[English translation] Dies irae – Gladsheimr — Gullinkambi fünfte Weltall (Reinhard Heydrich)

reinhard souzou

Just a quick translation this time — I thought Reinhard’s incantation was pretty damn cool so I tried my hand at translating it. Dies irae is always good practice, anyway.

Some explanation: this is basically one of his “ultimate” skills known in the game as “souzou / 創造”, you can think of it as a Noble Phantasm from the Fate universe, more or less. It’s still not his best move, though, since the strongest one is gonna be “ryuushutsu / 流出” if I’m not mistaken, but I still haven’t witnessed that one. This is from the end of Kei’s route. (P.S. I don’t know a lick of German, so I unfortunately couldn’t compare my own version with those.)

In any case, enjoy.

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[Review] Soukou Akki Muramasa – Eiyuu-hen (Vol. 1-3)


JP title: 装甲悪鬼村正 英雄編

I know I normally don’t do manga reviews, but since this is Muramasa, I had to make an exception.

Note: My reviews for the other two Muramasa manga adaptations can be found here: Makai-hen — Minagoroshi

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[Review] Euphoria

euphoria title-2

JP title: ユーフォリア


So, here’s a VN that’s wildly misrepresented both by its 2-episode OVA and its general reputation as a mere nukige with nothing but a whole array of weird porn, while in reality it actually has a proper story of its own — a story I wasn’t massively blown away by, I must add (I might be holding an unpopular opinion by saying that), although it wasn’t too bad, either.

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