A collection of my old fan translation work.

Dies irae – Amantes amentes

Kajiri Kamui Kagura

Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin

Lyrics translation



10 thoughts on “Translation

  1. I’m looking forward to more Dies Irae/KKK translations, sounds like a really awesome read. Unfortunately, I know jack shit about Japanese….

      • But I just started reading chapter 2! Seriously.

        JAST is way too busy translating some garbage and I simply don’t have enough time to learn Japanese properly because of my tough as fuck University / work schedule. Now I (as good as any other poor bastard) am simply left for ATLAS. I’ll be reading it for a load of months, learning it’s hardcore Japanese in the process. Actually, I’ve already started learning it, inspired by Muramasa, but not that fast. Hell, that escalated quickly.

        Yeah, it’s a good incentive to learn Japs, but, Gare, don’t you possibly have any plans on posting an improved translation?

      • Hm, I doubt I’ll have the time and motivation to do that anytime soon unfortunately. This *is* a huge VN, after all. Plus I have my current MangaGamer projects to focus on and such.

  2. So, MangaGamer has no intention of getting a contract up with Light? I really wanted to read Dies Irae, even if it’s a simple adaptation and not a true translation that can keep Masada’s style untouched.

    I’ve already read Fortissimo, 11eyes and etc. Tokyo Babel is getting a translation. I just need Dies Irae to truly, truly die happy.

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