, then 1.) high-five, my brother and 2.) boy are you in for a wild ride.


Now, you’ll have to excuse my fairly vague recollection of the plot since it has been a couple months, but the gist of it is that Yukikaze and Rinko are tasked with infiltrating a red light district to find Yukikaze’s mother, another Taimanin who vanished a number of years (or months? I forget) back. So how do they attempt to do this? By disguising themselves as prostitutes, of course. Yes, I know, but stay with me, the girls did give this ample thought (kek), and even planned to allow Tatsurou to take their virginities so their first time wouldn’t be with some random filthy old man at the brothel. Well, this never quite happens because Tatsurou is too beta to have sex with his own sister so the two girls depart for their mission with their hymens intact. Look, stop giving me that look, this is the riveting backstory I have to work with.

Anyway so they meet the head honcho of the local whore-house who will be their new owner.


This is the guy. YEAH.

Here’s where things get tricky, though. They don’t just become regular prostitutes. They become Slave-Prostitutes™ and enter a contract that kinda goes like this: if they even think about escaping or defying their owners, THEY’LL FUCKING EXPLODE. LITERALLY. BOOM. (I don’t remember the exact details; they implant some kinda thing in their bodies iirc).

And hilariously enough, they accept this contract. Sure, they’re desperate to find Yukikaze’s mom and everything, but take 2 seconds to fucking think this through, girls. Especially you, Yukikaze, with your adorable pigtails. Stop being a silly goose and think. And you, Rinko, you’re supposed to be the wise and gentle onee-san. What happened? The funniest part about this is that in the good ending (where Asagi and Sakura save them before they sign the contract), Sakura scolds them for being dumbfucks and even considering such an obvious trap of a proposal. Indeed, Sakura is the sole voice of reason in this, apparently.

I mean, look at this guy. He only wants to implant this thing in your bodies that will make you pop like a helium balloon at the slightest indication of you not wanting the cock. Sound good? Yeah. It’s gonna be fine. You can trust this guy.



Anyway, if they didn’t accept the contract there would be no game and no lovely H-scenes, so maybe we can forgive their ignorance this one time. Btw, the girls also undergo some lengthy sexual torture where they each get a VR headset and experience dozens upon dozens of gangbangs in their minds. While being covered in a special lotion that makes them about 1000% hornier, because of course. So by the time their VR training is done (iirc this lasts for a couple weeks or something, but maybe some esteemed Yukikaze scholars can correct me), they emerge from it in such a sexually sensitive state that the very sight of a dong will make them want to gobble it up faster than you could say “this little Taimanin went to the whore-market”.


There’s no getting off Yukikaze’s wild ride.

Anyway, so after this, most of the game is basically one H scene after another as the girls fall deeper and deeper into depravity and nymphomania. This is a Lilith VN, so you probably know what to expect. Out of the two heroines, I probably like Rinko slightly more personality-wise because I have a weakness for gentle onee-sans, even though appearance/character design-wise I prefer Yukikaze because holy shit have you taken a fucking look at her jesus christ. The various endings range from depressing to “holy shit”, but thankfully, as I’ve mentioned above, there is a good ending. It’s not much of an ending since it’s like 5 minutes long, but it’s there to make you feel better knowing that the girls didn’t (canonically) end up the way they did in all those corruption/downfall endings.

Tatsurou is the typical weak-willed protagonist that does jack shit and serves no other purpose than to be cuckolded, and seeing how the majority of the game is told from Yukikaze’s perspective at the brothel (while he stays at the academy), you sort of forget he even exists. And that’s for the best, honestly. Speaking of which, as the game does follow Yukikaze’s POV, Rinko is generally not around for your first playthrough (they carry out their duties as prostitutes separately so they don’t meet much), and her H-scenes are only unlocked later in a scene viewer.


A special mention must be made of the upgraded version of the game that makes every H-scene animated, and for the love of God play this version. Like, this should be a no-brainer. It’s called Taimanin Yukikaze Animation, unsurprisingly, and is not to be confused with the actual anime adaptation. The art itself is nice imo (I personally like Aoi Nagisa’s style and it has only improved in Yukikaze 2), but it’s the animated H scenes that really make the VN stand out. And your dick stand u–oookay I think it’s time to wrap up the review.

So yeah, I feel like I’ve said everything that really needed to be said about this ninja porn game, so there you have it. I personally enjoyed it, because it catered to my needs. If cute girls getting corrupted and mindborked while saying lines like this gets you hard, Taimanin Yukikaze is absolutely for you. If you want tender, romantic H scenes… well, in that case, let’s just say your ninja princess is in another castle.

7 thoughts on “[Review] Taimanin Yukikaze

  1. Thank you for the review, that was a fun read. Could you comment about Japanese difficulty, please? Comparing to Bishoujo Mangekyou Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo for example, especially vocabulary-wise.

    • I don’t really remember what the Japanese in BiMan was like, but I don’t recall Yukikaze being particularly difficult. There’s some Japanese in the screenshots I posted in this review so if you can read that without problems you’ll probably be fine.

  2. I tried to read this, I really did… but man… I believe I’ll stick to vanilla. Clearly dark stuff like this is not meant for an innocent mind such as mine.

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