[Review] Soukou Akki Muramasa – Eiyuu-hen (Vol. 1-3)


JP title: 装甲悪鬼村正 英雄編

I know I normally don’t do manga reviews, but since this is Muramasa, I had to make an exception.

Note: My reviews for the other two Muramasa manga adaptations can be found here: Makai-hen — Minagoroshi

The one we will discuss today is Eiyuu-hen (“Hero” arc), which is a three-volume manga focusing primarily on the character of Ayane Ichijou, as you would expect. If you’re not familiar with the VN’s story, you might not want to proceed — there will be spoilers.

Also, I know you’re wondering if I’m suddenly the Technologically Impaired Duck or just plain stupid for taking pictures of my monitor, but there’s a reason for it — there’s some sort of anti-piracy protection on the ebook version I bought, and it blocks any and all kinds of screen capture software including the Print Screen button. Yes, really. I did, however, want to show you guys some of the cool artwork to illustrate how good it is, so this was the only way to do it. I think.

Sh-Shut up and enjoy the pretty pictures. It’s n-not like I did just for you guys or a-anything.

(you can click on them to view in full size)

eiyuuhenmanga1(Btw, I am somewhat disappointed with the ebook version I got — its resolution leaves much to be desired, and some of the smaller text bubbles become a pixelated, blurry mess once you zoom in on them, making them quite hard to read. Some pages genuinely made my eye hurt. Most of the manga uses a large enough font to be readable, thankfully, and if you know the VN’s terminology and political mumbo jumbo then you won’t even need the furigana at all. And considering this is a “for fans” release, I would expect that to be the case for most readers. Still, I figured I’d give a fair warning.)

In any case, let’s actually talk about these volumes. Story-wise, it’s sort of a mixture of both the Hero and the Tyrant routes of the VN, in the sense that it’s about Ichijou (and the story ends in the same bittersweet way her route did), but Kanae is also alive, and Kageaki spends most of the volumes as his “evil” Rokuhara self accompanied by his semi-waifu Chachamaru, as seen in the Tyrant route. It’s a complete mixture and rearrangement of scenes fans will all be familiar with, all while mixing content from multiple routes in the process — this all made me consider that they could very well make an anime version of the VN like this. SO WHY ISN’T THERE AN ANIME YET. C’MON JAPAN, DON’T LET ME DOWN.


This, however, also means, that these volumes are 100% for fans only. If you haven’t read the VN, I’m willing to bet you will be kinda lost as to what’s going on, why these things are going on, who these characters are and why you should feel attached to them. I mean, of course, some basic explanations are given regarding the setting and certain characters’ backstories, but still… I think familiarity with the original is strongly recommended nonetheless. Hell, even the manga itself (through Chachamaru) tells you that you should go and read the PC game if you want to know more. The manga starts very much in medias res and then proceeds to jump in the Muramasa chronology a couple of times (for example, parts of Chapter 2 are shown to flesh out Ichijou’s backstory a bit). However, things are changed up here as well: for instance, Ichijou goes to visit her grandmother’s grave in the cemetery and meets Nagasaka Ukyou, much like in the novel, but Yagenta is nowhere to be found (he’s not in the manga at all), and after Ukyou attacks her, Kageaki swoops in to save her.

Similarly, it is actually Ichijou that goes off to return Kageaki to his older, non-Rokuhara self, although she is accompanied by spider Muramasa (sadly, humanoid Muramasa makes no appearance in this, much to my disappointment), but the rest of the scene plays out very much like in the VN (except it’s Ichijou/Masamune that fight Chachamaru’s “true form”). The whole “infiltrate the Rokuhara HQ” arc is also in this, but instead of Kageaki and Ichijou, it’s Ichijou and Kanae doing the infiltration. Sakurako also makes an appearance, including her you-know-what scene with Doushin — except she doesn’t get violated this time, because Ichijou decides to just don Masamune right there and fight Doushin. Good for you, Sakurako.

Also, there is Hikaru.

Because who doesn’t love Hikaru.

kageaki eiyuuhen

In fact, most of what the characters say are word by word taken from the game, so the they all remain consistent with their game selves. The manga also features some fight scenes, complete with some of the tactical descriptions found in the VN (although not in that much detail), and the good old political infodumps also make a brief return for a page or two, just to make the experience complete, and show that whoever made this was very much aware of the source material.

So in that sense, this manga is perfect in delivering a Muramasa adaptation — really, my biggest gripe is that it has little to no new content in terms of story, since it’s really just a re-telling with a few very minor tweaks, and that it’s only three volumes, meaning it feels rushed and cannot adapt *everything*. The enjoyment of the volumes comes from already knowing the VN, and seeing some of its iconic scenes fully visualized by the truly amazing artwork. Yes, the artwork is pretty good and I’m overall quite pleased with it, but I think the screenshots posted are convincing enough. The characters all look like their VN counterparts, and since this is a manga, this also means that they are far more expressive — in the VN, all characters are limited to one or two sprites that don’t really change, but here, the manga artist could draw a wide variety of cool expressions for them, which was really nice to see. This also comes with the manga version of scenes that didn’t get separate CGs in the game, such as the first meeting between young Chachamaru and Hikaru, when the latter proposes they destroy the world together.

Basically this is the closest thing to an anime adaptation at present, so I was a happy camper for that reason alone. It still could’ve been much more, but I realize a full adaptation of a VN this insanely long is pretty much out of the question.


So what did I think of it and who do I recommend it to? You know I love Muramasa, so naturally, I’ll like this as well. However, I do realize its shortcomings. First off, it doesn’t tell an original story, so go into this knowing that it’s just gonna be a re-telling, and a very quick one at that, limited to only three volumes so *many* things are cut out. If you expect completely new things from this, or if you expect a *full* adaptation of Ichijou’s route from start to finish, you will be disappointed.

Additionally, there is no humanoid Muramasa. This is a grave sin. And finally, if you haven’t really read the VN, I would not bother with this, for reasons already mentioned above. It’s pure fanservice for those that just want to see the characters they know and love adapted to a different medium — for them, it’s a decent little extra after the VN. Imagine an OVA adapting 30 or so minutes of your favorite manga — sure, fans will love it, but others might find it lacking without the context and pre-existing attachment to the setting and characters. That’s pretty much what this is.


14 thoughts on “[Review] Soukou Akki Muramasa – Eiyuu-hen (Vol. 1-3)

  1. looks great, i wish there were scans of this somewhere i could read it, somepne could translate it, and more people would get to know it….

  2. I didn’t know there was a manga version! The art looks high-quality and it has furigana, so it should be much easier to read than the visual novel. It’s a shame this can’t bring more people to become fans of this story, as this could raise the chances of this becoming an anime. I still can’t believe the visual novels/galges that get to be adapted into animes instead of awesome games like this!
    ebook version, hum? I never got one of these. I still prefer to get the physical form when possible, so I will be looking for this one at amazon.

    • Yeah, you can say that again. It kills me to see all sorts of other stuff getting adaptations while Muramasa is still unadapted. It really would make for one hell of an anime especially if they include bits from the all the routes like they did here.

  3. spent the last few days reading through this vn over the last few days here, while I have a few gripes with the logic of some events (not really that much of a problem, since I usually have a mountain of these with all the stories i read lately), I have to say I am quite happy I found this and thanks to you for making the translations! … because my Japanese is nowhere near good enough to make getting through this possible in any reasonable length of time.
    (figured i’d post this here since its the latest post of all)
    now hopefully I’ll have some more time sometime soon to finish the extra stories…

    • Wish there was a way to edit old comments here… realized i didnt completely erase previous version of my first comment when I posted (was posting after reading waaaay more than I should have in a single sitting and was kinda brainfried and really sleepy) so ended up with a really awkward repetition in the first line… >.<
      (sorry felt the urge to mention this… not saying that my writing skills are even remotely good… just after re-reading my first comment this morning even I cringed….)

  4. Gotta agree with the main point of the review: this manga is fanservice, first and foremost. The artwork is gorgeous, it’s nice to see the old favorites again (professor Wolf got a nice couple of cameos, we actually got to see Masamune’s human form, and ponytail megane Kanae is a sign that God exists and loves us all), but other than that, there is very little value in it. I don’t even mind them cutting corners in the plot or switching scenes around, but it’s missing the whole underlying point of the original story: it’s all style and no substance. Hell, Ichijou doesn’t even kill Doushin, so the reader never gets any reason to doubt the way she’s going about things. And that is the main reason why I wouldn’t want an anime to be done like this (that, and because it might turn out like that Janen Hen skit). I have many friends who can’t read Japanese and who want to experience Muramasa, and I feel that even a similar fanservice OVA will leave a bad impression. It deserves the best adaptation possible, but the industry just can’t do it in its current state.

    Lastly, on a slightly unrelated note, I did find the font a bit difficult to read even in the paper version of the manga. It doesn’t help that my eyes are already pretty weak. At least Makai Hen is not as bad so far.

    • I hear they’ve been trying to do an anime a few times now actually, but it always fell through. Or something like that. I really do wonder how they’d approach it. Obviously the best would be having separate adaptations for all the routes, but I doubt that will happen. If anything, they might just choose one route and go with that, with Maou/Akki and Eiyuu-hen being the more likely candidates. (sorry Kanae)

      And yeah, I guess I should read that gekijouban thing in Janen-hen one of these days, I’ve been putting it off since forever.

      • Huh, and I thought you’re the kind of guy who reads every single bit of Muramasa stuff available. Especially since neither of the remaining Janen Hen chapters are that long. Well, I suppose something must fill the void that Makai Hen will leave behind sooner or later.

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  6. Hi, could you spoil me what happened with chachamaru at the end of this manga and makai-hen, cause i have no option to read it in near future?

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. In this manga she fights Ichijo/Masamune and is killed. In Makai-hen she gets killed by Kageaki as a sacrifice for 善悪相殺 / The Law of Balance after he defeats the main antagonist of the manga.

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