Tokyo Babel – English walkthrough

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So I wrote up a quick English walkthrough for Tokyo Babel, for people that don’t want to use the Japanese one. I’d recommend going in the same order as the guide, that is, Raziel –> Sorami –> Lilith.

Note: You can only enter Lilith’s route once the other two routes have been completed.


[save 1]

Meet the archangel Camael

[save 2]

Kurou Miyako, the girl who devoured an angel

[save 3]

Head for the seventh stratum –> Bad End

[load 3]

Return to Pandora –> True End


[load 2]

Oshiba Hagane, identity unknown

Box second from the right

A leash

[save 4]

Console her –> Bad End

[load 4]

Give her a cold shoulder

[save 5]

Don’t go to the future –> Normal End

[load 5]

Go to the future –> True End


[load 1]

Meet the demon lord Astaroth

Hinoue Wataru, the boy who devoured a demon

I would cry for you

[save 6]

No –> Bad End

[load 6]


Pry further

Participate in the party

[save 7]

She came here to kill me –> Bad End

[load 7]

She came here to be friends

[save 8]

Not exactly

[save 9]

Choose the two –> Bad End

[load 9]

Choose Lilith –> True End

[load 8]


Choose Lilith –> Setsuna End

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Babel – English walkthrough

  1. Might be worth to note that you only get the True End after having watched the credits regarding Raziel. I usually skipped it because the music was far too loud. Which ended up confusing me a great deal when I discovered that I hadn’t actually unlocked it.

    Which led to me backtracking several times and being confused as I thought I had reached the end when the credits got rolling. Sorami’s endings didn’t have that requirement either as far as I know.

    But now I have finally gotten to Lillith’s route.

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