Kara no Shoujo 2 – Plot / ending discussion (Spoiler warning!)

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Okay, so let’s dive deep into spoiler territory now – this article will be my random, disjointed thoughts on Kara no Shoujo 2 and its various endings. I’ll talk about a variety of things regarding the game, including Touko and the True End.

First off, I will not bother writing up an English plot summary, primarily because someone else has already done it for me:


abandon hope2“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”

From Dante’s Divine Comedy

First, let’s go over the opening lines:


It’s crying.

This precious life, only having been born into this world moments ago… is crying.

Ah… I’m so glad. I’m so glad that you’re healthy.

His blood runs in your veins – the blood of a person that meant the most to me.

Thank you so much for being born.

Please… I want you to live and be happy – in my place as well.

I don’t have much time left to live…

I am unable to even embrace the child I’ve given birth to…

Nor can I convey these feelings to anyone…

So let me rest…

…and pray that the next time I awaken, I will be in his embrace.

Every time I read these lines, a part of me dies. You know, I should have probably left this for last, but let’s get it out of the way as soon as possible. It’s the single most heart-wrenching thing in this VN so I have to get it off my chest.

So, the above words are the first thing you see upon starting your first playthrough of KnS2. Initially I honestly thought it’d be related to someone else. My first thought was Kazuna, having just played the first game and seen its ending (although that makes no sense as Kazuna is alive and well in KnS2). In reality I was simply denying what I had already known or at least suspected: that these are the dying words of Touko. So let’s address the elephant in the room right away – yes, Touko dies. Or rather, died, months before KnS2 even starts. She was abducted by Shinji, held at a shed in the middle of nowhere and kept alive with the help of Kuroya Naori during her pregnancy – unfortunately, she dies of cardiac arrest after giving birth to Reiji’s child (the same baby that Reiji actually holds in his arms earlier in the game, not knowing it’s his – the baby is surprisingly calm in his embrace. That’s your hint). The lines shown to the reader at the very beginning of the game thus foreshadow this. In fact, one of the first images of the opening credits actually shows a pregnant Touko lying on a table inside the shed with a swollen belly.

touko-pregnant2-cenSince KnS2 follows from the True End of KnS1, Reiji had already engaged in a few H-scenes with Touko and knocked her up, so that explains Touko’s pregnancy. Although she doesn’t survive the childbirth, she finds peace in the fact that Reiji’s child, the symbol of the time they spent together, will have the life that she could never have. Can we all agree that this is the saddest thing ever? INNOCENT GREY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

When Reiji digs up Touko’s grave outside the shed where Shinji (and later Naori) had kept her, only to discover her skeletal remains, I felt like I was hit by a train. Even more so when moments later, he breaks down and simply screams out in despair (my heart nearly broke during that scene), then continues to apologize to Touko’s corpse for not being able to find her sooner. Reiji’s voice actor did an excellent job here in portraying his sorrow. And may I remind you that this is the same guy whose fiance was previously killed and eaten by a crazy psycho doctor? Yeah. Just… depressing beyond belief.


Look, it’s Touko! Finally!



The first game was bad enough, but this really was kicking a man when he’s down. I suppose the good thing is that Yukiko, Masaki, Fuyumi and their friends all got their happy endings. You know, just to balance out the UTTER DESPAIR of Reiji’s finale.

I realize it was completely unreasonable of me to expect to find her alive. I knew from the very moment I started reading this VN that she’d be dead by the end. Even Chizuru, her own mother gives up on her and asks Reiji to stop his pointless search, but of course, he refuses. That’s his own obsession – his very own “paranoia”.  I’ll be honest, my utterly naive self was holding out hope until the very last minute (not sure why, when the game even goes out of its way to quote Dante at the very beginning). I completely identified with Reiji in his quest, even though deep down I already knew it was futile. Reiji was pretty much only looking for her to finally confirm her death and maybe find peace for himself. Much like myself, and most other readers, I’d imagine.

The worst thing is that there’s a possibility that none of this would’ve happened if only Mizuhara hadn’t hidden Touko’s medicine back in the first game. Then she wouldn’t have been hit by the car, the doctors wouldn’t have had to remove her limbs, and she wouldn’t have gotten kidnapped. Man, the things I would do to be able to give Reiji a time machine.

reiji true end

I feel your pain, bro. I really do.

Of course, I’ve seen people suggest that the skeleton might belong to Misa, but I find that highly unlikely. Reiji himself states that the skeleton belongs to Touko – if it wasn’t her, then the opening monologue I quoted above wouldn’t really make sense.

If all the above wasn’t enough, the ultimate “salt in the wound” is the Paranoia ending, which is sort of a counterpart to the True End. In this ending, instead of going deeper into the forest to find the shed and Touko’s remains, Reiji accidentally loses his balance and falls down some cliff, hitting his head hard in the process.

Then he “wakes up” in a hospital. He is greeted by a completely unharmed Touko with all four limbs intact (see screenshots below) – she tells him he fell over in the forest and hit his head. The two confess their love to each other, there’s a Touko H-scene later that day (yes, really), and eventually they get married (yes, *really*). There’s even a CG of Touko in a wedding dress. Reiji is pretty much the happiest man alive and wishes that his happiness continues on forever. The screen goes whiter and whiter with each sentence they say to each other, until it goes completely white. Credits roll.

touko paranoia3touko wedding

Of course, this is most likely just a vision induced by hitting his head. Either that, or he hit his head so hard that he died, and is now in his personal heaven with Touko. Either way this is both the happiest and saddest ending at the same time. And yet the True End still remains as a bitter reminder of what actually happened. I guess it’s Innocent Grey’s way of telling us to either accept the harsh truth or retreat to a convenient daydream if we can’t cope with it.

Okay, so now let’s talk about the main culprit / killer in the Hinna-sama case: Hinagami Karen. She was somewhat of a more interesting “villain” than the crazy dude in the first half of KnS1. Actually, I really quite liked her in the prologue of the “past” arc. Sure, she was a bit too attached to her brother, but that was sort of cute, I guess. Still, the premature bad end that shows her commit suicide only to be kissed by Masaki was touching, and so was the prior conversation between the two about atoning for their sins. She, too, was overcome by her crazy obsession, but she never really crossed the line into crazy cackling yandere. Her love for Masaki was truly genuine, and I find it tragic that all this happened to her. Doesn’t mean I forgive her for killing all those people, though. She’s still kind of a bitch, but I never considered her to be pure evil or anything like that. She just kind of… loved her big bro a bit *too* much?

karen dies

Okay, next stop – the whole Satsuki / Ayako thing. I think it occurred to me early on in the VN that there might be two shrine maidens, but the real twist for me was the revelation that Fuyumi was Ayako. When it was mentioned by Inui that the girl who died all those years ago was actually a virgin, I immediately went “wait a second, didn’t Ayato bang her?”. So then I knew she would return to the story in the “present arc” one way or another. What I didn’t expect was her being right under my nose the whole time, as Kayahara Fuyumi.

This was one of the bigger twists for me, and I have no idea how I didn’t see it coming. I mean, her hair color is the same, her eye color is the same (actually, I didn’t notice this. I didn’t pay enough attention), and her voice actress is the same. Of course, Fuyumi’s upbeat personality is a sharp contrast to Ayako’s introverted style, so the actress did a pretty good job there in masking her identity by using a very different tone and intonation. I think I would’ve recognized the voice sooner or later – the primary reason it never occurred to me was simply because I thought she had died in the prologue.

fuyumi 117

Even when the hair ornament issue was brought up, I still didn’t get it (like an idiot). For a very short while I even considered the idea of Yukiko being Ayako, speculating that maybe she’s actually older than she seems. It’s just that Fuyumi’s personality is so vastly different from Ayako’s that the whole thing didn’t even cross my mind. KnS2, I was too stupid and you successfully tricked me. Congrats. What I found cute was Fuyumi’s tendency to go “…eh?!” the exact same way Ayako did in the “past” arc. In retrospect that was another sign. As a side note to the whole “miko” plotline: Saya was one of creepiest characters in this game. I don’t think I’ve seen someone have sex with a dismembered arm… like, ever. Thank you KnS2 for this brand new flavor of nightmare fuel.

So now that I talked about Fuyumi I suppose I should mention Yukiko as well. She was… there in the game, I guess. She was cute and all that, but the focus was always on Masaki and Reiji, so I didn’t pay too much attention to her. It was only towards the end when her psycho-ness really comes to the surface. I suppose this is where the title comes from – 虚ノ少女 (Uro no Shoujo). 虚 / uro meaning “hollow”. And that’s what Yukiko was – a hollow shell who merely “assimilated” other personalities. That was actually fairly scary, I mean, she was really messed up in the head. The bad ending where she stabs and kills Yukari, only to adopt / mimic her personality (she even cuts her hair short) and thus torment Reiji was the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m glad she got her happy ending in the True route, though. I mean, after seeing Touko’s rotting corpse, I don’t think I could’ve handled Yukiko dying as well.

crazy yukikoyukari killed

And of course, there’s the question of Naori – the one loose end and therefore the primary sequel hook. Despite me liking him quite a bit in the prologue, the moment I saw him wearing the white robes of the cult in the “present” arc, I immediately grew suspicious. Where did he take the baby, exactly? It’s implied that he’s the one who killed Mamiya Shinji as well, plus he helped get rid of Nanako’s despicable father (these were basically the other two skeletons next to Touko’s)… and then he just disappears. No doubt he’ll make a return in the sequel. Or maybe not – I mean, I expected Shinji to pop up in this eventually, but all we got was his skeleton. Speaking of Nanako, it came as quite a shock to learn that she was basically gangbanged on a regular basis by her own father and Utsugi Keigo. No wonder she killed both of them. Yet another character whose life was turned into hell by the fact that she lived in an isolated redneck village in the middle of nowhere. By the way, Yayoi needed more screen time. So she needs to appear in the sequel. Otherwise, heads will roll.

Well… I suppose the fact that I could write this much about the game only shows how much I enjoyed it. It really was quite an awesome ride, even if the True End sort of makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry yourself to sleep.

I really hope it won’t take another 5 years for us to get a Kara no Shoujo 3.

touko true endfin


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  1. truly amazing how you put all this effort to explain your expects on kara no Shoujo now I want to go buy it all thanks to you

  2. …oh God. I don’t think I’m exaggerating things when I say I feel like I got stabbed in the heart and hit with a sledgehammer in the head at the same time. The first game’s true end made me hope, and hope and hope, despite the fact that I tend to think rationally, but still, I hoped against all odds. When I’ll get the English version of this game, I know it will make me cry. I just know it.

    That said, thank you so much for your review, you made one KnS fan happy (and terribly sad).

    • “I feel like I got stabbed in the heart and hit with a sledgehammer in the head at the same time. ”

      Good, so I wasn’t the only one. Actually it’s even worse when you play the game, but if you watched the video you know what I mean.

      Oh and thank you for all the comments! Even if I happened to ruin your day by revealing the ending… :p

      • Can you give me The details(spoilers) of what happen to 1)Fuyumi,Yukiko,yukari,kyuko and yuki in True End because I can’t understand Japanese Please?
        2) I just want to know the reason why she stab yukari and mimic her (could it be that she wanted to be with Reiji?
        3)Who own the body that yukiko use to fake her death in kara no shoujo 1?

        About touko body I am not surprise if she still alive and that body is belongs to someone why ?
        cause it seems to be that diary and the picture that Reiji see is intended leave there for a purpose.(
        But that doesn’t mean she’s dead, REMEMBER Yukiko can fake her death and Reiji BELIEVES it ,so even when reiiji said it was touko body where is his prof (Intuition I supposed) and in sequel 3 I have a Intuition that was not her body cause the colt is quite obvious that it was there intention to begin with.(sorry for my bad english sir, thank you for sharing your thoughts to us and information regarding in this VN).

      • First of all, there’s a fundamental misunderstanding in your post: the Yukiko in this game is *not* the same Yukiko who was Reiji’s fiance in the first game. They just share the same name. Reiji’s fiance is dead, she didn’t fake her death or anything like that. Rokushiki even admitted to eating her decapitated head if you remember.

        1) They all live and move on with their lives. Masaki continues to work as Reiji’s assistant, Fuyumi buys the daycare center with the money she got earlier (at least I think so… I don’t remember all the details at the moment) and Kyouko recovers from her stab wound. Yukari and Yukiko also live, the latter having overcome her mental problems. There’s really not much to say other than they all move on with their lives.

        2) Yukiko had this weird condition of wanting to “become” the people she loves and respects because she’s not satisfied with her own personality. This basically means killing them and adopting their personality to “better” herself. She basically “becomes one” with those she kills, at least in her mind. Even the shy/introverted personality she displays during most of the game is a fake one borrowed from a former classmate that she pushed off a bridge only to be crushed by a train. She is suffering from a serious mental condition, in a nutshell. It’s been a while since I played the game so I can’t recall all the details, but if I remember correctly it all started with Yukiko murdering her brother Yukio for similar reasons in the orphanage they both lived in.

        3) Like I explained above, Reiji’s fiance is dead. That was her body in KnS1, she didn’t fake her death.

        I know it’s hard to accept but I’m very confident that Touko is dead and that the skeleton belonged to her. I read the Japanese Wikipedia page and it says the exact same thing.

  3. Let me guess, a song like “Fading Away” from Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack would be perfect for KnS2’s “happy ending”:

    Was Touko Kuchiki’s disease hereditary? If so, the survival of her baby may only just mean, contrary to what she said in the prologue, that it will suffer from the same curse that she did.

    There’s a still a few things I don’t understand about this series. First, why did Touko Kuchiki hang around Touko Mizuhara if it was likely that the latter would go “yandere” (which she did)? Even just Mizuhara’s attitude in KnS1 was clearly unhealthy obsession right from the beginning. Did Mizuhara also commit suicide by getting hit with a truck, like Touko did? The CGs for KnS1 seem to imply this (I haven’t played the game myself yet).

    Also, it seems that Yukiko (despite being the poster girl for this game) doesn’t get much screentime in the game proper. Could you tell me the reason why, and what exactly her “happy ending” entails?

    Innocent Grey’s webpage hasn’t been updated in a long time. I hope it doesn’t mean that the company is shut down due to financial troubles; I still like Miki Sugina’s art and would like to see more games illustrated by that artist.

    • Well, this will include major spoilers for KnS1, but since you asked, I’ll answer:

      I doubt Touko really expected her to be dangerous. They were friends. Sure, she was jealous of Reiji and a bit too obsessive, but still. Mizuhara didn’t commit suicide, she’s kidnapped and murdered by Mamiya Shinji. The one getting hit by a car is Kuchiki Touko, and that’s not a suicide either, but an unfortunate accident (indirectly caused by Mizuhara, by the way).

      Yukiko does get screen time, but most of her scenes involve hanging around Yukari and Kohane and doing schoolgirly things. Her past is generally shrouded in mystery for most of the game, and her importance is only revealed towards the end. The majority of the game focuses on Reiji and Masaki and their joint investigation of Hitogata Village and the Hinna-sama curse. Yukiko’s own story kinda-sorta ties into it, but it is not the primary focus, despite her being on the title screen. Her good ending is basically getting over her multiple-personality trauma and living happily ever after with Fuyumi, as far as I remember.

      • I guess “Yukiko doing schoolgirly things” includes getting groped by Kohane on a regular basis. I still don’t understand why she would be the poster girl if she doesn’t have her own ending with Reiji. Does she have h-scenes with Reiji as well? She looks so similar to Touko Kuchiki without her hairband (part of the problem you have when you have anime-style faces and limit yourself to realistic hair and eye colours) that I mistook the “Fading Away” ending CGs as being her happy end route.

        As for “the two Toukos being friends,” I know that someone who harbors creepy desires to “become me” wouldn’t keep my friendship for long. I know that Mizuhara (who is from a lower-class background) thinks that Touko Kuchiki is “the perfect girl,” but seeing someone like that is clearly not seeing them as they truly are; everyone is flawed and to think that someone is “utterly perfect” is short-sighted at best and dangerous obsession at worst.

        I was expecting the returning characters from Cartagra to play a bigger role. Touji Aoki was an excellent character from that game but she has no route here and is only one 1 CG (I don’t even think she has an ending with Shugo in Cartagra despite the two having a shared history and feelings for one another, enough for a “hizamakura” and h-scene). Natsume doesn’t have any CGs either. The cult from Cartagra does make an appearance (the same silvery medallion they wear in this game is also in Cartagra), so I thought we’d see more characters from that game too.

        Also, do Yukari and Kyouko survive this game? The CGs imply they don’t, which is a real shame because Kyouko clearly still loves Reiji and looks very much like she would be happy to marry him and adopt Reiji’s and Touko Kuchiki’s daughter, not to mention conceive and raise children of their own.

        After reading the plot summary you linked to, I take it that Yukiko is in fact Ayako’s (masquerading as Fuyumi) estranged daughter (by dint of inheriting her mother’s mental illness). If this is indeed the case, it’s practically a miracle that Ayako, Ayato, and Yukiko all survived, given what they all went through. But from what I’ve read both here and the plot summary, they still don’t get a happy ending together in KnS2, even though they certainly deserve one.

        Finally, I don’t know if you’ve played the Fatal Frame console-based video game series, but as I’m a fan, I couldn’t help but notice several similarities in KnS2 to elements of the Fatal Frame series. You can read a thread I made on a forum dedicated to the series here, with the appropriate screenshots:


        Thanks again for your detailed and informative answers.

      • As always, major spoiler warning, but if you’re reading this you probably don’t care.

        Touji has a decent number of scenes and accompanies Reiji several times. I felt she was one of the more important side characters during the investigation. Hell, she’s even there during the true end, along with Yaginuma and Masaki.

        There is a Yukiko + Reiji H-scene, but it leads to one of the bad ends and is therefore not canon. Kyouko does survive the game, I’m pretty sure I know which CG you saw but you jumped to conclusions. She does get stabbed but she lives through it. Yukari also lives in the True End, she only dies in one of the bad ends where Yukiko kills her and assumes her personality.

        Yeah, well Fuyumi and Masaki don’t really become a couple by the end, that’s true. But they both live, which counts as a happy end in this kind of game. Yukiko is only Fuyumi’s adopted daughter, btw. Her biological daughter is revealed to be someone else, but I don’t know if you want this spoiled or not, so I’ll just leave it at that. Yukiko herself is the daughter of someone from the Shigusa branch IIRC (hence her legacy as a miko/shrine maiden). Btw, you’re right, the fact that everyone survives in the True End is kind of a miracle, seeing how both Fuyumi and Yukiko die in other non-canon bad ends. There are still unpreventable deaths, though, and they happen to be two characters I quite liked, so that’s kind of a bummer.

        I’ve played all Fatal Frame games from 1 to 4. I suppose some things could be seen as familiar, yeah. But overall KnS2 is vastly different, and has no supernatural elements, either.

    • Yes, I’ve heard of that collection of Drama CDs, but I still think it’s not the same without Miki Sugina’s art. Something I take issue with is in the third Drama CD summary:


      Touko and Touko gonna sing together in the next track, Tojiko jealous why she didn’t have the character song, and kuchiki touko said “Because we’re the heroines!”

      I didn’t think that MIzuhara is a heroine; after all, she’s the main cause of Touko Kuchiki’s misfortunes in the True End.

  4. Garejei,

    I saw the CG where Kyouko is clutching a bleeding wound, and I didn’t see a CG that showed her survival afterwards, so I assumed that she died from the attack. If there is a KnS3, Reiji seriously needs to stop overlooking what’s right under his nose and marry Kyouko before it’s too late.

    So Touji Aoki still gets lots of scenes with her “paper doll” sprite? Not much consolation for her lack of CGs and route in my view, sadly.

    Yes, you spoiled me as to the identity of Fuyumi’s biological daughter in an earlier version of your comment (not that I mind, frankly). She’s already been through so much–even if she were to reunite with her true parents, I’m not sure she’d still be mentally stable in the future.

    I knew that Innocent Grey games tend to shy away from supernatural elements (with the exception of Cartagra to my knowledge), but the similarities to certain Fatal Frame titles I pointed out in the forum link are still undeniable. One significant CG in the past arc of KnS2 even emulates the “Crimson Butterfly” from Fatal Frame 2, right down to how it arises.

  5. Q:
    1)What is the goal of the colt?why they take the child?
    (Sorry I’ve never been play the cartaga yet )
    2) Reiji himself states that the skeleton belongs to Touko (did he have a prof or any result of examine to natsume)?
    3)Fuyumi’s daughter is nanako right?and what happen to fuyumi’s past, that bring herself to hate her child?

    • 1) I haven’t played Cartagra either. I’m not sure I understand the question. The cult wanted a new priestess/miko, and that was Yukiko. Naori took the child possibly to take care of it, but it’s not fully explained.
      2) No examination, but it’s her. Nanako’s confession earlier and the diary found at the shed makes it very clear. Please just accept it. :p
      3) Nope, Fuyumi’s biological daughter is Michiru. Nanako isn’t related to her. Fuyumi’s past is basically what’s mentioned in the plot summary above. She was the double of her own sister (Satsuki) and grew envious of her status as the main priestess/miko. Satsuki wanted to kill her because she in turn was jealous of her love with Masaki/Ayato, but in the end it was Fuyumi/Ayako who killed her sister in self defense, sort of.

      Btw, it has been announced that the game will be released in English by MangaGamer, so if you want all the details I recommend just playing the English version when it comes out. It will give you a much clearer picture of the plot than a brief summary and my answers.

    • She was killed by Mamiya Shinzo due to his obsession with the painting Kara no Shoujo. He wanted to recreate it using her body.

      For any more details please just play the game yourself. :p

    • If that would mean having to find and post regular content on the page, I probably don’t have time for that, sorry. I have my hands full with my own blog and fan translation work.

  6. This ending is too much….I may hang myself if i were Reiji.

    Can you tell me that does Reiji become intimate or have sex with anyone in the true route ? Now Touko’s death is confirmed, i really want to see Reiji somehow can again find his happiness . ( with his baby of course ).

    • Only Kyouko. There’s a canon/unavoidable H-scene with her near the beginning of the game, but that’s about it. He doesn’t have sex with anyone else if you follow the true route.

      • Sir Griever If you were in my shoes you will understand without even asking, cause this past 2 years all I was thinking is to find Touko and be with her but in the end I find her dead,The only thing in my mind is to find our son and get rid all of those rat who responsible for her death.(Vengeance)

      • I sure hope that KnS3 has Reiji marry Kyouko. She’s been waiting for him for so long and it’s clear that Reiji returns at least some of her affection. I’m sure she would adopt and take good care of Touko and Reiji’s child if it were found again.

    • Sir Pseudo-Reiji. I’m afraid not, Yukiko seem more into Yukari than you in my opinion. I think you should look forward to an imouto route in KnS 3.

      Now i calmed down and think about the ending again, I think Touko’s death is something like a salvation for her (not for Reiji, though) . She had suffered too much and finally she has been free. I just regret one thing is that Touko can’t see Reiji one last time before she dies. It would be a perfect ending if Touko can die peacefully in Reiji’s embrace.

      • That’s a good opinion you have their Sir Griever but if you played the game you will find out that Yukiko have a sex event in a non/canon which is only explain that the certain person have a affection towards me(Reiji Tokisaka), and not only Yukiko but Ayumu as will by the way if you play the kns1 Yukari seems to be so attached to the me in which to extend that she even willing to wash my back and doesn’t even bother even she is naked XD.(That’s why I never stay at home more often)But after all I post its all depends on the creator of kns XD (It would be such a relief if I knew that we were on the same side.)Thanks and I hope the kns3 release this 2014 ^_^ (so I can hunt those rats who took my son away from me…)

  7. I’m really lookin’ forward to play this game (in English version). I’m really hesitating to read your blog because I don’t want to be spoiled but I cannot endure the patience I’ve been carrying for years. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts and sharing some info’s.. I still don’t quite understand what happened to who and why did that happened to who so I’m thankful.. I guess I’ll understand it better if I’ll play the game. I hope in KnS3, they’ll have a Yukiko and Yukari H-scene XDD yuri all the way!!!!! 😀

    • I’m afraid to tell you but it seems to me you misinterpret Yukari and Yukiko bonds Yukari only want be friend Yukiko cause she finds out about her sickness to mimic other people despite that its only in her mind cause she envy people who have a good personality compare to her who is to shy and don’t interact with other people very often.In my personal point of view she might indeed up having a love relation to me (Reiji T.) after finding out that touko is already been dead for very long time and expect my vengeance to those responsible to her death and who took our son away from me in KNS 3.

  8. I just have to say after giving this a few days to sink in and think about it, I think this is such a stupid ending.

    So Toko got knocked up by Reiji right? Got pregnant. Ok, fine. Despite it saying it was a safe day for her, we will go with it and say she was lying.

    Then she gets hit by a truck. So bad, that she needs surgery, to rebuild her spine, and massive amounts of blood transfusions. And yet we are supposed to believe she didn’t miscarry?

    Ok whatever, stranger things have happened, on top of her already being sickly and weak.

    Then, while pregnant, this guys cuts off her legs and and arms, she lives, and STILL hasn’t lost the baby? This is all happening in the 50s where medicine is no where near as good as today, especially anything regarding fertility. Give me a break.

    The suspension of disbelief required is so absurd it just makes it obvious that, “We really really want you to feel bad about this and are throwing all logic and reason right out the window! Are you crying yet?” So, so stupid.

    This Toko they show at the end better be Misa or some other red herring, which brings up the point, why even have someone steal Misa’s corpse at the end of the first one if they didn’t have plans for it later?

    • It’s not unheard-of for pregnancy to happen against all odds. But yes, it is odd that Touko Kuchiki didn’t miscarry after having endured that much trauma. I think the authors for this game’s scenario share the “Are you crying yet?” trait with the makers of Clannad and Tomoyo After–those two titles are full of “happy ending” scenarios that screw the main couple(s) over.

    • As for the amputation part, that was done by medical professionals at Kuchiki hospital, not by Shinji. They did it because an infection started soon after she was brought to the hospital. On top of that, she’s a Bombay blood type so the only blood supply available comes from her own body (blood taken when she was at a healthier state in life). Although I’m still dumbfounded by how she doesn’t miscarry. Surely she most likely did not start the first trimester yet (I’m trying to approximate…it was about a week or two after she spent some time romancing with Reiji at the inn) but getting run over by a truck could still damage the developing fetus somehow.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s possible within a couple of months, like in the game, especially since she was buried under ground. And even if the skeleton is by some miracle not hers, it’s nonetheless explicitly stated in the game that she died after giving birth. Nanako, the nurse tending to her, also testifies of this, and so does the medical report found at the cottage, if I remember correctly.

      • I will be grateful for your response to the following questions.

        Can this marriage and sex with Touko is really just an illusion? Is not that the alternative route?

        Is it really to multiple endings in Kara no Shoujo is not a single good with Touko? It does not have to be a true end, but any end of the game, which was not injured.

        So besides, what kind of disease suffered Touko? I’ve read that because of the discontinuation of medication she was hit by a car?

      • Yes, those H-scenes and marriage are just a vision in Reiji’s mind.

        IIRC Touko was already kidnapped / dead before the game even starts (or at least during the events of the game), so no, no happy ends with her in KnS2. However, there is a sort of happy end with her in KnS1 where she loses her limbs, but at least survives and is never kidnapped from her hospital room.

        It’s been a while since I played so I don’t remember the details but she had a special blood type that was hard to acquire. I’ll admit it’s a bit “too (in)convenient” just to create drama, but there you have it.

  9. Losing limbs and a happy ending? It’s more a bad end.

    Such a life is worse than death.

    Excellent ending with Touko is below.

    ” Tokisaka notice someone was moving around in front of the chapel. With quick response, he captured Mamiya Shinji. After confined Shinji, Tokisaka ask Stella to search for Touko that should be near this place. Mamiya shinji was talking like crazy person. Stella found Touko that almost faint due to cold and immediately brings her to the Chapel. Shaking, she looks so glad when reunited with Tokisaka.”

    The entire quote below:

    “Part 1 :

    – Part 1 begins with Tokisaka and Yukari go to picnic together (or should i said sleeping on her lap near the lake) after Kusaka’s case has been solved.

    – Tokisaka was called by Yukari and the rest in order to become supervisor for easter festival in Ouba Private Girls Academy. Yukari and the others are preparing the egg for used in easter festival. After completing some, Tokisaka heard Tojiko scream and runs to her. He notice the finger inside the broken egg that fall into the floor.

    – Tokisaka visits Mizuhara Touko’s resident and meets her mother. They both talking about how Touko in school, then leave after hearing the occupation of her.

    – Tokisaka meets Tojiko in the road and decided to buys her a ring for celebrating her novel that’s gonna sold near future. Tojiko also ask Tokisaka to bring her into his office and the event where the ring is stuck into her finger is happened now.

    – Mizuhara Touko and Kuchiki Touko’s monologue. They’re talking to each other beside the lake about Tokisaka. Mizuhara Touko runs away while crying because the Touko she’s talking to isn’t the Touko that she knows before.

    – A party will be held inside Tokisaka’s house about Tojiko’s novel that gonna be released. For a long time, Tojiko didn’t appears at all. Suddenly a phone cames. It was from Uozomi that tells about a new limb they newly found that have a ring stuck in one of the finger.

    – Mizuhara Touko and Kuchiki Touko talking to each other again. Mizuhara Touko shout to Touko and wanted for Touko to break away with Tokisaka. Kuchiki touko swayed and wishing for Tokisaka to hurriedly find her past before she breaks from this pain she’s had.

    – Mizuhara Touko’s monologue. She wanders around mindlessly then accidentally meets with Mamiya Shinji. She was killed afterwards.

    – Kuchiki Touko’s monologue when she was running away from her home.

    – Another new limbs have been found. Uozumi, Tokisaka and Natsume talking together in her autopsy room and said that the new limbs belong to Mizuhara Touko. Tokisaka once again shocked and unable to bear his anger.

    – Tokisaka goes to meet Mizuhara Touko’s mother again in her residence to talks about her dead daughter. Then tokisaka search her room and found some evidence about Katsuragi Shin and the sample of article Sheoru no Kara.

    – Tokisaka brings all of the evidence he’s found from Touko’s room to his house. Yukari notice the text ‘sample’ that was written on the Sheoru no Kara’s article. Tokisaka hurriedly phone Uozumi to ask about the real identity ofK atsuragi Shin and found he was Mamiya Shinji. He also got the information that Mamiya Shinzo have another atelier. Both of them decided to goes there together on the next morning.

    – As they came, Uozumi, Tokisaka and Natsume smells the corpse from outside of Shinzo’s atelier. They decided to break through he house and found 4 bodies of the girl in a shell that identically looks like the Kara no Shoujo painting. From the 4 of the corpse, Tokisaka notice that both of it was including Mizuhara Touko and Tojiko. Tokisaka said “Sorry that I’m late to found you, Tojiko.”

    – From the next moment, Mamiya Shinji become top-most-wanted in the country. They search Shinji’s apartments and found another evidence. There’s also a text written “Finally I found mother! I found someone that match with Misa, Touko!” Tokisaka surprised and immediately orders Uozumi to hurriedly ask police to protect Touko.

    – While at it, Uozumi and Tokisaka goes together to Shinzo’s house and investigated him, including the whereabout of Shinji, but Shinzo didn’t said anything helpful. Both of them decided to leave the things as of now.

    – Tokisaka got another information, and he go to Gunma. Right there, he found a small chapel that being used also for Orphanage House. He meets Katsugari Motoko, which also Stella’s mother. Tokisaka also meets with Stella here.

    – Touko’s monologue. She suddenly meets with Mamiya Shinji somewhere, but can’t remember who he is, but something inside her is telling her that he know this person, but unable to remember. In this time, Mamiya Shinji already hold captive of her. He keeps on calling Touko with “Mother”. They both walking in the forest and rains pour down afterwards. Touko was frightened from the madness that comes from Shinji.

    Part 2 :
    This part was totally different with the original game.

    -Shinji leaves Touko in the forest and he tried to find any kind of tool from the chapel near them. (As luck goes, Shinji and Touko is also in Gunma) Tokisaka notice someone was moving around in front of the chapel. With quick response, he captured Mamiya Shinji. After confined Shinji, Tokisaka ask Stella to search for Touko that should be near this place. Mamiya shinji was talking like crazy person. Stella found Touko that almost faint due to cold and immediately brings her to the Chapel. Shaking, she looks so glad when reunited with Tokisaka. Still in that condition, Touko hits Mamiya Shinji because he’s the one who killed her best friend, Mizuhara Touko.

    – Touko is resting in the chapel while Mamiya Shinji already being captured. Tokisaka and Touko talking to each other in the bed where Touko resting.

    – Both of them goes back to Tokyo by train. Touko keeps on talking about Mamiya Shinji and still don’t know anything about herself, asking about where is her place of belong. Just when both of them are in a good atmosfer, Stella shout and interrupt both of them.

    – The conclusion of Mamiya Shinzo, Mizuhara Mio, and the whereabout of Misa in the basement below Mamiya Shinzo’s house. Tokisaka confused wether he will tell Touko of what becomes of her mother.

    – Tokisaka visit Touko that resting in the hospital due to incident before. Touko wanted to be herself alone, so Tokisaka saying goodbye goes out.

    – Tokisaka meets Stella afterwards and a name “makoto” spills out from Stella’s mouth. But Tokisaka still didn’t remember that name. Uozumi yelled in the hospital and notice Tokisaka. He said that the Misa’s body is gone. Stella, innocently asking “Rokushiki Misa” ? Tokisaka felt a sudden rage that already being locked 6 years ago. Now he know the true identity of Rokushiki Makoto, and he was already in this hospital, hiding by become one of the doctor. Tokisaka runs to where Touko is, but she’s already missing. Tokisaka ask Uozumi to search outside because the window is open, however, noticed that it was just a fluke. Tokisaka search from inside the hospital by himself, carrying his gun that he never used since 6 years ago.

    – Tokisaka meets with Dr. Saito and both of them talking to each other (the details are written in the game’s dialogue). At the end of conversation, Makoto stand and opens his locker on the corner of his room to make Tokisaka knows that Touko is being held in there. Just before Tokisaka use his gun, Uozumi cames and capture Makoto. Tokisaka runs to Touko afterwards and saved her. Touko cried in Tokisaka’s lap, and Tokisaka’s can’t bear his feeling to cry too.

    – Rokushiki Makoto is captured, and the case from 6 years ago is finished. While tokisaka talking to himself, Yukiko’s spirit come and talking to Tokisaka. She wished for Tokisaka to not trapped by the past and move forward. She also saying sorry for not making Tokisaka to hold their baby.

    – Conclusion. All of them will be visited Moon World. Uozumi comes first and tried to propose to Kyoko. After several tries failed, in the end he can said it. But Kyoko haven’t give him any answer yet. Apparently Tokisaka and Yukari was there since the start. Tokisaka laughs so hard to the pitiful Uozumi. Shuugo and Kazuna also come, at this point their baby still haven’t born yet. Touko and Stella comes. Touko finally knows her mother from Stella, and decided to work in the art museum, becomes Stella’s junior. Touko also said she wanted to go to Italia. She wanted to go by herself, and teased Tokisaka that are he wanted to go together. Kyoko ask touko that “It’s gonna be hard to be together with Tokisaka”. Touko answer that “That’s no problem, since both of us already becomes an existence that can’t be separated anymore”. Apparently Tokisaka didn’t hear that, and touko sulked “Mou, shiranai!”.”

    • Ah that’s the drama CD right? Well, I guess that’s a good ending, horribly written English aside.

      On the other hand, I don’t think a syrupy sweet happy end is fitting for Kara no Shoujo, but that’s just me. It’s a story about tragedy and loss. I don’t like the cliffhangery nature of the True End of KnS2, but I’m fairly sure they’re going with the “Touko will live on in her child” sort of bittersweet message, and I’m fine with that. Once Reiji actually finds the child, but that’s what KnS3 is for, I guess.

      • I think that any path in the game should necessarily have a happy ending with Touko.
        Stupidest that no matter what you can not save her (and a few other girls).

        Could you write what kind of disease suffered Touko? What was the relationship with the car accident?

        Did you play Cartagra?

      • Yeah, I suppose it’s good to have options for both good and bad ends, but this is just how Innocent Grey do their games. I believe they said that In Caucasus you can save everyone, that’s one VN I’m planning to play sometime in the future.

        Sorry, I honestly don’t remember about her illness, only that thing about the Bombay blood type.

        Haven’t played Cartagra. I have little motivation to do so right now, I’d sooner start Caucasus which I have more interest in.

  10. Regarding car accident I read that indirectly guilty Mizuhara Touko. She hid drugs Kuchiki Touko.

    The best part of this ending (Drama CD)

    “Stella found Touko that almost faint due to cold and immediately brings her to the Chapel. Shaking, she looks so glad when reunited with Tokisaka. Still in that condition, Touko HITS Mamiya Shinji because he’s the one who killed her best friend, Mizuhara Touko.”

    However, Toko Mizuhara and Tsuzuriko were killed.

    Tokisaka Reiji in the game was a failure because he was not able to save Touko and other girls.
    It should work faster and wiser (as in the drama)

    In Cartagra is curious to me who killed Ayasaki Takako. I read that you can not save her.

    • It’s Sawashiro Nanako. She’s alive at the end of KnS2.

      (But could I ask you not to post explicit pornographic content on the blog? I removed the link, hope you don’t mind.)

      • Yes, it’ the nurse, all the pics you posted are of her.

        The porn with her happens in the “past” arc, though, IIRC. I don’t remember character ages… in the past arc she’s probably in her twenties or something.

  11. I believe that the producers of some regret endings of Touko in Kara no Shoujo.

    This is evidenced by two things. Drama CD (happy ending) and Paranoia ending (happy ending in Kara no Shoujo 2).

    Unfortunately, they could not make a happy ending in Kara no Shoujo 2 because Touko always losing limbs.

  12. Garejei if you could write the names of the girls in Kara no Shoujo and also in Kara no Shoujo 2, which must necessarily die? So they can not be in any way save. I’ll be very grateful.

    Did you play Pianissimo?

    • I didn’t play Pianissimo. As for KnS, my memory’s a bit hazy but as far as I remember:

      In Kara no Shoujo: Orihime, Tsuzuriko, Mizuhara Touko.

      In Kara no Shoujo 2: Takamiya Meguri, Kirimura Yuka (which is unfortunate, because I liked both of them quite a bit) and obviously Kuchiki Touko.

    • Ah, Saya actually dies as well. She’s a villain, anyway. But the rest live. No one kills Karen, I don’t quite understand that part of the question.

      But, uh, shouldn’t you play the game for yourself and find out? :p If you’re just interested in what happens in the plot, you could read that summary I linked to in the original post.

      • I just wrote the names of the girls who were dead at the CG. All of them. Is it just a bad end?

        Satsuki does not die?

        Himegami Karen always commits suicide?

      • Nope, Satsuki doesn’t die, she’s Fuyumi after all. The one that died is her twin, that’s the twist in the story.

        I remember Karen committing suicide in one of the endings… I don’t quite remember what happens to her in the true route, I think she just gets arrested…

  13. At this CG Kayahara Fuyumi killing Satsuki?

    This sex scene was with Kayahara Fuyumi or Satsuki?

    And this is arrested Himegami Karen?

    • Yes.

      Fuyumi (referred to as Satsuki in the past arc).

      That’s also Fuyumi, arrested in one of the non-true/bad ends. IIRC she stabs Yukiko. Only the second pic is of Karen.

  14. So I understand that the dead girl without limbs is sister Fuyumi?

    What was her name?

    The lower picture is Kayahara Fuyumi.

    I would also be very grateful if you wrote someone (the girl) killed Himegami Karen?
    I have not seen the CG in which she is arrested. I just saw a scene of suicide.

    • Half sister, I think. The dead one is Satsuki, the *real* one. The person the reader thinks is Satsuki in the prologue is actually Ayako, her double… and Ayako takes on the name Fuyumi later on in life, as an adult. That’s what I meant when I said Satsuki doesn’t die, sorry for the confusion, I actually meant Ayako/Fuyumi, obviously.

      The details about their relationship is all in that summary I linked above, so check that out to clear up any confusion: http://msnkkan.blogspot.hu/2013/02/the-tale-of-bird-that-couldnt-fly.html

      And uh, no one kills Karen, like I said she just gets arrested after Reiji and Ayumu set a trap for her. I don’t think there’s a separate CG for the arrest, at least I don’t remember any. Edit: Unless you meant to ask who Karen killed during the game? Well that’s pretty much the female victims in the game, Meguri and Yuka included.

  15. Thank you for answering the questions.

    So I wrote correctly that the dead girl on the CG is Satsuki.

    Karen kills nearly all the girls? Can you write someone she did not kill except Satsuki?
    Karen was cutting the uterus? What was the purpose?

    • When Karen kills people, she wears ceremonial mask of sorts in order to make the victims believe it was the curse of Hinna-sama that has come for them. The uterus cutting is part of the “ritual”, as far as I remember, to make people think something supernatural was going on.

      She targeted all the marriage candidates for Akihito. I believe Kohane was also a marriage candidate and was targeted, but Reiji managed to catch Karen before she could kill her. So yeah, she lives. (although Kohane does die in one of the bad ends when you fail to stop Karen in time, I think there’s even a CG for it)

      That sex scene you linked to in the other post is with Ayako (who is Fuyumi)

    • Wait, what? :p Saya was was a completely crazy psycho bitch that kept severed limbs in a box. I don’t mind that she died, lol.

      And yeah, Ayumu survives.

      (Also, of course lots of people die, this is an Innocent Grey game. If you want people to survive and live happily ever after, you shouldn’t be playing their games, haha. :p)

  16. You’re right, but Saya did not kill anyone. Most hate those who kill others. Earlier I wrote about it, but Touko should have at least one happy ending in the True End (Kara no Shoujo). Unfortunately there was none.

    For example, in Pianissimo to get True End is Ayane Shirakawa (the main character) has to survive. Unfortunately, she dies in the middle of the game, but there is no bad end (everything is normal), so then you have to play again. This could be in Kara no Shoujo.

      • Akihito in addition found Satsuki limbs. He trusted her some feelings?

        The prettiest girl in Kara no Shoujo 2 is definitely Yukiko for me. She was beautiful. And this nice sex scene. 🙂

        What do you think about the True End in Pianissimo?

      • Yeah I liked Yukiko as well, thought she was pretty cute.

        Oh, I already mentioned this above, I haven’t played Pianissimo, so… I don’t know anything about it.

      • Mmm, interesting how this blog entry has sparked such a lively discussion. One plot hole is just how Saya (how exactly did her “psycho crazy bitch” tendencies manifest aside from after the murder of Satsuki again?) preserved the limbs of the dead Satsuki for her own “purposes.” Japan has historically relied on cremation; burial came with the advent of Christianity on Japanese shores, and embalming/preservation of the dead came much later (certainly not the 1930s!). The “past arc” village isn’t likely far enough north to preserve bodies in permafrost either.

        You should look into Pianissimo, as well as other Innocent Grey titles. Pianissimo was the first IG title to be illustrated in Miki Sugina’s “modern” art style.

      • Mazryonh: I think it’s just the true end that really garnered so much attention, haha. People seem to be taking it hard. :p

        Yeah, I might have said this before somewhere so apologies if I repeat myself, but my stance on IG is that I’m definitely considering reading more from them, but at the moment I have better things to do so it’s not top priority, especially with so many other games and VNs I’m also interested in.

        If I read anything else from IG in the future, the most likely candidate is Caucasus.

      • Yes, you did say earlier that you would look into other IG games. Please do that soon. I hope that Mangagamer gets the rights to digitally distribute KnS2 soon.

        I’m still quite interested in finding out just how IG made the several characters’ routes in Caucasus believable love stories that take place over the course of only 3 ingame days. I know just about everybody loves James Cameron’s Titanic which took place over a similar timeframe, but there are only so many ways you can depict a “whirlwind romance” that don’t quickly strike audiences as contrived. I’m looking forward to your review showing how well they did or didn’t avoid that trap in Caucasus.

  17. You can write what feelings Akihito had for Satsuki? Is he then had sex with Kayahara Fuyumi?

    I also did not play in Piannissimo, but I’ve seen ending themes and some I’ve read about this game.
    So I asked what do you think about such a requirement for the True End?

    • Akihito only loved one girl, and that’s Ayako (in the “past” arc). He only believed she was called Satsuki, but we’re only dealing with one person here, Ayako/Fuyumi. He never met the real Satuski that died. However when Akihito and Fuyumi meet as adults (in the “present” arc), they don’t resume their previous relationship, partly because Fuyumi is sort of a different person now.

      As for Pianissimo, I probably wouldn’t mind such a requirement, I mean if the reader wants to save the heroine then let him fight for it a little bit. :p

      • To be correct, Ayato (Masaki) did meet Satsuki, the real one, at least 2 times in the past arc. She was the one that Ayato invited to go to “Miko matsuri” with. But after that, Ayako (Fuyumi) changed the date herself without telling Satsuki. And in the present arc, Fuyumi said that makes her betraying Satsuki.

  18. Hello, Garejei. Thank you for your review. I actually end Kara no Shoujo (First episode), but cant find anywhere Second Episode with english patch [I dont know Japanese unfortunately and I am actually not English native speaker, so have certain problems even with English] so I will have to wait for it. But my curiosity prevails in my mind, so mind if I ask you some questions?
    1) Makoto Rokushiki. I heard that we see him in second episode. So what his role? What he said there? I actually cant understand his motives fully. There was backstory that add some sympathetic pieces into his character. But why he go crazy and start killing? He said that as christian, he commit a sin when do abortion to some prostitute and start to eradicate types like her. He said that he was crazy. WAS crasy, which means that now he sane, but why he mess up with Kusaka and Shinji minds?
    2) Commisoner Yaginuma. He has some character development? In first episode he was very complex character, who acts like a jerk, but he actually very reliable man with his own dark past.

    • Rokushiki has a minor role in the sequel, he’s in jail but Reiji visits him from time to time to question him regarding the investigation. As for what happened in KnS1, it’s been ages since I read it so I don’t remember the details very well, sorry.

      I don’t remember much of Yaginuma in KnS2, he’s a side character so his involvement is also fairly minimal as far as I recall. Someone who’s read the novel more recently would probably be able to answer this better.

      Btw, there’s no English patch for KnS2, obviously. MangaGamer is currently working on the official localization.

  19. My Heart When I finished this Immediately went into a rampaging Sulking Hulk and I couldnt stop saying NO!!! the whole night.

  20. I just finished the game and damn.. The true ending made me feel like shit 😦
    Ah well.. At least i know what really happened to Toko. Hopefully Reiji will get his daughter back in KnS3, marry kyoko and be truly happy again. He’s been through a lot 😦

  21. Old blog post i know. But could use some opinions concerning those opening lines from the true end title screen.



    Are we 100% sure these are Touko’s lines? Because I’m under the impression these are Reiji’s lines judging by the logic behind it’s meaning. Like either he’s talking to Touko’s corpse, or his parting words to the baby before joining Touko in the afterlife (lol@superearlyforeshadowing). Although I can’t imagine Reiji using those expression of words, i’m also not particularly fond of the idea of deceased people tossing cryptic words around…
    Basically what i’m saying is i hope IG doesn’t pull off a Reiji ‘true-end’ in KnS3, and this is apparently some dead giveway hint to it.

    love the detailed blog post/comments. thanks for reading! 🙂

    • it’s been a very long time so take what I say with a grain of salt but but yeah that doesn’t quite sound like Reiji. And wouldn’t he use 俺 instead of 私? So there’s that, too.

  22. Just finished the Second Episode and its true end…. Man I saw that coming that the little baby girl was his child, but I had expected her to be in his arms at the end of the game. For Fuyumi, I came to the conclusion that she was Ayako, the moment they talked about Yukiko being Ayako’s daughter. Then I reload a save from the beginning to check her hairs and eyes’ color. And then I said “FUUUUUUUUUUCK, well played Innocent Grey”.

    Now let’s talk about Yukiko. I thought she would play a bigger role than that. I hope that this is not the conclusion of her story and there is more than that.

    Like you said, I also think that this Second Episode is way better than the First Episode in almost every point. Except maybe Toko being a better heroine than Yukiko and… the True End. I remember having got goosebumps when I heard the name of “Rokushiki Makoto” from Stella’s mouth.

    But now contrary to what you think, I don’t think that Toko is dead. Or more presicely, I don’t think there is 0 chance that the body was her mother’s. I think we can’t know for sure. Especially when you see the beginning, Toko said after giving birth to her child : “So let me rest… and pray that the next time I awaken, I will be in his embrace.” So, I hope Toko will die in his arms with some final words and maybe telling the name she gave to the baby. But I guess it’s because I wish it to happen. I can’t bring myself to accept that she died without saying goodbye to us.

    One more thing, I didn’t you mentionning anywhere. But what’s your thought about the changed lines at the beginning of the game when you finish the end : Memory of that day ? Are these Toko’s words too? What do they mean?

    And one more question, I really can’t think of a plot for the Third Episode. It’s like Naori has nothing to do with Reiji’s past, nor KnS 1. Will the sequel only be about chasing after his baby girl? Or maybe Naori was closed to Rokushiki. I wish Rokushiki will play a bigger role in the next episode. What’s your thought?

    Sorry again for my english. Hope you will still take your time reading it. And maybe we can talk more about it.

    • “One more thing, I didn’t you mentionning anywhere. But what’s your thought about the changed lines at the beginning of the game when you finish the end : Memory of that day ? Are these Toko’s words too? What do they mean?”

      I’m actually not sure what you’re referring to with this. It’s been a long time since I read this VN so I don’t really remember.

      As for KnS3 I can see them coming up with a completely new story while Reiji chases after his child. KnS2 didn’t have too many connections to the first game, either, and was mostly a standalone story IIRC so yeah.

      • Well the first time you play it you have those lines you said in your post. Then in the second walkthrough with the second opening, you have :


        The life that came into this world is crying

        Was I crying when I was born too?

        Was I crying about how there are no dreams, nor hope, in this world?

        … But that would have been a mistake.

        Dreams and hopes are things you must claim for yourself.

        They’re nothing but fodder if given to you by others.

        Feed distributed by your owner according to his whims.

        Your own will has nothing to do with it.

        You’d just be livestock.

        That’s exactly how I lived.

        I don’t want that child to live like that.

        I want her to be happy…

        … and live that life I couldn’t. ”

        Those are translation lines from Mangagamer’s game.

        Maybe those lines are Ayako’s after giving birth to Michiru I don’t know haha.

      • But I wish this third episode won’t be a standalone. Why keeping Kara no Shoujo’s name otherwise ><

      • I just finished the game. Memories of That Day – the あの日の思い出 ending I’d assume.

        @Gare I think its text that pop up somewhere after you complete the ending he was pointing to (a revision(?) of Toko’s original dying words) though I don’t remember specifically if they were modified or not. Hm.

      • Yep the text is different. But, I can’t know for sure if it is still Toko who is speaking. It can also be Ayako, and it would also make some sense, because the new opening is about her story.

      • Don’t you think it’s pretty obvious that Touko died? First off, her aplastic anemia. She’s pretty frail from the start. Next, the truck accident left her in really bad shape. Also, since her aplastic anemia causes her to not have enough blood cells & especially white blood cells, it doubles the risk of infection hence the amputation of her limbs. After Dr. Naori met the fugitive Shinji, he was able to keep her alive for a certain length of time. However, no matter how talented he is, there’s not way he would have been able to keep her alive for any longer than another year. He performed emergency surgery/C-section to deliver a six month old (three months premature) baby after she went into cardiac arrest.

  23. I just finished the game in Japanese – It definitely took me a while since I’m nowhere near experienced enough in the language.

    I have to say that there were a variety of pluses and minuses, many of which you already outlined.

    The overall setting benefited from a drastic improvement in comparison to the first game – Although murders seem a tad bit more traditional, I found the politics behind everything intriguing – The world building altogether with the religious organizations, the orphanage they setup, and of course the family business & the hitogami family. Nothing much needs to be said about the art and OST, as both were absolutely fantastic.

    It however, was definitely gruesome to read through – Especially with lines and lines of text being repeated over and over again. 溜息を吐く probably came up hundreds of times and I got sick of it. The writing isn’t particularly good at being ‘descriptive’ minus maybe the murder scenes. I wasn’t too impressed with that.

    The sheer complexity of the people involved & their relations really needs to be highlighted. I found it difficult to keep track of everything and had to refer to the notebook to check if whatever I interpreted was actually true or not. What a complex family tree, I’d say. The few twists that it had, like Fuyumi being Ayako were fantastic. I also really enjoyed any scene that marked the appearance of Rokushiki – He knows exactly how to mess with somebody’s head, haha.

    It did dragged on much longer than it should have. I wouldn’t have minded if the text was used to present more vivid descriptions of the setting, but usually they would involve filler SoL scenes (most of which weren’t need … how many times did we have to see Yukari and the gang paint in the art-room?) or repeated action movements, like what I listed above.

    I’m also a tad bit disappointed that Shin didn’t play a major role in the game, and just went off to be presumably killed like that. Of course, and there’s also Toko – But everyone’s been sad enough, so let’s just leave it at that.

    Here’s to Kara no Shoujo 3 in the future. And thanks for motivating me to finish this again, Gare!

    • I’m glad I could serve as motivation, haha. But yeah it seems like you had a similar opinion of the VN as me, guess I wasn’t the only one who could’ve done with less SoL scenes… Btw, as for KnS3, I recently found out there’s going to be an Innocent Grey 10th anniversary concert at the end of December so maaaybe they’ll use it as an opportunity to show something? We’ll see, I guess.

      • Ah, yeah. I pre-ordered the limited edition art-book that they were selling – I hope there’s going to be a few recordings of the concert posted on youtube.


        https://s.vndb.org/cv/85/26685.jpg (Have a Toko!)

        ■TECH GIAN 2015年12月号より

        Guess they’ll be focused on Flowers first before the third game, but I’m also hoping that they announce something of interest at the concert.

      • You guys are so lucky, you are going to be able to read it before me… >< ! For english readers, we won't have it until 2019 haha !

  24. Gare, i have also one other question for you. Do you know one or many VNs similar to and as good as KnS? Or better than KnS? =D

    • Good question, I’m honestly not quite sure. Other InnoGrey titles would be an obvious choice, I suppose, though Cartagra is the only one that’s been translated aside from KnS afaik.

      • Unfortunatly, I have already finished Cartagra too… haha! And Innocent Grey’s other title Flowers doesn’t attract me that much.

        Thought you would have some masterpiece for me xD !

  25. Does Fuyumi and Ayako really share the same voice actress? I suspected this during my playthrough, so I checked the mangagamer website and it listed two different names in their character info. I guess they wouldn’t want to be too obvious, but…

  26. I just finished this recently and while I didn’t cry reading the true end here, I definitely felt something jarring and heavy that I’ve never felt playing VNs before. It’s like I got punched hard in the gut but felt no pain, only the sheer force of it. Part of that to me is because of Touko herself. She is a character that I fell for hook, line and sinker since the first game. From the character design to her VA (her voice in KnS the best I’ve heard from VAs in general) and her personality; all of those things allured me. I felt she could’ve grown and developed in a fascinating way if she neither died nor went full ‘obsession’ ending.

    The other part is just the soul-crushing way she had to go: just when she thought that she might have found some kind of direction in life with Reiji, she gets run over by a truck because her “friend” was a selfish idiot, then she gets all of her limbs removed in the hospital because of her special blood deficiency, only to get kidnapped before stabilizing and then put into a hut where lord knows what else happened to her so she could die giving birth to a child she could never hold.

    And of course, all of this cruel shit happened to her undeservedly over things that she had no control over. She simply became victim to a giant Rube Goldberg Machine of suffering and evil.

    Now, I understand Innocent Grey seems to have made it a goal to put tragedy at the forefront in this series, but the whole impact of the true end when you consider what I mentioned (on top of how it must feel to Reiji) almost crosses the line from heartbreaking to absurd. Still, her baby is like the hope found after all the hell went loose and I’ll be damned if Reiji doesn’t get her alive and finds some kind of peace in KnS3, but I might not be surprised if the true end there just sets the poor infant on fire and tosses her into a blender. Either way, a little trailer came out awhile back so I hope they can wrap up FLOWERS soon and get to ending this crazy ride for good. Maybe.

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