[Review] Bishoujo Mangekyou — Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo


JP title:  美少女万華鏡 ―忘れな草と永遠の少女―


I guess this is what would happen if M. Night Shyamalan made a nukige. Totally.

Note: There will be some spoilers in this, but I give a major warning before the paragraph in question (trust me, it’ll be hard to miss), so you can just scroll past that bit if you want.

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[English translation] Dies irae – Mercurius / Reinhard dialogue


Another scene from Dies irae, translated -once again- as a challenge, and to give myself some much-needed practice. This is a deeper, more philosophical dialogue between Mercurius and Reinhard (the dark-haired man referred to as Karl and the “golden beast” from the prologue, respectively). The second scene in this post is a fairly light-hearted one involving Ren and Kasumi from the beginning of the VN.

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