[Review] Sigma Harmonics

sigmaBoxart 95890_front-ver2

JP title: シグマハーモニクス

What happens when you cross a JRPG with an Ace Attorney-esque visual novel / deduction simulator? They give birth to a baby called Sigma Harmonics.

And while that sounds fantastic on paper, it’s unfortunately not that amazing in practice. Which is a shame.

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[Review] Soukou Akki Muramasa – Minagoroshi

MINAGOROSHI Cover3 IMG_20140416_111325

JP title: 装甲悪鬼村正 鏖

Note: My reviews for the other two Muramasa manga adaptations can be found here: Makai-henEiyuu-hen




So, Minagoroshi. Never have I seen a manga title that was so frighteningly accurate in describing the contents of its story. It might be short, it might be over before you realize it and as such, there’s little room for too much character development, hell it might be even a bit predictable if you’ve read the VN, but goddammit it’s still Muramasa through and through. The basic message and pitch black, “no happy end for anyone ever” tone of the original work has been quite skillfully adapted into this quick, 200-page-long one-off volume, and managed to tear out my already bleeding heart, chew it up to shreds and spit it out to the dogs.

Allow me to elaborate.

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[Impressions] Trample on “Schatten!!” ~Kagefumi no Uta~



So I read the trial of Trample on Schatten, just to give both myself and the blog a bit of a change of scenery after all the Dies-related stuff as of late. Honestly I haven’t even heard of this VN until I saw it in JAST’s lineup sometime last year, but after reading other opinions of it online, it seemed like something I would enjoy, provided my expectations aren’t super high (they aren’t).

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