[Review] Kara no Shoujo 2

kara no shoujo 2 title[aka Kara no Shoujo – The Second Episode or Uro no Shoujo]

JP title: 虚ノ少女
Opening movie

Earlier today I finished reading Kara no Shoujo 2 – the sequel to Innocent Grey’s 2008 murder mystery VN. My review of the predecessor is over here if you’re interested. I did a full completion with all the endings, including the True End. So I suppose I’ll have to share some of my thoughts on it. I’ve also written a spoiler-heavy entry sharing my thoughts on the True End and various other aspects of KnS2’s plot, you can read it by clicking here, in case you don’t mind being spoiled (or if you’ve already read the VN).

Also: as stated above, this will be a spoiler-free review, so I’m not planning to give away major plot details / twists. However, since this is a direct sequel to the first Kara no Shoujo, spoilers for that game will be unavoidable. Only read this if you’re familiar with the True End of the original.

reijiTo give you a general introduction, the main plot concerns  a series of murders that started decades in the past and continued on both in the 1930s (the “past” arc) and the 1950s (Reiji’s “present” arc). People blame the bizarre, ritualistic killings on “the curse of Hinna-sama”, a deity originating in Hitogata Village. However, the basic premise revolving around a curse will probably not mislead readers familiar with Innocent Grey’s previous work – it must be remembered that this isn’t a VN dealing with the supernatural. In the end, as Reiji himself reminds us, it is always people that commit murders, not the gods, and there is an explanation for everything. Naturally, you will uncover terrible, dark secrets – but the monsters in this tale are all human.

The “present” arc starts in December, 1957 and ends near the end of January, 1958 – so almost two years after the events of the first game. Unlike the original, however, a secondary plot line is also employed – one that tells the tale of the quiet mountain village of Hitogata sometime in the 30s, shortly before the start of World War II. The seemingly unconnected two narratives, Reiji’s investigation and the past events of Hitogata, eventually join up in unexpected ways as the investigation proceeds, and it’s your job to untangle a fairly large web of mysteries. Finally, we also see the reappearance of a religious organization last seen in Cartagra (another Innocent Grey VN) and their possible involvement in the murders as well as some other shady business buried in the past. Of course, in addition to all the above, it is made evident at the very beginning of the game that Reiji still hasn’t given up on finding Kuchiki Touko, and continues to search for her. However, it has to be mentioned that the majority of the game focuses on the new investigation, while the search for Touko is mostly pushed into the background (though still mentioned from time to time).

yaginuma and touji

Needless to say, the answers you find will not always be pleasant. In fact, despite its severely toned-down gore (compared to the original, at least), I found Kara no Shoujo 2 to be a far more disturbing game on several levels. Somehow, it uses less blood and direct visuals and ends up being more unsettling, which is quite a feat. It focuses less on the shock and terror of seeing someone’s limbs sawed off and dreading the killer’s next strike, and more on the darker side of humanity and the human psyche – in a word, “paranoia”, a word that should be familiar to those who played the previous title. There is one particular bad ending that, despite a complete lack of blood and violence, managed to send shivers down my spine. And so throughout the game, Reiji makes it his mission to uncover the dark and highly disturbing secrets of Hitogata Village while helping to free the people concerned from their personal “paranoia” – in other words, their unhealthy obsessions and delusions.

Kara no Shoujo 2 definitely has the general feel of being a somewhat different title compared to the original, and ultimately it’s more like a standalone game focusing on a new mystery. Still, I think those who enjoyed the first one will find things to like in the sequel (but I would advise against expecting this to be *exactly* like KnS1, otherwise you might be disappointed). Touko’s case isn’t *completely* forgotten, either, and is given a proper conclusion by the end, so those wanting to know just what exactly happened to her after her sudden disappearance in the original will find all the answers in this. The story itself is quite complex, the narrative lengthy and branching, and yet by the end, in good Kara no Shoujo fashion, almost everything will be revealed, dots will be connected and logical explanations will be given. I deliberately said “almost everything” because, as usual, there is sort of a sequel hook. Nonetheless, it’s really quite amazing how the different threads of the plot all come together and make sense in the end.

masaki1The presentation of the narrative underwent some changes. First off, we actually have two major protagonists this time: one is Tokisaka Reiji, as expected, while the other is a man called Masaki Tomoyuki (pictured above), who ends up working for Reiji as his assistant. They get an almost equal amount of screen time as both of them are equally important to the plot – Masaki maybe a bit more than Reiji, in fact. However, the narrative occasionally shifts to a variety of other characters as well, including Kayahara Yukiko (the main heroine this time around), Tokisaka Yukari and Aoki Touji, a character from Cartagra.

In the end, the VN is given a sort of Game of Thrones-like feel with its constant change of focalizers. In fact, once your first playthrough is done, beginning a second playthrough (required for the True End) will offer some extra content that will help in understanding some of the things that went on behind the scenes – stuff that you didn’t actually witness on your first run. I personally enjoyed this quite a bit, as it was fun looking at the same events from a variety of viewpoints. And besides, Masaki is great as a new protagonist. I’ve really come to like him by the end: his interactions with Michiru (most huggable character in the entire game) were beyond adorable. All in all, I thought the cast was great – it is a healthy mixture of familiar faces (including certain people I thought I wouldn’t see again) and awesome newcomers.

yukiko shell of sheol

I’ll say right now that I enjoyed the mystery of the sequel more than the one presented in the first game (in fact, this was one of my major gripes about that title). The game itself is very long – I didn’t find a playtime counter in-game, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s at least 2, maybe 3 times longer than its predecessor. So prepare for a massive time investment. (Edit from the future: I feel like this is not quite accurate. KnS2’s script is 1.5mb compared to KnS1’s 1mb so… yeah. It probably felt like twice as long due to the pacing, although “3 times longer” is likely stretching it. Dunno what I was thinking saying that, lol.)

However, despite my grumbles about the pacing (more about this later), I felt that the game’s length was more or less justified – the story has plenty of time to unfold, and the reader can use it to get to know all the new characters that are being introduced.

Furthermore, the mystery itself is quite large and affects several decades, as evidenced my the multiple plot lines -with a large cast of characters- running in both the 30s and the 50s. Seemingly unrelated people are shown to have connections and apparently unexplainable, supernatural murders are revealed to have clearly determinable, earthly reasons. While the progression of the story is slow, with each couple of scenes a new layer of the plot unfolds, ushering the narrative towards its finale, and the inevitable “finale after the finale” sort of epilogue – in other words, the True End. Despite certain twists being somewhat predictable, the game still managed to surprise me here and there, especially towards the end. Ultimately, I found the story highly enjoyable: its themes were interesting, its bittersweet tone satisfying; all in all, a puzzle well worth solving.

yukiko bed textHowever. I have to say that the game’s length is a double edged sword. The pacing is… less than optimal, let’s put it that way. It tends to drag on quite a bit, and there are a number of pointless, filler scenes that seriously overstay their welcome. Having a scene that consists of sitting around, eating dinner and doing nothing might be familiar to fans of slice-of-life, but KnS2 is supposed to be a murder mystery.

Similarly, there was really no need to include throwaway scenes of high school girls doing boring high school-y things that have no bearing on the main plot. While seeing every tiny detail of the characters’ daily lives might help in getting to know them better (and therefore make the story more personal), I felt the author went overboard with it at times, going for quantity over quality on several occasions. The prologue is a major offender, spending entirely too much time on slice-of-life hijinks before even a single murder occurs. KnS2 is very much worth reading for its well-crafted mystery plot, but prepare for a serious time investment and a number of dull moments during your journey towards the final ending. Speaking of the ending… without spoiling anything, I thought the True End was beautiful in its own way, especially once you connect it to a certain something that was shown much earlier in the VN. I can’t say any more without giving away things, though, so I’ll just stop here.

02In conclusion, despite its glaring flaws, I am still very much pleased with this sequel. In fact -and this is just my personal opinion- it pretty much surpasses the original in almost every way (exception: Touko was a better heroine than Yukiko). As expected from Innocent Grey, it is also an extremely depressing story – however, as I’ve already said in my review of the first game, tales that deal with tragedy are, to me, the most memorable. Although I do have some gripes which prevent me from calling it a masterpiece or anything, I can still say without a shred of hesitation that Kara no Shoujo 2 is now one of my favorite VNs ever.

21 thoughts on “[Review] Kara no Shoujo 2

  1. Awesome review.. Just wondering when will the game be English translated.. >_< Also hoping Touko will be saved.. Although judging by the first game that seems unlikely.. 😥

  2. damn, after reading ur review, i really want to play it right now
    but, it seems like the game hate me when i installed it 😦
    my laptop resolution is too small, i didn’t even find the menu as you can see in the picture below ;_;

    just hoping mangagamer would make the game resolution smaller

  3. Hello,

    Just have one question. When you say that people that want to know what really happened to Touko will be satisfied. Do you mean that it will settle everything or it just gives us an hint to where she is and that we will surely know it in a third game.

    Hoping to have a non spoiler answer hahaha ! Try to be the less precise possible (if you can) ! XD!

    PS : Sorry, my english sucks !

    • To be more precise, what I want to know is : Is it a conclusion to Touko’s story or just an hint (information about her). And if this information implies another sequel =D! Thnx for you time!

      • It’s a definite conclusion to Touko’s story, not a hint.

        Sorry for the short answer but that’s really all I can say without spoilers, or implied spoilers.

      • No problem ! I did actually ask you to do so haha ! And is it a satisfying conclusion? Sorry for all those questions, it’s just frustrating to have to wait this game to be translated XD! Thnx for the speed of the answer ! ^^

      • You’re asking questions I could only really answer with spoilers, haha. :p

        It’s one hell of an ending, I’ll give it that. I’m only talking about the epilogue of the True End here, the other characters’ conclusions are also good but it’s the True End that really made the VN memorable.

      • Raaaaaaah stooop thaaat XD! You are making me more and more impatient ><!

        Well so let's stop here xD! But do you think there will be a Kara No Shoujo 3? ANSWER WITH YES OR NO ! xD

      • YYYES ! Well, I’m going to follow your blog for some more time so ! Until the trilogy ends =P!

  4. Hey Garejei, do you mind if i ask you a few questions about the second episode? If you are still around on this page.

    I just started blogging, i really suck at translating lines and writing. So, i decided that i would blog from time to time about visual novels to get better, I made a small entry today, that alone took me over half an hour. I was going to write about Masaki and his past in the village but i found out that would take a reaaaaaaally long time, and i haven’t even finished the game so i guess it’s much more to come.. Ops, i started talking a bit much. Ehm, i got a question about toko, but i guess this page is spoiler free, so where can i ask you?

    • It’s okay if it takes a long time to write your blog entries. My longer reviews take me a couple of hours since it involves collecting my thoughts about the VN (I do jot down notes in a txt file while I’m playing, though, to help me remember), deciding what to write about, and then writing it in a way that I’m satisfied with, all the while keeping it spoiler-free. Basically I keep rewriting and rephrasing stuff until !’m completely happy with it. So don’t worry about it. Putting your thoughts into writing isn’t always as easy as it sounds. :p

      As for your question, you can send me an email if you want: https://gareblogs.wordpress.com/contact/

  5. I cant wait to play it with english patch Thanks, at least I have a background on what will I expect. However is it mentioned what happened to Hatsune and why she did not appear in this game?

    • Hm, honestly I’m not sure. It’s been so long since I read the game that my memory’s pretty vague about minor details like that, but I don’t recall her being mentioned in KnS2… or if she was, it must have been very brief. I just assumed she moved away or found a new job or something along those lines.

  6. Hello there ! Hope you are still working on this blog ! I don’t know if you remember me, well you can see what I asked you in the comments I posted almost 2 years ago. Anyway now that KnS 2 is out in english, I caaan play it ! Thnx again for your answers last time ! But before that, I need to finish KnS one more time ’cause I forgot a lot of things about the plot xD ! GOGOGO

  7. My God… Yukiko is so fucking useless. I wonder why someone should even bother to become her friend. I still have to complete the game, thou. She’s so repress I bet she will go yandere (if I remember right, Yukari says that there were some rumors a.k.a foreshadowing about Yukiko) when she’ll see Reiji with a woman.

  8. I play KnS2 for this review, and i grateful enough to come here and give you my gratitude, in the first part of the game i feel very boring, but after that i got one of the most greates experience i ever have in a visual novel, i see do you like the tipes of emotionals plot, i highly recomend you Texhnolyze, is very boring in the first chapters, but, the last 4 episodes are very emotional, is not for everyone, but i think you would enjoy.

    Forgive my bad english.

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