[Review] Dies irae – Interview with Kaziklu Bey


Dies irae is back, and in a way I never would have predicted: with a prequel / side story / fandisc-like thing focusing on Wilhelm Ehrenburg (aka Kaziklu Bey) during the early days of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden. He meets a mysterious young lady by the name of Claudia Jerusalem (voiced by Noto Mamiko), and the two get entangled in… well, all sorts of things. You might be wondering why Wilhelm, of all people, would be starring in a “love” story, and how Claudia even comes into the picture, but in the end… I thought things worked out in a way that satisfied the Dies fan in me.

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Tokyo Babel – English walkthrough

tokyo babel banner

So I wrote up a quick English walkthrough for Tokyo Babel, for people that don’t want to use the Japanese one. I’d recommend going in the same order as the guide, that is, Raziel –> Sorami –> Lilith.

Note: You can only enter Lilith’s route once the other two routes have been completed.

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