Dies irae: Amantes amentes – English walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the English version of Dies irae – Amantes amentes. The Japanese walkthrough it’s based on can be found here.

Recommended route order: Common (Chapters 1-6) → Kasumi → Kei → Marie → Rea

Follow the above route order, trust me. Otherwise you’ll ruin the story for yourself.

Okay, so here’s the thing. Before you start the game, you’re shown this screen:

If you’re a first-time player, make absolutely sure to pick “New Game” on the left. If you pick any of the heroine buttons on the right, the game will lock you onto said routes regardless of your dialogue choices.

Note 1: The Other Stories can be accessed from the main menu, under (you guessed it) Other Story. One thing to note is that “Omnia vincit Amor” is essentially a Marie route epilogue, while “Nihil difficile amanti”, in a similar fashion, provides an epilogue for Rea’s route. As such, I would recommend reading those two extra stories immediately after finishing their respective routes. As for the other three side stories, I’d recommend reading “Wehrwolf” after finishing Kasumi’s route, then “Die Morgendämmerung” and “Verfaulender segen” after completing Kei’s route.

Note 2: Rea’s route has two endings. Go for Ending 1 first (“danced to the… etc.), then Ending 2 (…sought the truth) afterwards for the optimal reading experience. Also, make absolutely sure you follow the walkthrough very closely. Particularly in Rea’s route, you need to pick “Look for Rusalka”, “Trust Rusalka” and “Rescue Rea Himuro”, otherwise you won’t see some very important optional scenes.

Note 3: You can press F7 in-game to immediately jump to the next choice, while F6 will take you back to the previous choice.

Common / Kasumi Ayase

I was lying, you idiot

Try to persuade her

Take a look

Other Story “Wehrwolf” unlocks after Chapter 1

Explore the church

Don’t give my name

Look for Sakurai

*pick every question when talking to Rusalka: What are you people? – What’s Zarathustra? – Where’s that other guy? – Why’d you come to this city? – What do you plan to do with me?*

…All right.

There’s no way in hell I can do that

Save 1

Drag Kasumi away

Disappear right now

To fight

Run away from Sakurai

Can’t even consider!

Other Story “Die Morgendämmerung” unlocks after Chapter 6

Save 2

Suppress the tattoo

Kasumi END

Kei Sakurai

From Save 2

Ask Sakurai about what’s going on


Never give up


Other Story “Verfaulender segen” unlocks


From Save 1

Drag Sakurai away

Hide right now

To protect her

Kill Sakurai

Can’t even consider!

Marie END

Other Story “Omnia vincit Amor” unlocks

Rea Himuro

*Start a new game*

The jailbait stuff, I guess

Run away

Go home

Go to the chapel

Don’t give my name

Look for Rusalka

*pick every question when talking to Rusalka: What are you people? – What’s Zarathustra? – Where’s that other guy? – Why’d you come to this city? – What do you plan to do with me?*

What do you think?

Do I have no other choice?

Drag Sakurai away

Hide right now

To fight

Kill Sakurai

Will never do!

Trust Rusalka

Rescue Rea Himuro

The truth about my being

Save 3

…danced to the mercurial tune

Rea END 1

From Save 3

…sought the truth

Rea END 2

Other Story “Nihil difficile amanti” unlocks


Extra note: In the Other Story “Nihil difficile amanti”, you will be faced with a choice at one point. These lead to two different variations of the scene, so make sure to pick both choices if you want to see everything.

23 thoughts on “Dies irae: Amantes amentes – English walkthrough

  1. thx a lot !! i really struck on how to see the 3 color battle which i guess is rea ending 2 ? let s see it i can see it this time.

  2. Don’t you mean Common (Chapters 1-7)? At least the part that’s free on Steam is the first seven chapters.
    Also why do you write “Follow the above route order, trust me. Otherwise you’ll ruin the story for yourself.” and then “If you’re a first-time player, make absolutely sure to pick “New Game” on the left.”? If I have to follow a route order, isn’t it easier to lock onto one specific route from the beginning?

    • Chapter 7 is where the routes start to branch, which is why I called 1-6 the common route. The New Game warning was mostly just a “don’t click on any of the later heroine buttons if you’re only just starting out, just to be on the safe side” sort of thing, I guess. It’s also because much of the guide uses the same one playthrough and you just save/load files as necessary (aside from Rea, where you start a new game). If you pick a route button, that won’t work.

      Btw in Rea’s route, even if you do lock yourself onto it with the button, you still need to make the necessary choices to see the optional scenes.


    I never liked Kasumi, but nevertheless played her route first as advised, and also because I want to explore all the route. But Kasumi route is basically a bad end. Damn bitch got everyone dead. I’d be damn disappointed if this is the route the anime chose to adapt. Well I haven’t played the other route though, so I don’t know if the other has better ending. But I’m going to play it now, so please don’t spoil it if you knew already.

    • Have you read the thread on MAL?
      Somoene said have seen a source that says the storyh will be based on Marie’s route…
      Anyone here knows the soruce?

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    • The guide is correct, I’ve tested it myself.

      For the record, it’s not meant to list every single choice presented to you by the game (like the ones in the beginning when Kasumi asks you about the magazines and so on). Instead, this is a list of the choices you have to pick in order to unlock every route/ending.

      • No it is wrong, lots of choice that are in this walkthrough guide do not appear and there are choices that come up that aren’t in this walkthrough guide.

        My guess is the DX Package is different than the all-ages version
        Choices I came across:
        …a woman who meant a lot to me.
        …like family.
        This isn’t in the walkthrough guide at all.
        Choices that don’t show up are: 1, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 13. Choices 7-11 do show up.

      • “(like the ones in the beginning when Kasumi asks you about the magazines and so on)”
        This never happens, no choice related to that appears.

      • This guide is for the all-ages version, Amantes amentes. The problems and missing choices are likely due to the fact that you’re playing Acta est Fabula, the 18+ version. So the walkthrough is not wrong, it’s just not for the version you’re playing.

      • Hi,
        Since it looks like some of the choices in Est Fabula are different than Amentes Amentes, is there a guide out there that you would recommend for choices in Est Fabula? Thanks.

      • So it looks like there are 3 choices that determine if you have an h-scene with Kasumi in chapter 3. Are those the only differences in terms of choices in Act Est Fabula compared to Amentes Amentes? (Like all the other h-scenes and r18 scenes are in the same choices available in Amentes Amentes, they just got removed or replaced)

  5. Thanks for this walkthrough, it really helped, tough for some reason I have been unable to unlock Nihil difficile amanti.

    • Hm, I’m not sure I can help you there, since following the walkthrough to the letter should unlock it. Make absolutely sure you start from New Game and pick all the options exactly as they are in the guide when you go through Rea’s route. That’s all I can recommend at the moment. (I’m assuming you already have all the other side stories unlocked)

      • Yes, I have all of them except the one I mentioned, and yes I followed the guide to the letter.

      • It’s actually different, because there are choices that are taken automatically (no selector).

        For the right path, in all logic it is correct (it must depend on the steam version). I’m at, exploring church

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