[Impressions] Silverio Vendetta – Trial ver.1

silverio title-b


JP title: シルヴァリオ ヴェンデッタ

Click here for my impressions of the second trial.

So, seeing how the holidays are soon upon us, here’s a blog post that has nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever. Aren’t I smart. Either way, I stumbled upon this VN by complete accident after seeing someone tweet about Bansenjin, which inevitably took me to light’s website, where I saw a banner for this game as well. The art looked pretty and one of the characters looked like Reinhard from Dies so naturally I had to give it a go. It’s also one of light’s 15th anniversary games which makes it sound pretty special, I guess!

There might be some spoiler-ish things in this post, as in, I’ll be referencing stuff that happens in the trial. So if you absolutely do not wish to know, go read the trial and then come back to this post.

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