Himawari – English walkthrough

himawari aries remake-1

This guide is based entirely upon the Japanese walkthrough found here.

The route order is fixed: Common (Aries) –> Restart –> Aqua –> Asuka.

Common (Aries) route

Save 1
Keep going
I couldn’t leave Aries like this
Save 2
Aries did exist
Save 3
Leave her alone
I wondered if Aries was okay
I’d rather not switch
It’s no problem at all!
Prez, please refrain from pulling pranks like that
Save 4
I’d still aim for the Moon
Lick it up
Aries should do it
Save 5
Save 6
That wasn’t the kind of thing I wished for
Save 7
Look at the album
Save 8
I couldn’t!
Save 9
The school!
Wait it out
<Aries ending>

Collecting bad ends:

From Save 1
Go home – END “The Giant in Black”
From Save 2
It was all a dream – END “A Dream of the Stars”
From Save 3
Grab her hand – END “Don’t Touch Her”
From Save 4
I’d give up on the Moon – END “Continuation of the Dream”
From Save 5
No – END “Aries Astray”
From Save 6
I reached out toward Aries – END “Falling Star”
From Save 7
Put it back inside the drawer – END “The Locked Room”
From Save 8
I can leave everything in Aries’ hands – END “White World”
From Save 9
The park! – END “Rainfall”

Restart / 2048
(Just pick “Restart” from the title menu after finishing Aries’ ending)

Save 10
Tell Daigo the truth – END “Hoshino Akari”
From Save 10
I want to be with Daigo – END “Setting Out”

Aqua route
(Pick Start from the title menu after finishing Restart/2048, and choose 2050)

Keep going
Food first, think later
Aries did exist
Leave her alone
Was Aqua done drinking for the day?
I suppose we could switch
Say nothing to Prez
Damn you, Phantom G!
He opened my door with a lockpick
Save 11
Keep it a secret
The time was not yet ripe to unveil my secrets
Save 12
Prez, that’s enough…
Save 13
Aqua… what were you thinking?!
Save 14
…shook her hand off
Save 15
I wish to meet Aoi again
Save 16
<Aqua ending>

Collecting bad ends:

From Save 11
Tell her – END “The Worst Possible Outcome”
From Save 12
I found myself frozen in place – END “Goodbye, My Friend”
From Save 13
What the hell is wrong with you?! – END “Trauma”
From Save 14
…embraced her
Save 17
I couldn’t turn back anymore, it was too late – END “Hinata Aoi”
From Save 15
I’d like to taste your miso soup again – END “Whereabouts of a Dream”
From Save 16
Airport – END “The Grandest of Steps”
From Save 17
I let her go – END “Enucleation”

Asuka route
(Start from 2050 again)

Keep going
I had to calm Asuka down
Aries did exist
Leave her alone
I was worried about Asuka…
I’d rather not switch
Call Prez
Why would I dislike that?!
You sound awful, Asuka
I’d still aim for the Moon
Don’t lick it up
Deploy “Secret Weapon Asuka”
Decided to trust Asuka
Continue working on the Sunflower
Save 18
…No way
Save 19
Go to school
Check on Aries and Aqua
Go see how Asuka and Akira are doing
I’m worried about Prez and Johnny…
<Asuka ending>

Collecting bad ends:

From Save 18
…Give up – END “Beautiful Dreamer”
From Save 19
Return to the mansion – END “Flight”

Once you’ve done all the above, there are side stories.

From the main menu, pick Story / Another Side. You can read the side stories “Komorebi” and “Kagerou” from here.

Also in the Story menu, you can read the “2048-2050” side story, as well as the “Tips” mini-episodes. There are a total of 36 mini-episodes; reading the first 35 will unlock the final one.

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