[Review] Omae no Kaa-chan, Ii Onna Da yo na


I realize it’s been a while since I’ve penned a review about an interactive morality crisis (also known as a hardcore fetish nukige), but worry not, I’ve been working tirelessly in the shadows, reading, planning, researching. And as a result, today, on this perfectly normal late winter day, I’m here to bring you yet another episode of this esteemed series, in which I mostly just talk about all the kinky shit I’ve been tickling the ol’ pickle to. So, what’s on the docket this time, you ask?

Well… let’s just say that if a certain gentleman by the name of Sigmund Freud was alive today, boy oh boy would he have things to say about this one. Bloke’s been dead since 1939, though, so instead you’ll just have to make do with yours truly. Anyway, to cut a long story short, this game is bold, sexy, outrageous on every possible level and in all the best, juiciest ways; it’s an eroge that completely and unapologetically revels in just how balls-to-the-wall horny it is – in other words, it’s bloody amazing.

So basically, Omae no Kaa-chan, Ii Onna Da yo na (a title I would probably translate as Your Mom’s a Fine Piece of Ass) is about two friends getting the hots for each other’s moms. Things sort of escalate from there in all the ways you (i.e. a person well-versed in porno logic) would expect and then some – indeed, Kaa-chan is here to break all possible moral boundaries, even the ones that a less adventurous nukige probably wouldn’t have the sheer cojones to. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, almost like a certain horndog of a protagonist with an unquenchable thirst for ripe mompussy – of which there are actually two in this game. Makoto (the MC) and Hiroki are the bestest of best buds who both work at a local café with their respective lady mothers, the lovely, youthful widows Ryouko and Aiko. Together, they run a wholesome family business where absolutely no indecent thoughts and acts ever disrupt the workflow, where taboo desires never erupt like a centuries-old volcano aching for release, and where two healthy young studs totally don’t stick their dicks up their moms. And if you believed any of that previous sentence, I’m gonna have to assume you’re very, very new to this blog. So, uh… hi there, newcomer! Welcome to gareblogs. It’s a place where I discuss the merits of porny porn games in hopefully entertaining ways and where cum flows between the lines like cheap whiskey at a frat house. Do enjoy your stay, if you can.

Okay, back to the review now.

As stated earlier, both Makoto and Hiroki shelter secret desires in their hearts – they harbor feelings for each other’s moms. Makoto’s in love with Hiroki’s mother, Aiko; and Hiroki, a bit of a cocksure womanizer, feels that the right girl for him can only be Makoto’s mom, Ryouko. Secrets don’t stay secret for very long, though, and after the two guys confide in each other about their plans, they both decide to take matters into their own hands by trying to seduce the respective objects of their hormone-fueled desires. Things don’t stop there, though. Oh, no. They proceed to send each other video recordings of their carnal conquests, an act that quickly evolves into a competition to see who can bang the other’s mom the hardest. The moms themselves are understandably a little reluctant initially and insist that this whole thing ends as a one-time fling, but since we’re in a nukige about extremely horny people, both Ryouko and Aiko end up coming back for seconds. And then thirds and fourths and fifths until all forms of pretense and resistance are dropped and the M of Mom becomes the M of メス豚. Aren’t porn games great?

Of the two mothers, Ryouko is the one who acts somewhat more resistant, while Aiko – once her horny switch is flipped – gets full-on seductive and goes with the flow with much more ease than Ryouko. Which was nice, because it kinda prevented their scenes from blurring together too much; I guess you could say Ryouko is more like the classic, “this is embarrassing but it feels good” NTR heroine while Aiko is instead the proactive type who’s more prone to fully embracing her own corruption. In the end, if I had to pick a favorite, I’d probably go with Aiko because she’s just so uncontrollably thirsty in a lot of her scenes, and that’s a quality I generally find difficult to resist.

About the porn scenes, I have this to say: with almost no exceptions, they’re all nut-bustingly satisfying. Kaa-chan is the kind of game where just casually browsing through the HCG gallery alone could get you in the mood (trust me, I speak from experience), which is always a good sign, but once you actually dive into the ero scenes, with all their slimy, viscous sound effects, passionate voice acting and loads of horny lines devoid of even the tiniest modicum of restraint, the whole thing just becomes a genuine thing of beauty – especially when you finally reach all the glorious foursomes and the characters just outright start fucking like rabbits in heat. The moms bang the guys inside and outside the shop, in public places and love hotels, on the beach and even while pregnant – and all of this is in the service of a story about forbidden desires and unbridled debauchery. That’s a key part of what makes Kaa-chan so enticing: you’ll want to keep reading because you want to see how far these moms are willing to go to discard common sense and rationality in their quest for unspeakable pleasures. The way their morals are gradually eroded, turning them into hungry, howling cockslaves with their libidos spiraling out of control, will likely satisfy any self-respecting fan of the “horny milf” genre, and when the moms finally cross that line by willingly opening their legs for their own biological sons, it almost feels like the natural end-point of a plot this stupidly ludicrous. (← compliment) So hats off to Orcsoft for taking a crazy, porn movie-esque premise and then pushing it to its absolute limit.

As a side note, there’s also a slight NTR element to the story, mostly through Makoto’s frustrated jealousy that bubbles to the surface whenever he watches a video of his mother getting railed like a cheerleader on prom night, though I personally didn’t really care about this aspect of the game at all. Then again, I’m not one to ever get angry at NTR; if anything, I find it hot.

Kaa-chan was illustrated by the talented Oltlo, whose moniker should be familiar to anyone into curvaceous milfs with delightfully generous assets, but even if the name itself doesn’t ring a bell, a quick, cursory glance at the man’s Pixiv and Twitter pages should clue you in as to what you can expect from the game’s saucier HCGs. Obviously, if all you want from your nukige are petite girls with fit, sporty bodies, this won’t be your type of game at all, but Kaa-chan understands its audience perfectly and doesn’t try to compromise. In this game, you’re getting MEAT. Tanned, pierced, sweaty or fatty – you name it, this game’s got it. Like I’ve said, simply look up some of the CGs or the artist’s previous works and you’ll see what I mean. In several scenes, the soft, succulent bodies of the two moms almost threaten to pop through the screen in all their meaty, sweat-soaked glory, which only serves to prove how skin coloring/shading can go a long way in making a scene look super arousing. And that Oltlo’s a true master of his craft. The ero scenes also feature tons of great facial expressions, mostly during blowjobs (can’t go wrong with a classic :>= face), and several positions that do a good job of illustrating just how raw and almost animalistic a lot of the sex in the game is. The extra outfits and accessories that pop up here and there, like the scandalously revealing sling bikinis, the nipple piercings or the “SLUTTY MOM” necklaces are just the icing on the porn cake.

To me, Orcsoft’s name has also become a seal of quality when it comes to sound design, so I doubt it comes as a surprise that this game, too, sports all the necessary audio-related bells and whistles: looping sound effects for dick-thrusting (in multiple speeds), fellatio sounds, moans, and everything else you can imagine – it’s all in here and implemented perfectly. The VAs also did a terrific job, so no complaints on that front, either – Misonoo Mei was great as the somewhat rougher Ryouko, and so was Aoi Tokio as the soothing, seductive Aiko. I’m pretty sure I’ve already complimented Misonoo Mei in my Teisoukannen ZERO review for having an extraordinary talent for acting out blowjobs, but I suppose it’s impressive enough that it bears repeating. So yeah, she’s good. Really good. There’s a particular scene where Ryouko performs a paizuri/blowjob combo on Hiroki, and man… that sure was something. If the art of dicksucking had its own Louvre, her performance would earn a place in there for sure.

At this point, I believe it’s become glaringly obvious that I’m going to give this nukige a glowing recommendation. It scores a perfect ten in the usability department, and is a true porno kamige that I’ll likely revisit many, many times in the future. Not only does it feature an excellent repertoire of ero scenes, its plot/premise also makes you want to just keep going and going to see how far these moms will go down the rabbit hole of utter sexual degeneracy – and the payoff is totally worth it. The art style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and the lack of younger heroines coupled with the plot’s subject matter may turn some people off, but if you’re in the mood for a high-quality milf festival that breaks every taboo it can, this is one nukige you should absolutely not sleep on.

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