[Review] Ryoshuu Ichiba – Wana ni Hamerareta Elf no Onna Shoukou


Look, I know I could’ve played the new Valkyria Chronicles game and had a grand old time winning wars and the like, but then, like a bolt of lightning, inspiration struck me. I suddenly recalled this one eroge from the distant, prehistoric era of 2011, forged in the fires of Black Lilith; a game that also happens to feature tanks and cute girls in military outfits, not entirely unlike Valkyria Chronicles. Now, unlike Valkyria Chronicles, though, the girls in this one focus their efforts not on tank driving, military tactics and other such balderdash, but the noble art of taking dicks up the pooper. And that fact, my friends, makes this the superior product as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, without further ado, allow me to present to you today’s review specimen, titled “Ryoshuu Ichiba: Wana ni Hamerareta Elf no Onna Shoukou” AKA “Captive Market” AKA “Elves und Panzer: The Pleasure of Being Cummed Inside”.

Okay, so I might have made that last one up.

Black Lilith, elves, ShindoL, corruption: put ’em all together, stir for five minutes on low heat and boom, you have yourself a filling soup of nukige goodness. But it’s not all about the porn. Just mostly. Nonetheless, Captive Market does establish a world of some sorts and has a semblance of a plotline, even if it is largely just filler between the ero scenes. But it is decent filler. So the game actually takes place in a world where magic and the supernatural had already died out and technology took over: the ancient races, of course, still roam the lands, which is how Lilith explained why you have cute elf soldiers driving big-ass tanks, but hey, whatever. It’s adequate as far as plot setups are concerned.

You have two large countries, the names of which I’ve already forgotten because lolwhocares, that have been at war for hundreds of years. It doesn’t seem like the fighting will ever stop, until two talented officers, one from each country, decide to participate in a peace conference that will hopefully usher in a new, bloodless era of prosperity for all parties involved. The meeting is scheduled to take place in a third country located between the other two, in a town that just so happens to give home to a lucrative slave market. There’s also some political maneuvering involved: the corrupt nobles of Anastasia’s country, for example, fear that their power and influence would weaken with Anastasia around, so they want to get rid of her. And simply having the dazzling elf knight assassinated is not nearly as interesting as making her dual-class into Cock Cavalier, so here we are. Anyway, the bottom line is that certain backroom deals are struck, and the two elf girls are handed over to Jean, the madame of a whore house/slave market and Gagoze, a former soldier who holds a grudge against Anastasia and Danes and is hungry for revenge. The peace conference is a trap, the girls are captured, and the process of gradually training them into hungry little fuckducklings begins.

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, the art for Captive Market was done by ShindoL, or as I like to call him, Shindo “there’s a line and we crossed it a long time ago but let’s keep going and see what happens” L, for indeed, his forte lies in drawing the most deliciously degenerate shit you’ve ever massaged your meat to. And for a man like me whose soul is no longer lit afire by the mundanity of cheap vanilla, his work is a genuine treasure trove of Quality Stuff. Captive Market is no different: most of the CGs are great, with the high points obviously being the ones that showcase the elves in their full nymphomaniac glory.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the leading ladies.

Anastasia is… well, cute. That’s very important to mention here. And not just the regular kind of cute, either. But more like the “I bet her hair smells like rainbows and her bathwater tastes like strawberry milkshake” kind of cute. You just wanna rub her cheeks and bite her ears. She’s totally my type of heroine, too: noble, heroic, fierce when she needs to be but gentle behind the scenes. Which is precisely why it was so exciting to see how the various ero scenes would eventually corrupt her.

Her VA is Tezuka Ryouko who, among many other characters, voiced Sayoko in Teisoukannen ZERO and Asuka in Taimanin Asagi 3. The voice work she does here is all sorts of great and there’s just something about the way she talks (the way you’d expect a knight like her to talk, basically: lots of だがs, negative forms using ぬ, etc.) that I find totally irresistible. You combine that with a VA like Tezuka Ryouko and my heart is fucking KO’d in a matter of seconds, to say nothing of certain other parts of my body. Her post-downfall sukebe voice is just… whoa.

Every great Jedi starts out as a humble Padawan, though, and indeed, Anastasia’s sex-related knowledge is basically non-existent at the beginning of the game to the point where she doesn’t even know what a dick is (I’m serious lmao) and when she first gets bukkake’d she thinks it’s gonna make her pregnant. As unrealistic as that may be, it’s actually really adorable watching her gradually learn new vocab after going “??? What does that mean…? :(” in that cute voice of hers. Her inner struggles are also pretty neat, like that one scene where she tries to rationalize her lust by saying it must’ve been a magic spell or something. (even though magic has already dried up according to the lore but shhh don’t ruin her fun). Don’t worry, though, she’s a very quick learner and by the end of the adventure she gobbles cock like a fucking champ. I nearly shed a tear of pride.

Danes is our resident dark elf duckling, and if you know me you probably know that I do love me some choco elves with sprinkles on top. She’s voiced by Kawase Yuuko whom I’m not particularly familiar with but I do have some very good things to say about her performance in this game. Because holy shit she sure knows how to make really erotic sex moans. The scene where she has dogtags in her mouth while she’s being fucked in the ass from behind (making most of her lines kinda garbled and therefore even more erotic) is like a work of art, lol. When the scene got to the part where Danes completely loses her shit and even her voice briefly cracks from the pleasure I was about ready to explode. Another good example is her buttjob scene: seeing her gradually spiral into unbridled horniness was… quite a thing to behold, and her VA really added a lot to it.

Generally speaking, the contrast between her strong exterior/military uniform and her cute moans/facial expressions were a huge part of her appeal for me. I also liked it when she lowered her voice to a whisper-like tone. The only thing I didn’t particularly care for was her “sadistic queen” schtick, like that one footjob scene where she keeps insulting the dude she services. I’ve never been into the whole “getting verbally abused by the woman” fetish and this game didn’t really make me change my mind about it. Oh and there’s also Noa, the tiny beastgirl who’s more of an omake heroine than anything else. She only has like… what, three or four porn scenes? Honestly, I didn’t care for her at all. Her voice, looks, personality, etc. just didn’t appeal to me so I didn’t exactly mind when the game promptly swept her under the rug. In fact, I actually Ctrl-skipped most of her scenes.

The ero is nice, by the way. The corruption process is enjoyable, you get various instances of the girls trying and failing to fight their carnal urges, and there’s plenty of horny dialogue as well once the elves are fully trained and the party gets started. And although their transformation into Sukebe Elves happens pretty suddenly, I didn’t really mind because those post-corruption orgy scenes are like, yabai out of 10 levels of awesome. I mean, you know what to expect from ShindoL. There’s also a fair bit of variety with some neat fetish-y non-penetration stuff thrown into the mix like a hairjob, a buttjob, thigh sex, armpit fucking and so on. Hell, there’s even a bit in one of the endings where the main dude holds the two elves’ heads together and sticks his dick between their cheeks. Someone’s gotta capitalize on that untapped cheek-pussy market one of these days. I can’t show you the sauciest CGs for obvious reasons but basically watch this video and imagine that the ducks are Anastasia and Danes and the watermelon is made of dicks. You’re welcome.

Oh yeah, about the endings. Is there a proper good end? Well, that’s a perfectly valid question. I mean, I do thoroughly enjoy all the depravity I get from these games but it’s nice to be able to say “but canonically none of that actually happened!”. So it’s a little disappointing when a game doesn’t give you that. On the other hand, that slight tinge of melancholy lasts only a few moments because who has time to be sad when there’s a brainwashed elf bunnygirl slobbering on your meat pipe with the intensity of a malfunctioning jackhammer? Anyway, to answer the above question, this game does actually have an ending where Anastasia and Danes get away safe and sound while also remaining uncorrupted. Don’t expect anything long and grandiose, though, as it’s mostly on the level of Yukikaze 1‘s good end, that is, extremely short and fairly unsatisfying. But it’s there if you want it. It’s kinda funny, too, because Anastasia and Danes go through the same gangbang scene they normally do so you sort of expect the usual downfall ending… but then in the last minute they go “oh you thought we were genuinely corrupted? lol keep dreaming” and proceed to kill Gagoze and Jean before returning to their respective countries to continue working towards peace. The end. Everyone’s happy. Well, uh, except for Noa, who’s fucked in every ending (both literally and figuratively), including this one. Now, whether or not the happy ending is the canon one is another matter entirely (it’s probably not) but who cares. That’s what headcanons were invented for!

So I think that about sums up Captive Market. If you like ShindoL’s art (particularly the way he draws eyes and pleasured facial expressions) bunnysuits, military outfits and seeing horny elves lose every last shred of self-control and decency, you should probably check this game out because it delivers some really solid ero. Personally, I would’ve ditched Noa and added more scenes for the elves or even Jean (because she has none), but that’s just me. Overall, I was still very much pleased with what I got. And now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to go drown myself in wine between an elf maiden’s supple thighs.

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