A brief sample of my writing

Just recently I got a question on Ask fm about my writing, and whether or not I had any excerpts to share. Well, I kinda do, and I figured I might as well post it here. However, what I’m going to post below is not part of any story I’m working on (actually I’m not even working on anything right now), it’s more like a generic, untitled sample to showcase how I’d write if I ever decided to write an original story. Basically there’s really no larger story behind these scenes so don’t worry if you have no idea what’s going on and who these characters are — I don’t know, either!

I originally posted this on Ask fm as an answer, but the character limit was sort of a pain in the ass. It probably has a better place here on the blog, where all my other stuff is. As always, feedback is appreciated.

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You may now follow me on Twitter

…if that is your heart’s desire. Link’s on the right. Or here.

I mostly just created it in case something happens to the blog or the apocalypse hits, etc. and I need to communicate something short and irrelevant. Dunno how often I’ll use it, but it’s there, and now you’re aware of it being there, so mission accomplished!

(Also I tweeted some really swell music just now so there’s that, too)