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Twitter: _garejei

Hello! I’m Gare, a Japanese-to-English translator/editor, and it looks like you’ve found my personal blog. If this is your first time here: welcome. What I do around here is pretty simple. I write reviews. Mostly about visual novels and eroge, although I do occasionally dabble in other forms of Japanese media as well. Other than visual novels, I also love JRPGs; they’re pretty much my favorite genre of game.

Professionally, I’ve worked on several JP-EN localization projects. Hopefully you’re even familiar with some of them! Here’s a list:

Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation: Time After Time (Editing)
Chuusotsu! 1.5th Graduation: The Moving Castle (Editing)
Dies irae – Amantes amentes (Editing; Translation of Beri’ah chants)
Himawari – The Sunflower (Translation, Editing)
Jiangshi x Daoshi (Editing)
Kurokami-sama’s Feast (Translation)
MAMIYA (Editing)
SeaBed (Editing)
The Most Forbidden Love In The World (Editing)
Tokyo Babel (Translation, Editing)
…and various unannounced projects I can’t talk about just yet.

I’m also a writer for a gaming website called GTOGG where I primarily cover indie and non-mainstream video games. So if you’re into that, give the site a look.