[Review] Kansen – Clipping Chronicle

JP title: 姦染 Clipping Chronicle

Hello. How are you? It’s me, your friend Gare, here to announce that spring has kinda-sorta arrived! And that means… well, a lot of things, actually. But it also means that love is once again in the air. And by love, I mean a highly contagious sex virus that turns you into a sex zombie.

Note: The review will include some spoilers because there are a few specific things I wanted to mention. I doubt most people will care but I figured I’d give a warning regardless.

Kansen is actually a franchise with several installments that even spawned an anime adaptation or two, but I’d never really checked it out until now. Probably because there’s like a million entries, but this one seemed to be kind of a standalone installment (judging by the fact that it wasn’t numbered, anyway), so I figured “why not”. Gentle Sasaki’s art has always been close to my heart, and one of the game’s main heroines is a delicious brown girl, so it’s bound to be great, right? Well, not quite.

I won’t waste too much time detailing the story, because it’s exactly what you’d expect. The main characters go camping, there’s a sudden sex virus outbreak, and everyone starts fucking and killing each other. Not necessarily in that order, mind you.

There are two main heroines (well, two that get their own “endings”, anyway), with a few more other girls getting ero scenes.

Rui is the blue-haired heroine in the white swimsuit who also happens to be this game’s resident best girl. Her personality is pretty fantastic and I’d probably describe her as a bit of a goofball. She’s also really frank and straightforward with everyone and has a heart of gold, and… here’s the best part: she’s a bokukko. Yes. I nearly had a heart attack when she first uttered that pronoun because it’s totally not what you’d expect, but… it actually fits her perfectly. Plus her VA does an amazing job with the character. If that wasn’t enough, there’s one more interesting aspect to her, but… it’s best if you discover that for yourself.

The brown girl on the cover is Riri, a childhood friend to the MC who actually already has a boyfriend. Didn’t expect that, did ya. She’s basically an athletic tomboy with a girly side. Pretty cute overall with a cute VA.

The third “heroine” is Jun, a friend of Riri. Brown? Yes. Athletic? Yes. Abs? Very yes. She doesn’t really have a “route” of her own, but she does get some ero screentime, although I wasn’t particularly fond of it. Oh and there’s also a flat-chested megane girl (whose name I don’t even remember anymore), but everything about her was so unappealing to me that I basically Ctrl-skipped all her H-scenes.

Alright, so first off, the game is pretty damn short, even by nukige standards. There are a few slice of life scenes, but most of them are unremarkable expect for the ones that include Rui because Rui is great. And then suddenly the sex virus outbreak happens, the characters try to survive for a bit, but it’s all over fairly quickly. Of course, you can branch off into various other perspectives and Bad Ends to get your porn (here’s a guide), but the actual storyline is very brief and highly unsatisfying.

Speaking of which, it’s worth noting that the game doesn’t have any good/happy endings whatsoever. There’s no canon “good end” where the heroines are saved like in, say, the Taimanin Yukikaze games; Clipping Chronicle is essentially an utsuge in that regard, as even the “normal” endings are depressing as fuck. So… you know. Try not to get too attached to the characters, lol. I think that alone will already make a number of people not want to try this.

So let’s get to the porn, because it’s the one saving grace the game has, and even that comes with its share of problems. Generally speaking, you’ll find two kinds of scenes in Kansen CC: ones where the heroine is not infected by the sex virus and therefore tries to resist, and ones where she’s already infected and willingly succumbs to pleasure. Needless to say, the latter is where the game really shines due to the whole corruption / moral degeneration aspect, plus the enjoyable gap between the heroines’ normal and virus-induced sukebe personalities. There are a number of gangbangs with multiple penetration, two dicks in the same hole, the heroines getting fucked unconscious and so on. IIRC there’s even a bit where a heroine gets facefucked so hard that her jaw gets dislocated. So all in all, the porn definitely gets fairly hardcore. Rui’s scenes were my personal favorite because of her backstory, personality and how her VA brought the character to life, but Riri also gets a few good moments when she’s in her infected mode. Let’s just say that Gentle Sasaki is a very good artist with a talent for drawing girls in particularly lewd positions.

So then what’s the problem? Well, the problem, among other things, is the game’s scale. Or rather, lack of scale. There simply aren’t enough good ero scenes, and even the ones I did like (despite being decently long) ended up recycling HCGs by simply doing a horizontal flip, which added a certain level of repetition to the whole thing. It also doesn’t help that Jun and the glasses girl didn’t really appeal to me, which further decreased the amount of scenes I could genuinely enjoy. Or that some of the sex just kinda happens off-screen, with the narration telling you what they did but never actually showing it. And as stated above, the actual storyline is pretty short, so it can’t even work as a survival horror VN.

So with all the above in mind, I have to say that Kansen CC really does feel like a bit of a budget nukige. There are a few hot scenes and Gentle Sasaki is a good artist, but that doesn’t save the game from being largely medicore. It’s a shame, because Rui was actually a really enjoyable heroine, which means she kinda ended up being wasted on a game like this; she absolutely deserved to be in something longer, better, and more fully realized. In the end, I’m not sure what kind of verdict I should give this. Like I said, Rui was my type in terms of personality and her infected scenes are nice, but is that alone worth a strong recommendation? I doubt it. So yeah. I wouldn’t call this a bad nukige, but you’re not gonna miss out on anything incredible if you do skip it.

3 thoughts on “[Review] Kansen – Clipping Chronicle

  1. Well, if you enjoyed Clipping Chronicle, you might try some titles of the franchise. The first and third Kansen are hailed as the best of the franchise while the fourth was quite well received, but never got an OVA because Japan and four do not mix. The second is often viewed as weak, but I still enjoyed it and avoid Ball Buster like the plague. Kazumi (BB’s MC) is easily one of the most unsufferables protagonists I have ever met in a visual novel, Kansen fans do not exaggerate on how he ruined some parts of the Other’s Aspect while the Chronicle Teller is a huge scam.

      • The problem is you have to deal with Kazumi’s goofiness, which ruins otherwise the H-scenes and I forgot to mention that the fifth game is also considered as good too.

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