Hey there, I’m Gare (or garejei, whichever you prefer), the owner of this humble blog. Basically, I like video games and visual novels so I share my thoughts on them in the form of written reviews. I also write for a gaming site called GTOGG, so if you’re a gamer and want to read more from me, do check it out. Additionally, I’ve worked as both a translator and an editor on a number of official VN localization projects, including HimawariTokyo Babel, and Dies irae.

When it comes to visual novels, I generally tend to favor titles with a darker edge, as opposed to your usual high school-themed romantic comedies and whatnot. I’m (unsurprisingly) a big fan of chuuni stuff, mostly works by Masada Takashi (Dies irae, Senshinkan, etc.), though my all-time favorite VN is Narahara Ittetsu’s Soukou Akki Muramasa, also known as Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. I’m also quite fond of Narahara’s earlier samurai VN, Hanachirasu.

Other than VNs, I enjoy video games of all kinds, though more often than not I tend to gravitate towards RPGs, both western and Japanese; my favorites are Final Fantasy XII, Zero/Ao no Kiseki and The Witcher 3, among others. I also used to be a massive anime fan, but in recent years I’ve kinda lost interest. Still, from time to time I’ll watch a show or two that piques my curiosity.

Anyway, enough about me. Go read some reviews and stuff!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I love to read your summaries and I know people must have asked you a thousand of times but what happened to the Muramasama LN summaries? I mean i remember you even had a table of content to it >_<

      • Thanks for answering, and the updates hahahaha. It is a shame though but I guess someday in a near future hopefully that game will be translated properly! =P or you change your mind and put back the summaries xD as a beta project whichever comes first I will still be waiting for that game!

  2. First time visiting this blog to read your thoughts on the Kara No Shoujo VN and I have got to tip my hat to your beautiful criticism. Your writing is also very pleasant to read. I’ll definitely come back often to check on your other VN reviews. Arigatoo and ganbatte!! 🙂

  3. Hey! Been a long time lurker for, hm, golly, maybe two and a half years now? At least since the Muramasa days of yore, which I came for, but stuck around because the rest of the content was so compelling and full of personality. I’m a fan of your style and tastes, that’s for sure.

    Muramasa was actually the visual novel that got me interested in un-TL’d VNs (I was already a fan of Nitro+’s works, and had read a few misc. VNs prior, Type-MOON shit and whatnot), so the Muramasa content back in the day was a holy grail of sorts for me. Was sorry to see it go, but I definitely understood and respected your decision and desire for quality control. It might’ve been a loss, but this blog still made up for it in spades! It got me into the excellent Eiyuu Densetsu series, and was a haven for quality Dies irae content, to boot. Made me super happy to see the Prefundia/KS get announced for reals, especially since the original announcement from Masada in that stream felt like an eternity ago. Congrats on that! If there ever were anyone capable of doing DI justice, it’s you guys! I wish nothing for it but success, and will do what I can to show support for the project.

    So. Yeah. I’m through with being a silent lurker. Thanks for keeping me entertained for two and a half years and counting, and here’s to hopefully many more. Good luck, and keep on keeping on, you’ve got a good thing going on here.

    • Hi there, thanks for the comment! It means a lot, as I don’t actually receive comments like this all that often so it’s nice to see I’m doing at least something right, haha. I’m especially happy I could get you into Kiseki / Trails, I really wish everyone would give that series a go. I still need to play Cold Steel myself, hm…

      Anyway, thank you again for the encouragement and look forward to Dies irae!

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