[English translation] Dies irae – Other story “Wehrwolf” — Samiel / Mercurius / Marie scenes


I didn’t have any holiday-themed posts in mind so instead, here’s some more Mercurius, accompanied by the lovely Marie, one of the main heroines. These are basically the first and last scenes from the side story “Wehrwolf”, unlocked after reading certain chapters of the common route. There’s also gonna be a rather terrifying speech by Samiel, which I included because the final scene with Reinhard refers back to it. In any case, this is most likely going to be the last update for the year, so with that said, I wish all of you happy holidays. See you in 2014!

Scene #1 — Samiel

Comrades in arms – attention! Our almighty Lord Commander and his second-in-command charge you with the following assignment of utmost secrecy and importance:

In accordance with the demise of His Excellency the Fuhrer, we shall proceed to carry out our funeral rites. Our great Imperial capital must see the birth of Swastikas by your efforts — its offering shall be paid in your brethren’s blood!

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The Brandenburg Gate. The Reichstag. The Brelin Cathedral. The Charlottenburg Palace. The Victory Column. The Bauhaus. The Pergamon Museum.

These eight must fall tonight — I care not in which order. Wield your Ahnenerbe and leave not a trace behind. However, the complete and utter annihilation of those wretched untermensch is strictly forbidden.

Let their hearts taste true fear; make them remember the folly of taking up arms against our great nation and our valiant people as you allow them to savor their bitter victory!

Make them remember the Swastika as a symbol of terror — have their children and grandchildren whisper of the havoc we unleashed as a nightmare never forgotten!

I repeat — this is a direct order from the Lord Commander and his second-in-command. Those who fail to carry out their sworn duty shall be recognized as enemies of our nation and face execution as traitors! Engrave those words upon your souls, should you desire the lasting favor of our Lord and Master!

Suffer defeat tonight, and let the filthy schweine believe they had won!

For that very reason, you must slaughter your fellow comrades. You may kill a million of our foes and it shall still not be enough, for it is quality, not quantity, that matters most. Your dearest kinsmen and loved ones will serve as the sweetest of sacrifices. Lives not easily forfeit shall, in turn, mature into the most valuable of offerings.

So massacre them all. Embrace your love and spill their blood. Kill the men, kill the women, kill the children and the aged, the cattle and the camel, the dogs and the ass – leave none alive. Let their vitae be the offering on the sacrifical altar as the capital itself burns.

So falter not; stand firm and resolute. For we are bound not by evil, shackled not by sin — free from chains, above taboo. Our Lord and Master has guided us to this battlefield, and we, as his loyal followers, live only to carry out his will with steel in hand!

Discard your fears; strip yourself of doubt. For we are the Knights Templar — the Legion of the Beast.

God permits all, and so shall I. Our Master permits all!

I swear by the name Eleonore Von Wittenburg: Number IX of the Black Round Table and proud member of the Longinus Thirteen: the Knights Templar of the Holy Lance. I ask of you — what is our honor?


What is our utmost desire?

Victory for our nation!

You must endure this momentary defeat — its shame, its indignation. For it shall all be as nourishment to our Lord.

My dearest brothers and comrades — peerless warriors across all the realm; you, who named the entire world your foe. Let us journey to our eternal battlefield. Honor and glory await us at its summit!

The Day of Wrath shall signal His coming, with heaven and earth in ashes ending — as David and Sibyl have once foretold.

We are the fangs and claws of the Beast — heralds of the apocalypse. So revel in madness; embrace chaos — tonight, the curtains rise on our crimson feast. This is only the beginning! Sieg Heil!


Scene #2 — Mercurius / Marie

Mercurius: Everything is progressing as expected, without delay or hindrance. All is well. Can you hear me, dear Marguerite? I pray you are not a slave to tedium. How do you like the opera I have conjured? Did its melody reach your heart? Trifle as it may be, I faced no small hardships and sacrificed no little amount of time to bring it to fruition. Nothing would fill me with greater joy than to hear you enjoy it. Have you taken a liking to “him”?

Marie: Him?

The young girl turned to shift her gaze towards me, her golden locks -befitting the ever-unchanging shore- dancing in the perpetual twilight; her scar unfading still; her words pregnant only with hex. Fated to remain forlorn – doomed to never be loved. A heretic through and through – a young beauty of pure discrepancy, isolated from the world, dwarfing even my shadow.

As such… I find her irresistible.

Marie: Do you mean the young man who visits this place time and again?

Mercurius: Aye, he is my successor, and a gift to adorn your lovely neck; no way comparable in value to the one I had once gifted to her Ladyship the Queen. For the two of you were born only to meet each other — as fated lovers, if you will.

Marie: You speak in riddles, Cagliostro. Do you believe a man could truly love me?

Mercurius: Well now. Doubtless you mean to ask if there exists any man who would not swiftly meet his end under your blade? If so, the answer should be clear and evident. “He” experiences it in this realm on a daily basis, does he not? To become your other half, to make you complete, am I correct? Not even I would escape such a venture unschathed. How painful, how lonely… and how tedious it must have been — to be without sin, yet have your birth be the mainspring of a fate etched in stone.

How foolish… and how truly wretched of a an existence it is, to have the reins of your destiny held not by your own hands, but merely be set in stone ahead of time. What point is there to such a life?

You see, Marguerite… I long to destroy that very cycle.

Marie: You wish to sever… fate itself?

Mercurius: Aye. I want to be rid of this perpetual farce; this endlessly repeating curse that is the already known.

Mercurius: No matter what I behold, what I hear, what I taste and smell and do and feel… even as I become the alpha and the omega, ’tis all tedium still, gnawing at my heart and soul till nothing is left but weariness. Even our present exchange — all its inflections, all its nuances, from its outset to the final breath uttered — I have all experienced before.

Marie: Is that really a thing to lament, though…?

I may not know the details… but I really do enjoy talking to you like this. To have it repeated time and again would only make me all the happier. Don’t you see it that way, Cagliostro?

Mercurius: Ah, but I’m afraid my heart is not so noble; never would it be aflutter at the coming of the already known. In fact, it firmly rejects it. Which is precisely why the two of you are very much needed – by all means, become the honored guests at the front row of my opera.

Marie: What is it you want me to do…?

Mercurius:  I wish for you to stand firm under the banners of my dearest friend and guide his followers to the plains of Valhalla…

…you, bearing your curse, while “he”, his heart — wielding a blade forged to sever all.

Enact a Holocaust, blow the trumpets of Ragnarok — that Day of Wrath, destroyer of this Ghetto.

‘Tis all my heart desires. Do you not wish to meet him?

Marie: I’m not sure… will meeting him bring me joy?

Mercurius: Aye, it will. I swear it upon my name, Alessandro di Cagliostro, as well as every fiber in my being.

Marie: I see. In that case…

Mercurius: Ah, gift me with a song, fair lady. Make it a tune of bittersweet beauty; a melody longing for one’s most cherished. Our first act should be crowned with a tale of love blighted. Would you not agree?

Marie: Okay.

Mercurius: Well then…

Let the curtains rise on the night’s Grand Guignol.

My one and only Zarathustra… the time has come for you to take the stage.

Act as my agent and carry out that which needs be accomplished.

Cast our Longinus Thirteen under your blood-stained guillotine.

Reinhard: Karl, my sworn friend. So in the end, such is the hand you have decided to play. Amusing. A path already drowned in crimson shall inevitably be the stage of bloodshed. ‘Tis the true hallmark of our long-standing friendship — with you, who dared name the universe his foe; herald of the apocalypse. So revel in madness; embrace chaos — tonight, the curtains rise on our crimson feast. The realm of Shamballa must see the completion of the Swastikas and pave the way for my second coming.  And so, once again, let us orchestrate our greatest ambition — that Day of Wrath, with heaven and earth in ashes ending, as David and Sibyl have once foretold. Sieg Heil Viktoria!

His soul trembles; the Daemon’s Castle awash with cries, with voices raised, longing for battle, borne of endless hellfire.

All longing for that Day of Wrath — that terrible Dies irae, ushering in the downfall of a world ruled by the already known.

Believing it to be a day of victory…

…a new dawn soon to be upon them.


13 thoughts on “[English translation] Dies irae – Other story “Wehrwolf” — Samiel / Mercurius / Marie scenes

  1. Your translations are top-notch! Reviews are also pretty good as well. You’re one of the reasons why i want to pursue learning Japanese some time in the near future. Dies irae is one of those games i’d kill(metaphorically!) for to see translated. As far as Chuu2 visual novels or even epic fantasy goes, it’s one of the best. I hear that the writing is very grandiose/pretentious, though, hence why no one has really touched it, something along the lines of shakespeare if he had eighth grade syndrome.

    I’ve researched enough to know that, but i’m curious about Mercurius…. I wonder what’s so different about his speech pattern that makes people emphasize it so much? What does he speak like? A Philosopher, some form of an accent, highly grandiose wordspam? I’m really curious since I love his appearance and abilities(from what i’ve seen on ODB). Ren is also another favorite of mine who i’d love to know more about.

    Sorry mini-wall, heh. I just really love the game and what it’s about.

    • Thank you. I wish you luck with your Japanese studies, if you do end up starting. It is grandiose like all hell, but I love it. It’s just one of the harder VNs to tackle linguistically, *and* it’s ridiculously long. I honestly don’t know, maybe many fan translators are just used to relatively easy, moege type games and when something of Dies’ caliber comes along, no one really wants to do it. It would require lots of effort, though, so I can understand.

      All of what you listed is pretty much there in Mercurius. He’s sort of a philosopher, talks in a roundabout, cryptic way, using fancy archaic expressions, complex grammar and sentence structure (that no sane everyday person would use) with high level grandiose kanji. Sometimes you get the feeling that he’s basically reciting poetry when he opens his mouth. Almost like he knows he’s a performer on stage and fucking loves every second of it. Even if you don’t know Japanese, I’m sure you could feel how melodic some of his lines sound, further enhanced by his melancholic/melodramatic tone.

      I still haven’t finished reading Dies so I can’t tell you much about Ren. One of the cooler fights of Kasumi’s route involved him being thrown out the highest window of a tower, shattering both glass and concrete. He then awakened to some of his sleeping powers as he was falling (somehow connected to Mercurius, but I don’t know yet since I only finished this one route) and pretty much stopped time itself. While time was stopped, he then used the glass and concrete pieces floating in mid-air as stepping stones to jump back into the tower. Personality-wise he’s your average guy who loves his average daily life and its repeating daily routine. His earnest wish is for everything to stay the same, so that he could enjoy his uneventful days for an eternity, aka “I wish time would stop”, which awakens his time stop abilities — from what I gathered, special powers in Dies are based on the tremendously powerful wishes/aspirations of their users (渇望 – katsubou) that might be absurd, but they fully and completely believe in it to the point it bends the laws of the world itself. Now, it’s been a long while since I read Kasumi’s route but that’s how I remember it.

      • Wow, that sounds pretty damn intense concerning Mercurius, and yeah, I love grandiose writing as long as its well-detailed and from what I have read, Dies irae is that and more. From the few 4chan comments i’ve read, people said it’s fate stay night with Nazis, but i think Masada is way more over the top than Nasu by far(I mean, multiversals vs Multiversals > Noble phantasms). And the fight scenes…. gah, Masada really knows how to draw you in with the visuals alone(since i’ve saw one or two battle scenes from Dies irae on youtube, non-translated but still awesome nonetheless. )

        Ah yeah, I heard about that from odb as well as animesuki(where the only Masada fanclub is located as far as I know). Each character has a desire or an extreme zealotry/belief towards something that it transcends the realm of normalcy and reaches into physic-defying, over-the-top ass kicking powers. Ren’s is my favorite by far, as I’ve always been a fan of characters who manipulate the flow of time.

        I would definitely love to learn Japanese but I’d need free time and commitment to do it as I think Japanese is not one of those languages where you can learn something in a day or half-ass it. Seeing all of the awesome visual novels that you review or practice translating definitely makes me want to pursue it, no doubt. As much as i’d love all visual novels to be in english, there are just some things that will never be translated. Personally, I theoretically COULD see a Dies irae translation, but it would definitely require someone who has knows their Japanese enough to tackle it, someone whose familiar with shakespeare/opera would help, since I see that the characters quote operas or epic poems(Ren with Faust, and Reinhard with Dies Irae). If anything, I think Dies irae would need a team of people rather than just one person, since even I can admit that from everything I read, even i’d be scared to jump at it, though it’d be a labor of love If i knew what I was doing.

      • I love what I’ve read of Dies so far but quite strongly dislike Fate/stay night. So that should tell you something.

        Definitely, a decent-sized team would be needed, and more than one Japanese-proficient translator to assure quality checking, and people who really know their English well, because this is one VN that should absolutely not be half-assed if someone did attempt an English patch.

  2. Agreed. I’d actually be pissed if someone did half-ass such a grand work such as Dies irae. Sure, i’d have it translated but I like when a translator is able to retain some of the original flavor of the work, taking liberties only when IT is truly required(Such as accents or things that aren’t translator-accessible). As far as fate stay night goes, it’s not my favorite work, but I do recall it being my first english-accessible visual novel, thus taking my VNGinity(Hurr hurr) But after that, I got into stuff like Hanachirasu, Saya no Uta, and Kikougai.

    Currently, however, I almost have nothing to read as there aren’t nearly enough wonderful visual novels in english as there are in Japanese. It’s actually funny about Hanachirasu, since that’s what led me to find out about Muramasa, which i fell in love with at first sight because of the visuals and because of who the writer was.

    I remember reading your translation summaries way before you transferred them to the blog you run now – when you were first starting it. And when you made the blog and started to write the summaries, I gained an even greater appreciation for Muramasa. Hell, that + a friend of mine resulted in my whole view of heroes and justice being skewered and ravaged beyond compare! Muramasa is another one of those works I would love to dive into because I’m fond of japanese history and mythology, to say nothing of samurais – more than that, I love stories that don’t stick to conventions, and Muramasa to me is a prime example of genius at work.

    It’s simple, but as you explained in your review, it’s explained in such a deep and philosophical way that it’s cathartic. I’m huge fan of Minato Kageaki. He’s officially one of the most awesome protagonists. He was definitely a far cry from Akane(the main character of Hanachirasu).

    I loved the concepts Narahara explored in Hanachirasu but I didn’t really feel that much sympathy for the main character until way towards the end, and by that time, the story was nearly over. I feel like all the things Narahara tried to show in Hanachirasu was perfected in Muramasa.

    Also, sorry for writing so much… but it’s fun talking to you because you seem to be a kind and down to earth guy. The fact that you have knowledge of visual novels I have a deep admiration for is merely toppings on the sundae.

    (This is Resnovae btw, I finally got a wordpress account myself, so i’ll be communicating with you through this account from this day forward. )

    • And yet I kinda half-assed Muramasa, haha. :p Oh the irony. I still hate myself for not doing a better job with the summaries, which is the reason I put up that disclaimer/note at the beginning of each chapter as well as the Translation page. I swear to God one of these days I’ll re-write most of it. :p

      I’m surprised you remember the earliest days! I honestly didn’t know there was anyone that saw those early summaries on that forum, before the blog. It’s kinda amazing, really. Mostly because that version was solely meant for my close group of friends, and then I changed my mind and created the blog.

      I do love Kageaki as well, but I’ve already elaborated in this in another comment. Will have to get around to Hanachirasu and Kikokugai as well…

      Long posts are totally fine. It’s cool for me to see people starting long, fruitful discussions, totally beats having an empty comments section.

  3. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster. @ Kikougai. I actually like Kikougai more than Saya No uta by far. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you can get past the irrelevant rape scenes(seems to be a trend in most despair/utsuge based nitroplus games), the story is very well thought out, especially if you’re familiar with Wuxia, though this would be a twisted version of one of those tales, haha. It’s definitely not your, gallant hero fighting villains to hone his kung fu and save the oppressed.

    As far as Hanachirasu goes, It starts off slow, but middle/end were the big payoffs for me. I’ll tell you now, though, while we could feel sympathy and even a slight connection with Kageaki, the protagonist of Hanachirasu is definitely NOT a good guy. If Kageaki can be considered an anti-hero, then Akane is his villainous predecessor. Enough of that, though, don’t wanna spoil all the goodies!

    Ahahahaha! Yup Yup! At that time, as I said, I wanted to know everything that I could concerning Muramasa. I would research whatever I could in order to understand the story, and somehow I came across the forum with you posting some of those summaries up. And to be honest, I thought that would be the only thing you posted up, but then you made the blog and I totally squee’d because someone was finally willing to give a more in-depth view of Muramasa rather than reviews that didn’t really give me much of what I didn’t already know. As for the summaries, I find them rather detailed enough to at least understand the basis of the chapter, and that alone is enough for me to consider them good! I do wish you luck on whenever you wish to rewrite them, as I honestly do enjoy the translations you put out, and would love to re-read every thing you update!

  4. Prithee, I beseech of you; he who dares brave the realm of Chuu2 – the magnanimous maestro – douse me with grace. The ballad’s call to stage when Mercurius speaks with Marie, I ask of you, what is its name?

    • Ah, but I’m afraid my mind is a prisoner, to chains bereft of knowing, its shade a darker hue still,
      Hark! For my wish is the same as thine own; begging for the light of truth to shower all that would listen, both lords gentle and ladies fair.

      …okay, so ye olde English aside, I have no idea. I wish I knew, though! I mean, it’s really a great song. What I *can* tell you, though, is that it very much sounds like a slow, piano rendition of the game’s opening, Jubilus. It’s not on Neuen Welt Symphonie, I think… so it could be on another album released for the game. There’s also a mini album called Ein Kleines Album, but I don’t have that so I can’t check to see if it’s included in that or not.

      • Alas, I come from lands seldom ventured, that which revels in a ludicrous langue befitting this wholly holy lunar grazing. Tis’ but trifle; my slumber, for which I offer in praise to you -the lunar composer- who rakes the tides of my blood like the sea. I pray my performance was to your liking, as it was to mine; this dance. For such a journey would -no doubt- have been fruitless without thine limpid likeness, O Maestro of the moon whom blessed me with sight so true; a fleeting moment I knew. I seized the reins of mine own destiny and am liberated from hellish shackles, the dancing shadows which plagued my vision for so long, the puppeteers tending to a stage fashioned for my eyes. Yet, it is you who trickled the floors with nigh lurid light. Aye, it is you, my guide I bring you an offering.

        I feel at this point its only customary to write in a grandiose tone when it comes to chuu2 related things on your blog. After a moderate spelunking I found the song, its called Amantes Amentes on Nicovideo http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18757295 which actually is a part of the Ein Kleines Album. You can find the other songs from the album on Nico as well so that’s pretty cool.

      • O brave messenger, stout and daring; claim thy seat at my humble feast, your just reward’s in the making. I thank thee with words — a boon most gracious, aye –, yet ’tis all my heart can offer as of now.

        I somehow suspected it would be that song, on that album. I mean, that album contained all the Amantes-exclusive songs, after all. (and Wehrwolf was a story added to Amantes, along with all the other side stories). Thank you for finding it, I really appreciate it a lot. Btw, I also recommend you listen to some of the other songs as well, like Sanctus or Omnia Vincit Amor, both of those are on Youtube I believe and are pretty good.

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