Dedicated fans change the ending of Hate Plus — Full mod released


Spoiler warning.

As you may or may not have been aware, a group of highly motivated fans displeased with the ending to Christine Love’s AI love/hate story, Hate Plus, decided to… well, make their own ending. With a mod. Now, you can probably guess which ending I’m talking about, but to make it clear: this was basically a project done in order to let the player prevent Mute’s suicide near the end of the game. Although I’ve yet to try the mod myself, as far as I know it changes her route, adds new dialogue and even includes brand new ending artwork. It is currently available at the project’s homepage, over here:

And now for my own take on this. I had mixed feelings about the project when it was announced. I felt it was a commendable effort, a testament to what the fan community can achieve if they put their heads together. At the same time, I was wondering if it wasn’t going a bit too far, willfully ignoring the ending that the developer herself intended. As I was saying in my review of the VN, I was very much pleased with the tragic tone of Mute’s ending, and felt it was a fitting, albeit bittersweet close to the story of the Mugunghwa. One has to wonder whether or not including an impossible Steam achievement suggesting Mute’s survival was designed in order to give players that extra push: to motivate them to *want to* save her. Whether this was mere trolling to garner attention or all part of the plan, I’m not too sure, but it had results.

At the end of the day, though, this mod is not mandatory, nor does it take away the original ending from you. It is an alternate path to an already branching story, and as I previously noted in my piece about the unique aspects of the visual novel, one of the charms of the medium is allowing the player to experience a great variety of outcomes. I don’t think Hate Plus has a “one true ending”, it wasn’t designed that way, and this humble, yet highly ambitious mod merely adds to the already existing repertoire. But only if you want it to.

6 thoughts on “Dedicated fans change the ending of Hate Plus — Full mod released

  1. I don’t know if it really is really “too far”.

    The game was very meta, doing things such as expecting the player to wait 12h between play sessions and even to bake a physical cake (which I did, and it was nice). And there is that hoax-inspired achievement (which 0% of the Steam players got). Well, if the game is leaning out into the players world, why can’t they use their own means to participate after they went through all that? After all, the boundaries got very blurred already. Why can’t we lean inwards to and make a difference as well?

    I have seen discussions in which these kinds of gamers are called “entitled”, but I don’t see how that is a fair judgement. They aren’t pestering the developer, but rather making a creative effort of their own based on her works. The amount of inspiration and engagement involved is inspiring. I hope she can appreciate at least the effect she had on her players, even if she believes the story is better without it.

    But I would find it amazing if she did gave them the Level Four Revive Materia achievement.

    • I haven’t tried the mod yet, but how does one even prevent *Mute from killing herself, if all you can do is pick option from a dialogue wheel *Mute herself makes(i.e. answers she can expect) which is unlikely to convince her since she would answer the question herself and obviously pick a negative answer considering her unstable mental state. Showing her an article that could make her understand it’s not her fault is possible, but she probably is too impatient and depressed to even pay attention to any of the articles you will show.
      From the first game you already know she jumps to conclusions too quickly like calling hyun ae a cold mass murderer without checking the more dramatic events happening in a few articles hyun ae left behind(getting her tongue cut off etc.) and that she failed to protect the ship when the computer got reset and everything was wiped(Block 13 current game.)
      I know 100% sure she needs help after reading that note, help we’re unable to give because we can’t input text. Not to say this mod is bad or anything, but I believe *hyun-ae being the only one capable of saving her is the most believable way, because she can provide the help she need by interacting with her and she always shows the full story unlike *Mute.

      I probably won’t be trying this mod as I’m satisfied with the ending and I accept it, but I appreciate the efforts you guys made with this. It really takes dedication to think up everything.

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