[English translation] Kajiri Kamui Kagura — Koga Rindou


This is basically my translation of the scene in KKK that made me go from “I really like this VN” to “I’m madly in love with this VN”. It’s the first big moment of heroine Koga Rindou explaining her ideals and what she’s all about.

Context: A tournament was organized to determine who would be the most fit to lead their armies to the Eastern continent to exterminate the the threat of supernatural monsters. Rindou was one of the spectators to a massive battle between Keishirou, Soujirou, Shiori and to an extent, Ryuusui as well. Habaki is meanwhile ordered by Ryuumei to watch over Rindou to see what she’s like. There’s a lengthy fight scene, after which Rindou leaves her seat and does… well, this.

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