[Review] Oujo & Onna Kishi W Do Gehin Roshutsu – Chijoku no Misemono Dorei


Oujo & Onna Kishi, or That Time I Got Tired of Being a Princess so I Became a Living Semen Tank, is a carefully constructed, lovingly told tale of a girl… who just couldn’t keep her horny in check. A moving Bildungsroman for the ages, it speaks of societal pressure, the pitfalls of monarchies, and lays out in careful detail how… fucking amazing orc dicks feel when they’re smashing against your womb like a jackhammer. It’s a salacious story of self-orchestrated ruin in which a girl breaks free from the moral and ethical shackles of her time to partake in degeneracy so extreme, so depraved, so… thoroughly wonderful, that I cannot help but want to applaud her.

It’s also a pretty decent nukige if you just wanna beat your meat to a girl getting fisted in the nipple.

Oujo & Onna Kishi (henceforth OOK for the sake of brevity) stars Elizabeth von Elstein (Elize) and Angelica von Eustest (Anna) – the former is the kind-hearted crown princess of the long-historied Elstein Kingdom, while the latter is both said kingdom’s knight captain and Elizabeth’s beloved childhood friend. Elize’s entire deal is that she desperately wants to be a respectable ruler and a good role model to her citizens, but she’s also overwhelmed by the mountain of responsibility that naturally comes with holding such a position. She also gets really nervous in front of a crowd and is overly conscious of people’s stares, which sort of leads to her developing an exhibitionism/self-humiliation fetish where even the thought of being seen naked by others makes her privates flood like a collapsing dam. In short, she’s essentially Darkness from KonoSuba.

As the plot progresses, Lalatina Elize takes bigger and bigger risks for the sake of experiencing increasingly juicier thrills – she starts by stripping naked to roam the hallways of the castle at night, then kicks things up a notch by masturbating in front of a crowd, then one thing leads to another and before you realize it, an entire orc village is running a train on her and she’s loving every creamy nanosecond of it.

It’s plainly obvious from the get-go how her situation is a slope more slippery than an ice skating arena covered in elephant cum, and that her little “adventures” will inevitably be exploited and lead to disaster, but hey, if she wasn’t a horny little horndog we’d have no ero scenes and no game to talk about, so yeah. Look, nukige heroines aren’t exactly known for their impeccable decision-making skills.

Anna, as mentioned before, is the knight captain of the Elstein Kingdom who’s been with Elize since they were little. Protecting the princess is her utmost priority, to the point where she’s willing to sacrifice her own personal happiness for her sake; it’s also not-so-subtly implied that she’s legitimately in love with her. I can already see your eyes light up at the thought of this game having a full-on yuri orgy in its repertoire, but sadly, no such thing happens. In fact, the game’s apparent refusal to capitalize on this was actually a little disappointing. Okay, not just a little. It was very disappointing. Tragic, even. I just wanted to see girls sticking their girldicks into each other, you know? Is that so much to ask for? There’s even some minimal futa content in this since Anna grows a penis late into the storyline (spoilers lol) but then she doesn’t really do much with it. I was devastated.

So, about the porn. As implied above, it starts relatively tame, and a good, solid buildup can often work out in a game’s favor, so I was fine with this. There are a number of enjoyable moments in this opening segment of the storyline, like when Elize gets a piece of Magic Tentacle Panties that basically fuck her while she’s wearing them. And she, of course, decides to wear them while giving a public address in front of a group of knights. You can imagine how well that ends. There’s also the part where she receives an invisibility potion and uses it to masturbate at the town square. And then the invisibility effect suddenly wears off and she’s there in her birthday suit in front of dozens of strangers, so what does she do? Cover herself and run away in shame? Hell no, she actually gets even more turned on by this, so she’s like “fuck this, fuck everything, fuck my responsibilities, fuck being a princess, the only thing that matters right now is that I cum as hard as humanly and physically possible while everyone is watching”. And she does. It’s glorious. Elize’s complete and utter failure to keep her raging libido under control, and the fact she actually gets even more aroused by the prospect of her own downfall, was rather exhilarating.

After this buildup, things snowball out of control even more, both Elize and Anna get hypno-trained and DP’d to kingdom come by a bunch of dudes, and the rest of the game is basically just ero scene after ero scene with little to no story in-between. And while that sounds fine and dandy on paper, OOK feels a touch lacking in terms of length and execution. The elephant in the room is that the game only has twelve ero scenes in total, and not all of them are equally fappable imo (there were two or three scenes I didn’t really care for), which is certainly an issue in a game all about fapping. The other thing is that 1. it gets to the really hardcore bits too late and 2. it could’ve been a bit more creative/imaginative with said hardcore bits. Case in point: the game goes out of its way to imply how much Anna loves Elize, but there’s no scene where the two girls do each other. Anna gets turned into a futanari, but there’s no scene where she fucks someone. There’s a great orc scene, but only at the very end, and it’s just that one scene. As a result, the exact portion of the storyline where all hell should’ve broken loose was where the game actually lost steam, weirdly enough.

To characterize the nature of the porn, this is essentially a hardcore femsub nukige. In its latter half, at any rate. And it’s more prominent with Elize, since she’s actually the one who secretly desires to be completely dominated. It all ties into how she was crippled by the burden of being a ruler and everyone looking to her for guidance, when in reality she wanted the exact opposite, so the act of completely surrendering her entire being to the men who use her as nothing more than a fuckhole is actually insanely liberating for her. It gets even more messed up when the entire Elstein Kingdom is in ruins and there’s townspeople calling her a traitorous whore and she’s just like “I’m sorry for being such a thirsty bitch but you have to understand, these dicks in my pooper feel ungodly amazing”. Gotta respect a girl with her priorities straight.

The bottom line is that I enjoyed this aspect of her character quite a bit. There’s also a number of scenes where the girls are forced to imitate animals so get ready for a LOT of buhii buhii oinking and such. There’s also a scene where Anna gets electroshocked (and of course, her pain is converted to pleasure, as you’d expect) and the way she does those lines is absolutely hilarious. At some parts I was starting to suspect the VAs were genuinely getting turned on while performing their lines, lol.

So yeah, the voice work in this is fan-fucking-tastic. Like, mwah chef’s kiss level of good. The two VAs, Akashi Yuki and Imaya Minami, really pulled off A+ performances here. They screamed and howled like their lives depended on it. They slurped and gurgled with the enthusiasm of a corrupted Taimanin. It didn’t matter that this was a budget porn game. It didn’t matter at all. These women are professionals and they’ll make you 100% believe there’s a musky, unwashed cock in their mouth if it’s the last thing they do on God’s green earth. When Elize had her entire throat thoroughly violated by a throbbing phallus and the VA made a sound that I can only describe as the death rattle of a dying hyena, I nearly shed a tear of pride. This is commitment, folks. This is passion. This is art.

Having said that, Anna’s VA does go overboard with her screaming at times, so you may wanna turn the volume down here and there unless you want permanent damage to your eardrums.

Overall, Oujo & Onna Kishi is a solid enough choice for people looking for this type of hardcore content, but it could’ve been so much better if they had doubled the amount of ero scenes to fully capitalize on its potential with more ideas and variety. Other than that, Neromashin’s artwork is fantastic and the VAs really screamed their pervy little hearts out, God bless them. And I absolutely love turbo M heroines like Elize. So yeah, this is a game that targets a very specific audience, but if it grabs hold of your dick it’s gonna grab it hard and not let go. Its disappointing length and lack of ambition is regrettable, though.

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