[Review] KanoBitch – Kanojo ga Bitch ni natta Riyuu


*record scratch*
*freeze frame*

Yup, that’s me, slobbering away on a big ol’ man-popsicle while being penetrated in both holes. You might be wondering how I ended up in this situation.

So let’s go back to the very beginning. Kanobitch, or Doth Mother Know You Sucketh Cock Behind Her Back, is a nukige starring one Katagiri Mai, a university student who’s made some serious changes in her life: she used to be chubby and wore glasses, but after going on a diet and buying a pair of contacts, she’s now finally rocking that unmistakable big tiddy JAV actress look. The other main character is Ryousuke, her childhood friend and an otaku who, you guessed it, has had a crush on Mai since they were young (she’s also into manga, games, etc.) but couldn’t quite work up the courage to tell her. So far so formulaic, but don’t worry, things get saucier.

First things first: it’s worth noting that Kanobitch is split into two chapters for a reason I can’t quite fathom. There’s a Past Arc that tells the story of how an innocent little cupcake like Mai evolved into an insatiable semen demon whose thirst must be quenched on a daily basis, lest one suffer the consequences. Then there’s the Present Arc, where Mai is already all kasshoku’d up and ready to be senpai in the streets and hentai in the sheets. Personally, I would recommend starting with the Past Arc if you want to go in chronological order. There’s no time skip between the two modes, anyway: the first scene of the Present Arc picks up immediately after the end of the Past Arc, hence my confusion why such a distinction was even made in the first place. It’s really just one whole story needlessly sliced up into two chapters.

Oh yeah, and you can also choose whether or not you’d like to include Mai’s POV scenes (aka, the porn) in the Past Arc… and imo, you should. Well, unless you’re looking for a repeat of the epic blueballing incident of Yukikaze 2‘s Tatsurou-centric segment, which, if you need a reminder, is the equivalent of your neighbors throwing the most eye-poppingly wild orgy imaginable and then inviting everyone but you. Besides, Kanobitch isn’t even a hardcore NTR game, in the sense that there’s no cheating going on. Mai and Ryousuke aren’t in a relationship during most of the game, and it’s kinda hard to cheat on someone who’s not your boyfriend, right? Right. The extremely mild NTR-ish flavor of Kanobitch mostly comes from Ryousuke feeling frustrated by the fact that Mai was out collecting fuck buddies like Pokemon gym badges while he was back home jacking it to JAVs all day instead of, you know, confessing his feelings to her in time.

Anyway, on to the storyline. It manages to be decently engaging by nukige standards, and the writing does a pretty good job of illustrating Mai’s mental state and development: make no mistake, she’s the real star of the show here, with Ryousuke’s POV segments feeling like a mere afterthought. Mai’s first experience with a guy is pretty horrible, but as the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and hornier” so she then ends up hopping from one dude to another and gets caught up in all sorts of… ~situations~. At first, she tries sticking to one boyfriend, but after yet another horrible experience with a manipulative sack of shit, she kinda goes “fuck it” and decides to just have multiple sex friends without any romantic attachments.

Needless to say, it was pretty interesting seeing her grow and gradually gain more and more experience with each new sexual partner encountered. The entire process is fairly well-done and doesn’t follow the usual nukige trope of the girl eventually turning into a mindless, brainwashed cockslave who lives only to clean pipes. In fact, being promiscuous doesn’t really change Mai’s inherently likable personality in drastic ways: she’s still an absolute sweetheart who remains a kind and supportive childhood friend to Ryousuke from start to finish. She’s just… horny. So very horny. “Was probably a Draph in another life” level of horny. But there’s nothing really wrong with that (she likens casual sex to doing sports), and even Ryousuke ultimately admits that clinging to this idea of “absolute purity” is pointless, and Mai being used goods doesn’t change the fact that he loves her. If anything, it just makes her more appealing, because she’s already a wise and experienced oneesan who can effectively act as his sexual senpai. Her POV scenes are pretty much the best, and it was cool to read things from a heroine’s perspective. Mai’s thoughts and the way she evaluated the various guys she’d slept with was far more amusing than any of Ryousuke’s parts, and it was funny seeing things snowball out of control due to her inability to resist the promise of a good, healthy dicking.

Yeah okay this dude is trying to seduce me, big surprise there. Geez, does he think I’m that shallow? Do men only think about sex? Jesus christ.

Oh damn he’s a good with his hands oh fuck he’s probably hung like a horse too oh shit I shouldn’t get carried away, this is bad, this is exactly what he wants

*15 minutes later*


Yes, well. Even Homer nods.

The ero is relatively vanilla for the most part with nothing extremely kinky happening (well, I guess there’s that one 4P scene), but 23‘s great artwork and Mai being ridiculously hot sort of makes up for it, so it definitely has some usability. For me personally, the most nut-worthy scene was probably the one in the Past Arc where Mai bangs a younger guy she’s tutoring, since it basically follows the “thirsty oneesan takes the lead” formula that’s always been close to my heart. And it features the classic leg lock + mating press combo, which is always 10/10. Speaking of thirsty oneesans taking the lead, the Present Arc basically consists of Mai taking Ryousuke on as her disciple and teaching him everything he needs to know while also sharing random tidbits about her past experiences with other guys. Their relationship was pretty nice, since you can tell they get along really well; Mai is super patient with the initially inexperienced Ryousuke and cheerfully teaches him all the ins and outs of how best to satisfy her. So yeah, they were cute is what I’m saying. And this is also the part with all the best kasshoku HCGs.

There were a couple things I didn’t like. One would be how all the male characters are just empty black sprites. This is probably due to budget constraints, but it can be a little jarring at times. The other is the game’s tendency to re-use HCGs here and there, and I’ve never really been a fan of this. It creates a bit of repetition and usually just makes me go “c’mon I’ve already fapped to this lol”

So all in all, Kanobitch was okay. It’s a light-hearted game that ignores the “ALL HEROINES MUST BE PURE” trope and instead adopts a “girls just wanna have fun” type of mentality: like I said earlier, Mai doesn’t get brainwashed or mind-controlled or anything, this is just the story of a girl who discovers how much she enjoys casual boning with no strings attached. I found her “journey” amusing enough to follow, and it was interesting to see the circumstances of how she went from being a no-name trash mob to becoming the Great Brown Queen of the Gyarus. The porn obviously wasn’t nearly dark or kinky enough for my personal tastes (my desires are known to be… unconventional), but the art is good and I do like me some delicious, freshly-baked brownies. And as noted before, Mai’s gradual development throughout the story is done quite well. And she’s really cute with various cute facial expressions, including the classic Rusalka smugface. Overall, I guess I could recommend this to people who want to dip their toes in the “slutty heroine” genre without having to deal with its darker aspects, such as full-on NTR, mindbreak, prostitution, depressing endings and so on, because you’ll find none of that here. Just promise me you’ll check out Taimanin Yukikaze once you’re ready for the Real Deal.

3 thoughts on “[Review] KanoBitch – Kanojo ga Bitch ni natta Riyuu

    • I’m very passionate about my porn and I guess that translates into my writing, lol. I dunno. I just enjoy it. It’s my creative outlet. Some people are passionate about their stamp collections; eroge’s my stamp collection except with a lot more masturbation involved.

  1. I think what it is rather obvious why this game have two sections. Past arc is netorare while Now Arc is basically pure vanilla. So in this way those who can’t take any ntr could just ignore past arc and those who are into ntr and not interested in vanilla stuff could just ignore it altogether, lol. There is no much people who could really enjoy both parts.

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