You may now follow me on Twitter

…if that is your heart’s desire. Link’s on the right. Or here.

I mostly just created it in case something happens to the blog or the apocalypse hits, etc. and I need to communicate something short and irrelevant. Dunno how often I’ll use it, but it’s there, and now you’re aware of it being there, so mission accomplished!

(Also I tweeted some really swell music just now so there’s that, too)


5 thoughts on “You may now follow me on Twitter

  1. Shweet! If you’re fond of it, you should also look into making a tumblr as well, since that’s a place I frequent and i’m sure it could fit in well if you wanted to use another place for translations/reviews or the like, maybe.

    • Hmm, I’ll probably hold off with tumblr for the moment, as I already have this blog to post all my stuff on. It would probably end up just as deserted as my Google+ page (which I didn’t even want, but you know how it is, Google kinda forces it on you because… I dunno, they think it’s cute or something. It’s not.)

  2. Followed, lol.

    Twitter’s fun, but not as fun when you’re struggling with the 140 character limit, I specially created a tumblr page just in case something I wanted to tweet exceeded the 140 character limit, which had happened quite a lot actually… xD

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