[Review] Taimanin Yukikaze 2

JP title: 対魔忍ユキカゼ2

Ah, Yukikaze, dearest Yukikaze. Light of my life, fire of my loins.

Everyone’s favorite chocolate-skinned ninja princess and her trusty partner Rinko (no, not that one) are back for another steamy adventure, in which they infiltrate a high-class academy for would-be lords and ladies. But the big question is: will they manage to keep their virginities intact, their moral standards unaltered, their dignity untarnished and their various orifices penis-free? Let’s see… no, no, no and definitely no. 2017 began with Yukikaze, and thus, it feels only right to close out the year with the second chapter of her less-than-wholesome exploits.


Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with all the fighter jets, either.

Okay, so remember how in Yukikaze 1, the girls had this absolutely brilliant and totally-not-dumb-as-all-fuck idea to investigate a whore house by posing as prostitutes themselves? They went the extra mile, too, by becoming Slave-Prostitutes… or they would have, had they not been saved by Asagi and Sakura in the nick of time. In the good ending, that is. Well, seeing how we need a relatively blank slate to start with in the sequel so our leading ladies can once again be corrupted and stuffed like a pair of Thanksgiving turkeys, that ending is where Yukikaze 2 continues from. If you wanted a sequel that continues from the bad ends and starts off with the girls already being slutty, well… this is not that game.

The storyline is nothing to write home about, but I doubt this comes as a shock. The Taimanin follow some leads on Evil Corporations and end up at an academy with shady shit going on behind the scenes, which they promptly decide to investigate, so first they send Tatsurou, but later Yukikaze or Rinko also show up to help. As you might expect, our lovely little ninja ducklings ultimately (and without realizing it) get implanted with a microchip that borks up their brain and… forces them to fall deeper and deeper into depravity and nymphomania. Does that ring familiar? It should, because it’s a direct quote from my Yukikaze 1 review. By the way, I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the school setting: I felt that the first’s game premise with the brothel and everything was more interesting and had an overall cooler atmosphere to it, but this is a minor gripe at best.

On the visual front, the first thing you’ll probably notice is how Yukikaze 2’s art looks quite a bit better than the first game’s. Aoi Nagisa no doubt spent the four years between this and the prequel honing his skills to perfection, and it shows, as the girls look sexier than ever. The Yukikaze games are also somewhat special to me because their two main heroines just so happen to encapsulate two of my favorite fetishes: cute brown girls and brocon oneesan/older sister type characters, so for me, this was like a two-for-one all-you-can-eat buffet special. Furthermore, it felt like they put a little more effort into making the girls, well… cuter and more fleshed-out. Don’t expect anything drastic, of course, but I had a feeling the game gave them more speaking lines and opportunities to have their own little character moments.

Okay, so let us now address the part that really needs addressing, and that’s the repetitive, POV-shifting structure the game decided to opt for. You might remember that the first Yukikaze game also occasionally switched to Tatsurou’s perspective, but these scenes didn’t last longer than a minute or two, and soon enough we were back in the red light district with the two heroines, witnessing them being mightily conquered by mighty phalluses in all sorts of mighty positions. Not in Yukikaze 2, though. Oh no. Actually, wait a second, I can tell that you’re giving me the kind of look that asks “who the hell is Tatsurou?”

Brilliant question, my dear. I don’t blame you for forgetting about him. Tatsurou is Rinko’s uninteresting hetare brother, and another Taimanin, but I prefer to just call him Cuckasaurus Rex, because if there’s one thing the dude’s good at, it’s getting royally cuckolded. So to get back on track: in this game, your first playthrough will be from Tatsurou’s perspective as he meets either Yukikaze or Rinko (depending on your choices) at the academy and they begin their mission together.

It soon becomes very clear to everyone but Tatsurou that our main heroine is getting pumped full of male mayonnaise behind the scenes, but you don’t really witness any of it. Like, you go through this entire bit as Clueless MC-kun, being all “gee whiz you guys I wonder what’s going on with Chosen Heroine, I sure hope she isn’t getting violently ravaged in a basement right about now” and then you reach the end of the game where it’s finally revealed to him that your chosen heroine has indeed been doing just that and, well… that’s it. The game glances at your boner and gives you an unapologetic look that says “sorry m8, I’m not sure what you were expecting” and shrugs. And then it’s back to the title screen. Just like that.

Just like that.

Naturally, to unlock the other heroine’s porn route, you have to do another playthrough of this nonsense with different choices. Yes, it gets repetitive, but skim-reading is your friend. The Rinko version fares a bit better because it has something that was sorely missing from Yukikaze 1, aka a full-on Rinko x Tatsurou H-scene, but Tatsurou is such a twerp that I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it, so… yeah. And then the rest of the route is the same kind of endless blue balling.

Either way, after waiting an eternity for your porn in Tatsurou’s shoes and getting only very little of it, you can finally unlock Yukikaze’s and Rinko’s respective routes, which go through the exact same story, except from their perspectives. I’m not sure why the devs felt the need to waste the player’s time with that mandatory Tatsurou playthrough, but whatever. Perhaps they wanted to hammer home the whole “lol you getting NTR’d son” thing, but… well, I dunno. Other than a few cute Yukikaze/Rinko moments, it was mostly just boring, and I’d recommend getting through it as fast as you possibly can to get to the real meat of the game.

Just in case you thought Rinko wasn’t sexy enough, they gave her heart-shaped pupils.

You’re probably also wondering who the blonde ninja girl is on the cover, and the short version is that she’s another Taimanin. The long version is that there’s no long version. Her name’s Shizuru, she fills the “flirty/lewd oneesan” role and actually has a (non-canon) H-scene with Tatsurou, too. Yes, lil’ old Takkun got laid, please clap everyone. Perhaps people complained that he was too useless in the first game (newsflash: it’s his fucking job to be useless) so now he has his own semi-assertive alpha male moment of banging the living fuck out of Shizuru, to which she replies with unintelligible moans that roughly translate to “my sincerest apologies, but my brains appear to have been fucked out with such ferocity that I have lost the ability to form coherent sentences”. Anyway, I found Shizuru to be kinda redundant/unnecessary. Her ero role (or erole, if you fancy being adventurous with your puns) is fairly minor and what little porn screen time she had didn’t exactly blow me away, so if, for some reason, you were looking forward to this game primarily because of her, you’ll be disappointed. Her lewd alternate outfit wasn’t even used in any CGs iirc and only appeared as a character sprite.

So let’s get to the actual turkey-stuffing, that is, the heroine routes. For the record, only one girl visits the academy and gets mindborked (as I’ve said above, it depends on your dialogue choices) in a given route, while the other doesn’t make an appearance and just… stays home and watches reruns of Seinfeld or something. Or whatever it is that Taimanin ladies do in their free time.

If you pick Yukikaze, she’s going to come to the academy to help out with Tatsurou’s mission. Now, obviously she needs to do this while being undercover, so she poses as another student at the academy: a bright pupil eager to learn what it means to be a true aristocratic lady. Sounds innocent enough, right? Sure it does! Until you find out that the definition of a true aristocratic lady around these parts has an awful lot of overlaps with that of a common cum dump.

One thing I’ll have to say, though, is that Yukikaze’s “initiation” (aka, her first real porn scene) is a little disappointing and was, imo, way hotter in the first game. Things improve afterwards, though: a good chunk of Yukikaze’s route is taken up by her Anal Training, because as the popular saying goes, the way to a woman’s heart is through her butthole. Or something. To be more specific, after getting repeatedly fingerbanged to kingdom come and pumped so full of aphrodisiac that even her internal organs no doubt want to copulate with each other (don’t, uh… don’t try imagining that), Yukikaze’s THIRST levels reach a boiling point and her training, at long last, culminates in a pretty great anal scene which is more or less the highlight of her route. It also serves as a critical moment that completes her downfall and makes her fully embrace the delights of the derriere, among other things. It was a nice buildup, overall, and hearing Yukikaze scream desperately about how much she wants it in the butt is… quite good. More than good. Magnifique.

So either way, once we’re done with that, some more boning follows, Yukikaze ditches Tatsurou like the discarded cumrag that he is, and basically becomes a full-fledged Porno Primadonna. And once you finish the story, much like in the first game, you unlock a separate menu on the title screen that just gives you five more Yukikaze ero scenes to view and enjoy. Well, correction: four more Yukikaze scenes (Shizuru participates in one) and another with her mom, Shiranui. It’s the only H scene Shiranui has in the game, btw, and it’s not very good.

Anyway, on to the Rinko route. Now, if I utter the phrase “Rinko in a maid outfit” and your eyes immediately light up with joint excitement and interest, then I humbly welcome you to Apron Valhalla, brother, because this is that route. No, but seriously. To say that Maid Rinko is heart-attack-inducingly gorgeous and adorable would be a colossal understatement. She arrives at the academy to pose as a maid, and as such, gets a master of her own: some dude who looks exactly like what you’d expect a nukige bad guy to look like. Rinko’s route follows a similar pattern as Yukikaze’s, except she’s doing maid training and the ero scenes are (obviously) different.

Well, her first proper scene is about boobs. So I hope you like boobs. There’s a paizuri scene, Rinko gets gradually hornier and declares that she’s going to, and I quote, cum with her breast-pussy, end quote, and thus… her initiation is concluded. As you may very much expect, Rinko’s proud/noble nature fights a losing battle against her ever-growing desire to become a professional spear-polisher, lending a highly delectable flavor to her corruption process. I, uh, did feel like Rinko’s VA went a little overboard with her orgasm-screaming though, and after playing this game I’m fairly certain I’m at least a few steps closer to going completely deaf, but whatever. Such are the sacrifices I make for my porn. Anyway, same pattern here: Rinko falls in love with her master’s cock and completely gives in, and… well, you know the rest. There are five more Rinko ero scenes to enjoy in the same menu where you accessed Yukikaze’s porn. Much like in Yukikaze’s case, Shizuru participates in one of them.

By the way, there is once again an unlockable good/canon ending where Tatsurou stops being a dumbfuck for two seconds and remembers something that ends up saving the day, so the girls remain uncorrupted and we can all sleep soundly at night with the knowledge that they won’t canonically spend the rest of their lives as walking sperm banks. It’s a bit longer than Yukikaze 1’s joke of a good ending and there’s even a final bossfight at the end against this badass-looking Lovecraftian monster. It does, however, leave things open for a potential Yukikaze 3. Whether or not that will happen is anybody’s guess, though. Hopefully it will. Yukikaze and Rinko both received some titillating new outfits via Taimanin Asagi Kessen Arena, so there’s plenty to work with, at any rate.

Crispy ahegao, served in pairs. Fresh off the oven.

So, closing thoughts. Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable enough sequel that managed to tingle me in just the right places, even if it forced me to sit through all that Tatsurou bullshit in the beginning and added a new sub-heroine that didn’t really need to be added. As I previously said, the first game probably had a better setting/atmosphere and the animated ero of the 2015 version is still a force to be reckoned with, but the notably higher quality artwork and the fact that Rinko has now been elevated to proper main heroine status (as a lovely ero-maid, no less) nonetheless make Yukikaze 2 a nukige worth checking out for corruption/NTR enthusiasts and fans of the original.

5 thoughts on “[Review] Taimanin Yukikaze 2

  1. The whole Tatsurou point of view only first play was mostly because while Yukikaze 1 was advertised as an NTR game lot of player thought it did not felt like one because Tatsurou was way too much transparant and not involved enough in the story. Anyway a very funny review, you have a talent with words.

  2. Ah, reminds me of Please Bang My Wife. Played through the entire main scenario, and you get all these hints that your wife is getting it on with some other guy, but never really got to see the H-scenes except for the last one. If I recall, you can see those scenes in a separate menu, which only appears after playing through the main story.

  3. Shame to hear Shizuru doesn’t get much of a role or development, I was searching around for character details on her but from what I’ve seen yeah there really isn’t much to write home about.

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