[Review] Kuroinu Gaiden: Elf Mura no Kanraku – Chijoku to Kairaku no Utage

JP title: [黒獣外伝]エルフ村の姦落 ~恥辱と快楽の宴~

NTR and busty elves.

Yes, I know you’ve literally just stepped through the door and we haven’t even introduced ourselves, but I’m a guy who likes to get to the point. So allow me to reiterate…

NTR and busty elves. That’s what’s on the menu today.

And if you’re reading this review, you’re likely interested in those two things. Well, you’re in luck, because Elf Mura no Kanraku has you covered, with equal portions of pointy ears and loose morals squeezed carefully into one wholesome cup of eggnog that may not even be eggnog at all…

(Psst. It’s cum. I meant cum. Thank you for your attention. Proceed with reading the actual review now.)

So as the title implies, this game is essentially a spinoff that takes place in the world of Kuroinu. If you’re wondering, I haven’t actually played the original Kuroinu VN just yet (the fantastic anime adaptation is an all-time favorite of mine, though), but seeing how this is a standalone gaiden story, it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, so about the plot. There’s a peaceful village, it gets attacked by the main character (Morgan) and his henchmen, then they proceed to bang all the local women, including the two buxom elves who also happen to live there, Ms. Chocolate and Vanilla, more commonly known as Grace and Anna; Grace is a widow running the local pub, while Anna helps out around the village and maintains a happy but ultimately passionless marriage with her husband. It’s sort of a lukewarm relationship where they view each other more as partners rather than lovers, and as you can expect, they aren’t exactly going wild in the sheets, either.

Visually speaking, the game is quite nice and I was overall very pleased with Hikage Eiji’s art; 爆乳 is of course the name of the game but more importantly, my favorite aspect of his HCG work here was the way he colored/shaded the elves’ skin. I mean, you’ll see this if you check out the H-art for yourself, but a lot of it feels like you could almost reach out and bury your palm in all the plump, voluptuous flesh being put on display here. Audio-wise, the presence of looping BGV moans is a nice and expected feature, but I would’ve liked to have a secondary BGV track for thrusting sounds as well (a la Teisoukannen ZERO and many other games). Yes, I know I bring this up all the time but it’s important! Well, to me, anyway.

Now, the basic structure of the VN is fairly simple: you choose which elf to bone, then proceed to bone her, then a short interlude scene follows, then you get another choice, another boning, and this goes on until the game ends. You also get to choose whether you want the upcoming ero scene to be a one-on-one thing or a gangbang with various orcs and henchmen joining in.

My strategy going into this was quite simple: I was determined to leave the most delicious of treats for last, and thus opted exclusively for the scenes of Anna, the blonde-haired and blue-eyed elf, during my first playthrough. I also kinda like situations where the boyfriend/husband of the girl about to get NTR’d is still alive and around, since that only makes her downfall all the more enjoyable. With that said, I feel it’s important to point out exactly what sort of NTR this game provides.

To put it simply, it’s kind of a slow burn, where the focus isn’t just on the raw ero, but also the process of how the heroine’s personality gradually changes over time. I mean, think about it. You don’t just slap an onion around with your cock like you do at the local food convention’s afterparty and expect it to magically transform into a full-fledged vegetable stew. Anna doesn’t suddenly fall head over heels for the brutish main character after a single round of dicking, but instead, her downfall takes place over the course of several scenes (like, 80% of the route) before it finally gets to that specific point where she fully and truly gives in, both in mind and body. So if you want your heroines to turn into cock-hungry semen demons with over-the-top ahegao faces right off the bat, this isn’t the game for you. There’s no mind control here, no hypnosis, no microchips in the brain, no nothing. It’s all fairly restrained and low-key, for lack of a better word. At first, Anna very much just does it because she has to, but there are very brief, rare moments where she loses control; the interlude bits tucked in-between the ero scenes also very much enhance this angle and illustrate Anna’s emotional turmoil as her loyalty towards her husband is progressively eroded.

This is one of those games where you do get a glimpse into the mind of the heroine and can see how she’s initially trying to rationalize everything before inevitably arriving at the conclusion that yup, she’s gonna worship the D (no, not that one) from now on as her choice of career. My favorite scene with her was probably the barrel gloryhole one (especially the way she semi-unconsciously starts admiring/appraising the dicks she’s servicing), but her route also deserves some penalty points because one of the most boring ero scenes (where she has to answer questions while having a lie detector dildo lodged inside her) is reused not once, not twice, but three times. And each of them count as one separate H scene in the recollection menu. Talk about overkill. Anyway, I thought her VA was really nice, with a cool/erotic oneesan-esque tone. She definitely deserves props for her performance, and listening to her looping BGV moans was always a pleasure.

So now we come to my second playthrough featuring the dark elf Grace, for indeed, the chocolate must flow. By the way, she has the same VA as Olga from the main game.

Her route felt a touch darker compared to Anna’s, with more drama and such, especially when it’s revealed how her husband died. Grace is also considerably more adamant about not wanting to give in to Morgan (hell, she outright hates him), and for the vast majority of the route, she only has sex with him and the other dudes to protect her pub. A few of her scenes consist of her just screaming “nooooooooo” for five minutes straight in a high-pitched voice, so prepare your ears. I wasn’t a huge fan of those particular scenes, if I’m to be perfect honest. Thankfully, she does have moments of weakness as well, and those are the bits I could truly enjoy, like the pub gloryhole scene, the orc gangbang or when she starts furiously masturbating in her room out of sheer sexual frustration. And of course, the scenes after her downfall. Her recurring theme, by the way, is pregnancy, and the struggle between her mind, which wants to reject Morgan, and her unconscious desire to be knocked up; some of my favorite moments were the bits where she starts lamenting how all the villagers are cumming in her mouth and not into “a certain other place”.

Having said all that, I feel like I enjoyed Anna’s route more because her reactions (including her facial expressions), VA, personality, and overall corruption process were more to my liking. And Grace not having white/silver hair (objectively the best hair color for dark elves) was sort of a bummer. Another thing worth mentioning about the two solo routes is that they generally put the girls in similar situations. There will always be a blowjob, a paizuri, a gloryhole scene, a part where the villagers all gang up on the heroine, and another bit where the heroine is handed over to the orcs. The scenes follow the same template, basically. Although, whether or not this bothers you is up to personal preference, I suppose.

Right, so that about sums up the routes of the two heroines.

Good ol’ Billy here, God rest his soul, is indeed right. Just because you finished the two solo routes of the leading ladies doesn’t mean there’s no more elf goodness to be had. In fact, I dare say the best is yet to come. There’s actually the Harem route (focusing mostly on 3P) and the… uh, Meat Toilet/Cumdump/Whatever Else You Wanna Call It route. And you don’t even need to go searching for any guides, because there’s an in-game button (攻略情報 in the bottom left corner of the main menu; it’s kinda easy to miss) that will immediately take you to an official walkthrough on the game’s homepage. I wish more nukige did this.

The Harem route begins after both of them had already succumbed to Morgan, and is essentially a sequel to the solo routes. It basically contains three more ero scenes with Morgan and the elves having steamy threesome sex. Meanwhile, the Meat Toilet route is unlocked if you keep letting the henchmen join in, use extra toys, etc. But that’s irrelevant now, and besides, the unlock conditions are all in the official guide, anyway. I’ll just get to the point: these two routes and their respective ero scenes (nine in total; basically everything on Page 3 of the scene viewer) were honestly my favorite parts of the game, and it kinda felt like the solo routes were just there to serve as a buildup to this grand finale of glorious elven depravity. Classic threesome, double paizuri, pregnant sex, surprise elf-on-elf yuri action with magic dildos (a personal favorite, because bi-curious elves are Very Good), all-out gangbangs with lewd alternate outfits… you name it, it’s all in here.

So yeah. If two initially resistant elves getting gradually broken and ultimately NTR’d and turned into Sukebe Elves ™ is what you need, this has that. If you look up the HCGs and like what you see, then you can probably give this one a go and you’ll have a good enough time with it. A few meh scenes aside, I was overall satisfied with the game, especially the Harem/Meat Toilet routes; I just wished it had more yuri elf scenes because boy was that spicy.

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