[English translation] Dies irae – Gladsheimr — Gullinkambi fünfte Weltall (Reinhard Heydrich)

reinhard souzou

Just a quick translation this time — I thought Reinhard’s incantation was pretty damn cool so I tried my hand at translating it. Dies irae is always good practice, anyway.

Some explanation: this is basically one of his “ultimate” skills known in the game as “souzou / 創造”, you can think of it as a Noble Phantasm from the Fate universe, more or less. It’s still not his best move, though, since the strongest one is gonna be “ryuushutsu / 流出” if I’m not mistaken, but I still haven’t witnessed that one. This is from the end of Kei’s route. (P.S. I don’t know a lick of German, so I unfortunately couldn’t compare my own version with those.)

In any case, enjoy.

Gladsheimr — Gullinkambi fünfte Weltall (Reinhard Heydrich)

Kei’s route — Chapter XIII

Defeating you here will bring this all to an end.

You are a creature that should not be.

And so, before the Eighth is opened and all is lost…

Reinhard, gazing down at the three of us — all ready to plunge ourselves into lethal battle –, could barely hold back the feeble laugh spilling forth from his lips. According to Beatrice, his power at present has yet to reach its full capacity.

If we ever wish to bring him down… it has to be now.

Karl… Karl, are you listening to this, by any chance?

Ah, how I sincerely wish to adhere to your advice…

The massive lance shifts in his grip, its golden tip singing a gentle hum as “something” emerges from it…

A moment later, a powerful sense of imbalance assaulted me, as if the ground itself had been swept out from under my feet.

…alas, I’m afraid the night will have to take a somewhat different course.
A master should be ever considerate of his servants.

I can’t let him!

Within a space of weightless sensation akin to falling from a considerable height, Beatrice swiftly began to make her way towards Reinhard. Both myself and Sakurai, energized by our ill premonition, followed her example.


Indeed – even without Schleiber under his command, he still possessed two of his most powerful Generals.

And Machina.

The crimson Rubedo, huntress of fire. And the Ebony Knight, the jet black Nigredo. Immortal warriors; the indestructible Einherjar serving him in eternity.

I offer them to you as prey. Devour them.

Jawohl, Mein Herr.


A gust of crimson fire swept forth from behind Reinhard’s left shoulder, engulfing Beatrice in its seething embrace.

As for myself…

A fist of steel with the power of a battering ram came crashing down on me. His strength… is out of this world!


The three of us were swept apart in an instant. Although I sprang into motion just in time to barely evade a direct blow from the giant, the very maelstrom that came to life as he swung his monster of an arm sent me flying, as if my body was a mere pebble before his might.

I felt as if gravity itself taken had taken a permanent leave from the pocket dimension now keeping us prisoner, lacking a beginning and an end, a ceiling or firm foundation; a void of fierce vertigo boiling in the fury of his golden flame. As I was being helplessly drifted away in space, I finally came to understand what was happening around me.

No mortal man under the sun, no powers that be, no chains that bind shall constrain Him, for He dwells in the nether; a soul from the grave is He.

His shackles crumble, his chains fall limp onto the ground before His will; He, the Dweller in the Grave, His cries of mingling agony and madness — no man, no power that course the veins of this universe hold the power to sway Him.

The world itself twisted before my eyes as the invocation reverberated in the air. Within this sea of scorching golden energy, rose the armies of the Totenkopf Reich, welling forth with no end, numbering in the millions, each of them joining to form that fortress of the fallen…

And so The Lord asked — what manner of beast are you?

This is the world he craves for — a manifestation of his most cherished dream.

Your lips breathe folly; your question a sage intellect would never hatch. If you know not what I am — very well, I shall answer.

Know my name, for it is Legion.

A Throne built from a sea of corpses, forged for the sake of Reinhard Heydrich’s ambition alone.

The golden chaos erupts, throwing ajar Pandora’s Box, swallowing myself, Sakurai and Beatrice — before us stretch the sacred halls of Valhalla.

Gladsheimr ― Gullinkambi funfte Weltall!


17 thoughts on “[English translation] Dies irae – Gladsheimr — Gullinkambi fünfte Weltall (Reinhard Heydrich)

  1. Oh thank you so very much for this scene. The narration was always a pain to read for me so this adds important context. This is pretty much the only time we see Reinhard’s Briah in the story. The rest of the time the heroes are too late and the ritual has already finished. It is nice to see them getting proactive and not just letting Reinhard power up.

    Nice how casually Reinhard just tosses out his Briah as Kei runs at him. When anyone else activates their Briah it is a huge deal and part of a climax. Unsurprisingly the official art-books show Reinhard’s Briah as breaking the power measurement scale in all perimeters.

    • I really like Reinhard’s nonchalant/casual personality. Directly before the scene in the video, it was pretty cool seeing him suggest that Ren, Kei and Beatrice fight and kill each other because that would still be a better and less painful option than having to fight Reinhard head-on. That sort of casual arrogance is what makes him a really cool antagonist, at least so far.

      • Assuming then you have only read Kei and Kasumi’s routes then I cannot spoil it for you but in the other two routes Ren gets enough of a power up to go guillotine to spear with Reinhard. Reinhard’s reaction is nicely atypical for antagonists like him.

  2. Once again, you never cease to amaze me with these translations. In spite of my lack of knowledge regarding Dies irae, Reinhard had always appeared to be an interesting character to me, from voice acting alone. This? Merely increases that interest for him tenfold.

  3. Thanks for the translation! I really wonder just how hard it is to translate something like this. Some parts of the speech are so grandiose. “Your lips breathe folly; your question a sage intellect would never hatch. If you know not what I am — very well, I shall answer. Know my name, for it is Legion” is probably my favourite part of the incantation. It kinda sounds like a really fancy poem (or very impressive speech)? On another note, I’m really amused by the scope of references here. Pandora and Valhalla in the same sentence, names in Japanese and incantations in German. It’s kinda funny .

    • I do take liberties with the script here and there since I dislike literal translations, but it’s all for the sake of trying to convey the original writer’s grandiose style to the best of my abilities. It’s not very easy translating these, definitely. For Dies Irae I spent a decent amount of time considering every single line and how I should phrase them.

      Pandora was not in the original script, actually. The original more or less said “The (lid of the) pot of Hell itself opening”, and I figured a Pandora reference would fit with the over-the-topness of the line and the fact that unspeakable horrors are being unleashed in the scene. At least that was my train of thought, and I’m still not sure if it was a good choice but I decided to just roll with it. Valhalla’s totally in the original as well, though. :p

      I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog post about how I do translation, what goes through my head as I translate and what leads me to make certain translation choices. But it’s still a very vague idea in my head, so I don’t know when I’ll get around to it, or if most people would be interested at all.

      • Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s quite cool. I dislike literal translations, too, so that’s not a problem for me. It actually shows your skill with prose to create such a flow that gives a similar impression to the original and not take the easy way out~

        No, Pandora was a good choice. It fits with the scene and the sheer amount of different cultures in the scene that I’m not certain Hell would convey. Hell seems more… ordinary (although a pot of Hell is just a reference I don’t really get, I guess)? Than I think the original’s going for, with its Valhalla.

        I’d be totally interested! The translation process fascinates me (especially since it’s something I can’t imagine doing, even in the second language I know most) and your translations are really good and fun to read. It’d be interesting to see how your process might differ from other’s.

  4. Honestly, I loved the analogy of Pandora’s box way more than I would have liked the pot of hell, definitely gives it more of an original flavor to Masada’s grandiose and Chuuni-based style. And i love your commitment to trying to convey the original, so i’d definitely be interested in seeing how the process goes when you’re translating. :3

    • Haha, thanks. Yeah, that was more or less the idea. I guess a blog post like that would be pretty interesting to write, so I’ll definitely consider it sometime in the future.

  5. Oooh keep up the good job ! I’d love to see more Dies Irae stuff in the future.
    Though I’d like to hear your reasons for the capitalized He and Him in the Briah’s incantation, because if I’m not mistaken those all refer to the man possessed by Legion (though since it also alludes to Reinhard himself, it ends up being quite fitting).

    The use Pandora’s Box seems good at a glance, but it kinda falls apart knowing the legend vs. what Reinhard’s Briah represents. The Pandora’s box unleashes evil into the world but leaving behind hope. Reinhard’s Briah unleashes his ‘Valhalla’, a land of the dead(or undead rather), bringing hell itself unto the world. Perhaps ‘tearing open the Gates of Hell’ is more fitting ?
    I hope I don’t sound like I’m nitpicking too much, haha.

    • I did that partly on a whim after seeing the line 泣き叫ぶ墓の主 (literally “the screaming Lord/Master of the Grave) which I translated as The Dweller in the Grave. The kanji 主 (aruji) means Master or Lord. Although I don’t actually use the word Lord or Master to describe him in my translation (that one “Lord” later on refers to God), I still wanted to somehow acknowledge the original that used to word “aruji”, hence the capitalization, which gave it a bit more weight. It’s basically just a small nuance that I decided not to fully discard.

      Don’t worry about it, I appreciate constructive feedback. Your version is good as well… actually, I like both equally. If I were translating the entire novel I’d probably just poll a few people and ask which one they prefer, haha.

      • Ahh, I see. Since it seems to be a dramatization of the Exorcism of the Gerasene demoniac, I considered the title to be an exaggeration for what was a raving mad, possessed man haunting the tombs (probably also the reason you chose to change it to Dweller ?). I guess I’m just not used to seeing capitalized pronouns used for anything other than a monotheistic God is probably the thing.

        Thanks for answering !

    • Maybe. I’m kinda interested in the one that hasn’t come out yet (Kami ga Tsukuritamouta Shoujotachi), so that one I might try. The one that just came out doesn’t seem like anything special.

  6. How did you learn Japanese?
    Your translations are always top notch, even if you’re translating difficult games like dies irae.

    • Like anyone else, taking classes. I had a private tutor, though, so we could go at my own pace. Not knowing something in Japanese pissed me off and pushed me to want to learn more, and faster, so I put a lot of effort into it almost every day. I also watched anime and jotted down all the unknown phrases and vocabulary I heard. So watching a 20 minute episode was usually a 40 minute undertaking during those days. And I forced myself to play games and VNs in Japanese very early to get used to the language as soon as possible. I greatly neglected writing though, so if you gave me a pen and paper and told me to write down complex kanji I’d be in trouble. I’m only good at typing on a PC, when kana are automatically converted to kanji. :p

      I really should put in the time and effort to rectify that one of these days…

  7. Now that I’m making a go at reading Dies I see how hard it can get, seriously. What’s strange is that I do not find Reinhard’s or Mercurius’ dialogues to be the hardest to translate, I’m having more trouble with Bey’s dialogue myself. When I begun, I thought it was not suppossed to be that way -_-

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